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Dana Scully's affectionate nickname for her Father. The name is derived from the classic tale of Moby Dick - the ship's first officer shares the name Ahab. Returning the maritime gesture, her father calls her 'Starbuck'. (Kris Eddy)
Alien abductions
From Duane Barry to (gasp!) Scully, it's almost trendy to be abducted now. A quick checklist to see if you were abducted: got a lump in the back of your neck? Do you mysteriously set off metal detectors? Hmm. Perhaps you should meet with your local MUFON chapter? Or could we just call it hitchhiking on the cosmic back roads?
All lies lead to the truth
Yet another 'The Truth Is Out There', this appeared in the opening episode of the fifth season, Redux. It seems to ring true, but then, this is The X-Files, and anything goes.
The season 2 finale, and the 'abducted' aliens of the New Mexico desert, where some of the episode takes place.
Anderson, Gillian
Plays the scientific skeptic, Agent Dana Scully, who keeps Mulder in line. The X-Files was Anderson's big break into the acting scene - before playing buttoned-down Scully, she had bit-parts in movies such as "The Turning." For Gillian-crazy fan pages, look no further than the Gillian Anderson Web Site, or GAWS for short.
Apology is Policy
Neatly sums up what Mulder sees as the government's agenda. It replaced "The Truth Is Out There" as the tagline for the third season two-parter 731. For the truly pedantic, the phrase was first uttered by Scully in the same episode. (Warren Fendrich)
Are you suggesting...
The ideal preface for any question Scully (or Skinner for that matter) has about another of Mulder's far out theories. For example, from Deep Throat: "Are you suggesting that the military is flying UFOs?" Or, in times of dire crisis, or perhaps in a fit of laziness on the part of the scriptwriters, it's just "What are you suggesting?" as featured in Teliko. (Karla)
It would appear that Alex Krycek isn't all that happy being called 'Ratboy.' When he introduced himself to the revolutionary group in Terma, he used the moniker Artnzen. (Arnaud Leblanc)

Astrology and the afterlife
Scully's sister, Melissa, believes in the spiritual world's benefits. Of course, that is a great help now that's she's dead.. shot in the head when Alex Krycek mistook her for Scully - Now there's something your die-hard x-phile would never do. (Verena Lisinski)
Any dedicated X-Phile knows not to eat during their favourite show. Scully's probing observations don't make for dinner conversation, unless you're prepared to eat while she discusses flukeworms' breeding cycles.. (Gary Bannister and Christine Lawrence)