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Banton, Dr Chester
After a rather unfortunate accident in the particle acceleration labs (it happens all the time..) Banton was a shadow of his former self.. Just, uh, try not to step in his shadow - your electrons will be "unzipped" from their orbits and you'll be reduced to energy. Never a good thing.
Barry, Duane
Abductee or government agent? Duane, who kidnapped Scully, is an ex-FBI agent, and was visiting a pyschiatric hospital when he felt a sudden urge to have his revenge on the world. Stealing the guard's gun, he leads Mulder on a wild goose chase up into the mountains, by the end of which Scully has disappeared.. not at all suspicious. 
Should you ever appear as an extra in an X-Files episode, don't use the bathroom. Seriously - a close analysis of past events proves that, well, nasty things happen in there. Regular cast members aren't excluded: bathrooms are also home to fat sucking, liver-eating, or shape shifting mutants with a taste for agents named Scully. (KT Taylor) 
Bed, or lack thereof
Mulder's lack of bedding may explain his sometimes awkward temprement. He seems to sleep on his couch far too often, and if you look closely, there's an alarm clock on the table right next to it. In fact, about the only time we ever see Mulder in a bed is when he and Scully are on the road investigating.. (Rebecca Zickl)
Believe the lie This phrase, which replaced the show's usual tagline, 'The Truth Is Out There' for the episode Gethsemane, neatly describes the government's hopes for the public. (Megan)
Berenbaum, Bambi A USDA researcher specialising in cockroaches, and otherwise known as another woman-we-love-to-hate. Mulder was rather taken with her (ahem) theories on UFOs, while Bambi herself was rather smitten with Dr Ivanov, much to Mulder's dung-covered disappointment. (Alisa Green) 
The must-have decorating substance of the 90's. As demonstrated by our lovely (through strangely stretchy) assistant Eugene Tooms, bile is great for stucco-ing your own little hibernation nest; and better yet - it's all natural! But is there any way that Mulder can get it off his hands without betraying his cool exterior? Squeeze and Tooms. (Angelina Rodriguez) 
Black Oil (Black Cancer)
A rather sinister oil, which according to Chris Carter is the "substance in which the alien life-force was held; in fact, the very medium of the life-force itself." These aliens would are able to take control of people, who have been dubbed 'oiliens' by online fans. After its appearance in Piper Maru the oil and your friendly local oilien have become regulars on the show. (Bob Querry)
Blessing Way Chant
The chant sung by the Navajo Indians who saved Mulder's life in the episode of the same name. Mulder had (another) of those near death encounters while the Navajos here performing the chant.
Another of the circus 'oddities' of Humbug, blockheads perform self-mutilating acts, such as pounding a nail into his/her own chest. Makes for, er, interesting television. Humbug (Lynae Flath) 
Bloodworth, Raul
According to a rather suspicious report by Frohike, Cigarette Smoking Man used this nom de plume to write "ficticious" spy and war stories and novels. After plenty of rejection slips from publishers, CSM's work was finally published in a rather dubious magazine.. Musings of a Cigarette-Smoking Man
Bounty Hunter The shape-shifting, square-jawed alien Bounty Hunter is definately not someone to argue with. Not only does he have decidedly superhuman strength, but he bleeds green goo which does not mix well with humans. The purpose of the Bounty Hunters is to patrol the cloning operations we first saw in Colony and to keep an eye on the Syndicate. A handy tip should you meet one in a dark alley: you can only kill them with a sharp stab in the base of the neck, which makes life that much easier. (Laura Jokisch)
Bruckman, Clyde
He knows when and how you'll die - but when will he meet his maker? Funnily enough he was a life insurance salesman, emphatically asking people to take out a policy, and should they turn the offer down he's sure to tell the grisly details of their demise - an interesting sales pitch. (Arlene Stillwell)
Byers, John
One of the lone gunmen, the conspiracy theorists that Mulder calls upon for rumours and wild theories. Byers is the expert on information systems and the military, and usually the most over-dressed member of the team. In Unusual Suspects we learned that Byers was named after JFK - although before the assassination, his parents were going to call him Bertam. Byers is played by Bruce Harwood, who decided his character "works at Xerox - he's the guy who comes around in a suit and tie and fixes the photocopiers. His whole life focus is on maintaining The Long Gunmen office and the newsletter."