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He's "in the game" because he believes in it; and if we believe Frohike's storytelling in Musings of a Cigarette Smoking Man then what a game it's been. He's seen Martin Luther King Jr and JFK die, rigged Olympic finals (ice hockey, to be precise), killed an alien and wrote the "lame" and "unbelievable" story 'Take a Chance: A Jack Colquitt Adventure', which Frohike suggested was based on Cancerman's own life. And more interestingly, shares a rather close family tie with Agent Spender, Samantha and (shudder) perhaps even Mulder. 
Carter, Chris
He created The X-Files.. but his work wasn't always as scary. Before he was signed up by FOX, Carter worked at Disney where he wrote the scripts for family telemovies and series, among which was 'The Nanny' (no, not that Nanny). It only gets more amazing: before his stay at Disney, he travelled the world writing for and editing a variety of Surfing magazines. Truly a man of many talents.. 
Cell phones The original X-Files plot device: the humble cellular phone. Mulder and Scully's FBI-issue phones seem to have an endless battery life - in Colony the pair made so many calls you could almost hear the bills racking up in the background. And many bravo's to Vince Gilligan, who managed to work a clunky old cellphone into the flashback episode Unusual Suspects, when phones were so big we're sure Scully could never fit one into her FBI utility-trenchcoat. (Kylie Thomas)
Central Operating System (COS)
The none-too-clever computer system at Eurisko headquarters. On deciding that humans were just too bothersome, the artificial-inteligence of the COS proceeded to bump off its creators. (Rhondda Lake) 
Chaco Chicken
The local chicken processing plant's workers practice a different kind of Zen in Our Town - they're at one with the food, but not in the usual way. And remember - always check the use-by date.. Chaco's quality control could only be described as questionable. Topping it all off is the groan-worthy billboard: Good People, Good Food. (Joey Drasner)
Jose Chung
The lead character in one of The X-Files' best comedic episodes, Jose Chung's "From Outer Space". Chung, a novelist of some repute, had decided to create a new genre (nonfiction science-fiction) which would assure him a spot on the best seller lists. To do this, he was writing based on an alien abduction, which is where Mulder and Scully come into things. The two had played a part in the investigations into the reported abductions of two Klass County teenagers, and he sought to hear their version of the events. Mulder refused to speak to Chung, though Scully did, and revealed herself to be something of a fan of his work - 'The Lonely Buddha' is "one of (her) favorite novels." His book, which shared the title of the episode, featured investigators Diana Lesky and Reynard Muldrake. (Eric Fertel) 
Cigarette-Smoking Alien
No, it's not Cancerman's DNA-doctored half-cousin.. The Cigarette-Smoking Alien popped up in Darin Morgan's memorable Jose Chung's 'From Outer Space', the bizarre episode in which Mulder screams like a girl and Scully utters the immortal lines "You never saw this. It didn't happen. You tell anyone, you're a dead man." The CSA's best line was the somewhat repetitive "This is not happening" while rocking back and forth and puffing away on, wait for it, a cigarette. Perhaps some therapy is in order? 
And you thought Dolly the Sheep was a concern - imagine how Mulder felt when he saw 20 Samanthas in one room (egads!) in Colony. The cloning operation, according to Chris Carter's spiel on the movie soundtrack, is being established so there are genetically-modified humans which are resistant to the black oil when the aliens colonise. (Jenno) 
Just when you thought you'd seen everything that could freak you out on The X-Files, they bring in the big guns (or should that be bug?) - cockroaches. In a yuck-fest second only to the in-bred goodness of Home, Darin Morgan's War of the Coprophages had Mulder investigating killer mechanoid cockroaches from outer space, and Scully washing her dog. (Verena) 
Concepcion, Jorge
Jorge (George) is the pesky lil Puerto Rican man with a fixation on both lavatories and aliens (an unusual combination) from Little Green Men. Mulder found him in the smallest room of the National Astronomy & Ionosphere Center (if you know what I mean), jabbering before drawing a picture of an alien on the wall. Later, during a thunder storm, Jorge runs off after hearing a high pitch noise, to be found by Mulder, dead, and with a look of pure horror on his face. (Brad Cowan) 
The heart of The X-Files lies in the thickly woven conspiracies at the centre of the on going plotlines. From the wildly conspiratorial musings of the Lone Gunmen to the quickly concealed truths uncovered by Mulder (usually retold to a disbelieving Scully), the conspiracies get deeper and deeper as the series continues. By the season seven finale we'll find out that Cancerman is really a nicotine-based life-form from one of Saturn's moons, and that not only is he Mulder and Spender's father, but he's also responsible for a good half-dozen Elvis sightings.