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A series of coincidences puts Scully in contact in  with someone from her past, causing her to question her romantic and professional choices. 


A series of coincidences puts Scully in contact with someone from her past, causing her to question her romantic and professional choices. Anderson`s story -- which writer/producer Frank Spotnitz helped give that "X-Files" touch -- finds Scully grappling with sins from her past when she encounters Dr. Daniel Waterston and his daughter, Maggie. It seems that Scully and Waterston had an affair years earlier, a dalliance that wrecked Waterston`s family and compelled Scully to join the FBI.

"One of the concepts I wanted to imbue the script with is the idea that we are guided, in a sense, through our lives," Anderson says during a conversation from her "X-Files" trailer on the Fox lot in Hollywood. "There are reasons for so-called coincidences."

Episode Summary

By Michael Marek and Jamie Ruby

As Scully gets dressed we hear an opening narration about time passing and about how rarely we stop to examine the paths we have taken in life to see if our path in life is that of our own making. 

63 hours earlier - a slide projector flipping to the beat of music from a radio or tape player. Mulder is working in his office. Scully enters and turns the music off. They discuss somebody's autopsy results. She tells him that Szczesny died of drowning, but not from the inhalation of ectoplasm as he suggested, but rather in a margarita mix – upchucked with about forty ounces of tequila, which she and her friends rapidly consumed while trying to reenact the “Blair Witch Project.”

He changes the subject, showing her a slide of a computer generated crop circle that he says proves that crop circles are fractals and were predicted in advance by a computer. As he speaks, Scully eats lunch and largely ignores him. She doesn't see the point. He has two tickets in a flight to England, where he expects that more crop circles will be created, but she doesn't want to go. He cancels her ticket and heads off on his own.

Scully: Mulder! Look, we’re always running. We’re always chasing the next big thing. Why don’t you ever just stay still?
Mulder: I wouldn’t know what I’d be missing.

Scully returns to the hospital to finish paperwork on the autopsy. On an x-ray mistakenly given to her she finds the name D. Waterston - a name she knows. Dr. Daniel Waterston was admitted the previous day in coronary care. She goes to his room where the doctor walks off with a woman who we later learn is Waterston's daughter, Maggie. Scully enters and finds Waterston asleep. His cardiologist tells her that he had severe chest pains the day before. He has a serious but treatable condition. Scully was one of Waterston's students some years earlier.

At home Scully receives a phone call from Maggie Waterston. The doctor had told Daniel that Scully had been there and Daniel wanted to see Scully, but Maggie is clearly resentful of Scully. "If you come it doesn't mean I accept you in his life," she says.

Scully goes to the hospital. She enters room 304 instead of 306 by mistake and apologises to the woman. Maggie leaves immediately when Scully arrives at Waterston's room. They are restrained in their greeting. When he takes her hand she is troubled. She asks does he want to remind her again that her choice to enter the FBI was wrong and says that he never accepted her reason for leaving. The viewer may wonder at this point whether they are they talking about medicine or a relationship. She is sorry she came. But he says the fact that she did come means something. 

Suddenly while talking to Mulder on the phone while driving, in slow motion, Scully has a close call with a large truck, saved only by a women who crossed the street and came in front of her car thus making her slam the breaks. It is as if the woman knew she was saving Scully. On the phone, Mulder asks Scully to look up an address of a spiritual healer who researches crop circles.

Scully arrives at an address Mulder asked her to visit and finds a women Scully visited in the wrong room (room 304). Colleen Azar knows that Mulder has sent Scully for information on her Taoist research. Colleen says that there is a greater intelligence in all things and accidents or near accidents, such as Scully had, often remind us that we have to slow down and keep our minds open. Walking to her car, Scully drops the papers the woman gave her. They fall to the ground in slow motion. She looks at a picture of a crop circle.

Waterston calls Scully back to consult with the cardiologist. Her informed opinion agrees with Waterston on his treatment. When they are alone, Scully asks Waterston how Maggie found out about their affair. Things got bad at home after Scully left. Their breakup was hard for Daniel. He shut down. got a divorce and came to Washington. She is stunned that he would move there to be close to her but not contact her. Daniel asks her what does she want right now? She tells him - everything she should want at this time in life - maybe the life she did not choose. She takes his hand again and cries. He comforts her but as she rests her head against his chest he has a heart attack and goes into arrest.

Scully performs CPR then guides the staff through restarting his heart. Later, Scully returns to talk to Colleen. Her home is filled with mystical symbols. Scully wants to ask about what colleen said about slowing down. Scully had a strange feeling that Daniel may have a more serious condition than anyone realizes. Colleen says that holistic practitioners believe that people have an aura, an energy field that extends beyond the body. Scully maybe sensed her friend's pain in this aura. Where there’s pain there’s a need for healing – physically, mentally, or spiritually. Colleen says that when we hold on to shame and guilt and fear it creates an imbalance and affects who we are. Scully admits that she has had moments when time appears to extend and things become very clear. Colleen says Scully may be more open to things than she thinks - it's just a matter of what she does with it.

Colleen tells Scully that she used to be a successful physicist, but she was unhappy in her career. She was cut off from the world and herself, and was literally dying inside. Two years ago she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She tells Scully that it’s the cancer that got her attention and stopped her from being on a self-destructive path she was on, and it made her realize that she was in a field that had little meaning to her, and it allowed her to be happy for what feels like the first time in her life. Scully asks her how. She tells her that she was introduced to a healer who helped her to see the disease for what it was. It wasn’t until she began releasing shame and telling the truth that her cancer went into remission. She tells Scully that she knows that she still isn’t sure, and wants some proof to take with her. She says "everything happens for a reason"

Scully returns to the hospital. Daniel is in a coma. Maggie resents Scully's involvement and asks her whether Scully has any idea the hell that she created in their lives. Scully moved on but Daniel's family had to live with what she left behind. In slow motion, Scully walks down the street, thinking. She sees the woman who appeared to save her from the accident and follows her into an oriental courtyard. Entering a building she finds a Buddhist shrine. She kneels and closes her eyes and has a vision of people in her life - Her family, Mulder, CSM and Emily. Then sees Daniel's body, transparent, but his heart is black. When he opens his eyes she flashes back to awareness, stunned by her vision.

Scully asks Colleen and a healer to help Daniel but the cardiologist belittles the idea. Maggie instructs the cardiologist to allow the session to continue. The healer says Daniel is ready to move on, but unfinished business is holding him back. It is implied that the business is Scully. At home at night she has a dream, seeing herself in the hospital bed. Maggie calls her back to the hospital.

Daniel is awake. He denies that the ritual helped him, promises to get well and wants to talk about what happens next - about starting a new life together. She says no and tells him it's time for him to take responsibility for the hurt he caused in his family. He's been running for the truth for 10 years. Maybe the reason he's still alive is so he can make up with Maggie. Scully isn't the same person she was. She leaves Daniel and Maggie together.

Outside, Scully sees the woman who saved her from the accident and follows her again, but as she grabs her shoulder in slow motion, it turns out to be Mulder. He is supposed to be in England but he is back - there was no crop circle. Maybe sometimes nothing happens for a reason, she tells him. They go off together.

Talking in his apartment, Mulder finds it hard to believe that he goes away for two days and her life changes. He says God talked to her, but she says it was only a vision. Saying that she had a vision is still radical for her. She considered spending her life with this man but she is astounded at what she would have missed if she had done that. Mulder says that all of those choices lead to this very moment and they wouldn't be sitting there together if any one of those choices had been made differently. 

She falls asleep with her head on his shoulder. In slow motion, he brushes a strand of hair off her face and covers her with a blanket. The camera pans and we see that there is a smiling Buddha in his apartment.

Gillian Anderson Calls the Shots

Thanks to The Haven and Souris

By Ian Spelling

(Distributed by New York Times Special Features.)

As such, the actress says, she's "good at being bossy." And that came in handy after she convinced creator/producer Chris Carter to let her make her writing and directing debuts with "All Things," an episode of "The X-Files" that will air April 9.

"What happened was that I sat down right after a conversation with my manager and started writing an outline for the entire

episode," Anderson says. "I didn't plan on that all the characters came out. All the beats came out, and everything just flowed onto the page. I guess it was needing to get out there somewhere.

"The next day I went in and pitched the idea to Chris Carter," she recalls, "and I told him that if I were going to write it I also wanted to direct it. He said, 'Great. Begin, and show me what you have when you have it.'

"And I kind of started from there."

Anderson's story -- which writer/producer Frank Spotnitz helped give that "X-Files" touch -- finds Scully (Anderson) grappling with sins from her past when she encounters Dr. Daniel Waterston and his daughter, Maggie. It seems that Scully and Waterston had an affair years earlier, a dalliance that wrecked WaterstonOs family and compelled Scully to join the FBI.

As the hour unfolds, it explores issues of fate and faith vs. unpredictability and doubt, love of family vs. emotional escape into loneliness and the clinical vs. the beautiful. Amid all of that, fans of the relationship between Scully and Mulder (David Duchovny) are in for a tasty treat. There's even a visit of sorts from God.

"One of the concepts I wanted to imbue the script with is the idea that we are guided, in a sense, through our lives," Anderson says during a conversation from her "X-Files" trailer on the Fox lot in Hollywood. "There are reasons for so-called coincidences."

"That was the initial concept behind the script," she says, "and it's hard to say where all the other aspects of it came into being, from Scully's relationship with a man from her past to the man's relationship with his daughter."

"I can't even say how those came up," she concludes. "I don't know I just don't know."

Anderson overcame serious jitters to discover that directing wasn't quite as tough as she had anticipated.

"I was terrified beforehand about how I was going to figure stuff out in terms of what shots I needed and how one melded into the next, what lenses to use and all of that," she says. "I was actually pleasantly surprised by how much had just sunk in over the last seven years.

"I also had one of our regular directors, Kim Manners, as my right-hand man, to lead me through it," the actress adds. "I was able to prep, do shot lists and then show up and actually know where we were going to go, how many shots we needed to do, how I wanted to see it visually and everything like that."

Directing her co-star worked out perfectly well, too.

"David only worked a day and a half on the episode," Anderson says. "It went fine. He showed up and he was prepared."

Anderson believes she got the episode she sought to achieve, but will reserve final judgment until after she completes the editing process.

By that time, however, another unknown -- the future of 'The X-Files' itself -- will likely have been decided, perhaps distracting from "All Things."

The actress reiterates that she does not want to return for an eighth season, but has two new points to add: She wouldn't be interested in forging on without Duchovny, nor in playing Scully as a recurring role on the possible Lone Gunmen spinoff, the pilot of which recently wrapped production in Vancouver.

"The dilemma we're in right now is we've got four more episodes to shoot, and we may not know if it's going for another year until we've got two more episodes to shoot," Anderson says, sounding both forceful and sad. "For them to suddenly come and say, 'You know what? You're not going to do this anymore,' would be a blow to the stomach.

"That would give us two episodes to go through a mourning process that we should have had at least six months to go through," she says. "At that point, when it becomes, 'Oh my God, do we let this go or do we go on?,' of course we're going to not want to let go of it.

"WeOll feel, 'We've been doing this for seven years, and we've only got two more to do together,'" she says. "We'd want to extend it a little bit more."

Anderson pauses for a moment, searching for the right words.

"It's kind of an awkward and unfortunate situation that everyone is in right now, not the least of whom is Chris Carter," she says. "If this is the last season, he has to wrap it up in two episodes. "It's going to be insane."

Episode Information

David Duchovny Special Agent Fox Mulder
Gillian Anderson Special Agent Dana Scully
Nicolas Surovy Dr. Daniel Waterston
Stephen Hornyak Dr. Paul Kopeikan
Stacy Haiduk Maggie Waterston
Elayn Taylor Nurse # 2
Colleen Flynn Colleen Azar
Carol Banker Carol
Scott Vance Healer
Victoria Faerber Nurse # 1
Cheryl White Nurse # 3

Written by Gillian Anderson
Directed by Gillian Anderson

Shooting Started: 23rd February 2000
Air Date: 9th April 2000


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