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As Mulder looks for a menacing raven, he learns to enjoy the the creature comforts of a well -tended home. Scully, meanwhile, must tough it out on an uncomfortable stakeout.


As Mulder looks for a menacing raven, he learns to enjoy the creature comforts of a well-tended home. Scully, meanwhile, must tough it out on an uncomfortable stakeout. Mulder investigates a string of mysterious murders in a small New England town. Fear, passion and small town jealousies collide in a mysterious string of murders committed by an unknown force, bringing Mulder to Vermont.

Episode Summary

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At an Easter egg hunt, two mothers, Ellen and Martha, talk. It is a perfect event, but they are unhappy that Jenny showed up with her son. She is from the other side of town, and they don't like her. Martha's daughter wanders off a bit as she looks for Easter egg and is frightened by a crow and then by Jenny. At night, Martha talks with her husband on the phone - he is on a trip and Martha wants him to come home a day early to be with his daughter. Later she sees the crow in her living room, a mirror shatters and she screams.

Mulder and Scully are conducting surveillance in a red-light district of Washington DC. There is some kind of mystery woman - six women were seen with her at the Dirty Dames club, but each disappeared. Scully dislikes the round-the-clock exposure to the underbelly of society. Mulder is called away to FBI HQ, leaving Scully behind. Skinner assigns Mulder to look into the case of Martha's disappearance two weeks earlier. Ravens are involved, which are mythological symbols. Mulder arrives at the home of Martha and Howard and meets the sheriff, Phil, who is Ellen's husband. The whole town is very concerned. There was no ransom note or evidence. The daughter, Michelle, mentioned a raven. Mulder finds scratches on the mantel that might be talon scratches, as well as the broken mirrors. When Howard was straightening up he found Martha's birth control pills, ordered off the Internet. He thinks she was having an affair because he had a vasectomy some years earlier. He also found an old-looking door key in her things that he doesn't recognize. He thinks that whoever she is with, they don't want to be found.

Ellen is putting out missing person flyers when she sees a raven and Jenny talks with her, displaying hostility. When Jenny leaves, Ellen sees a reflection of something in the window of a nearby car and the glass shatters. Mulder recalls that in folklore, ravens are companions of evil, and mirrors are considers items of enchantment. He dines with Ellen and Phil and they also offer that he spend the night with them. They sit down to dinner when Mulder's phone rings. It is Scully, still on the stakeout - no mystery woman has appeared. Howard and his daughter are also eating. Michelle is unhappy because her mother is gone. She sees a raven outside the window. Howard goes outside to investigate and finds several ravens pecking at the ground - it is Martha's body, buried in the ground. Her body has claw marks on it. Mulder and the sheriff agree that Howard didn't kill her. Ellen arrives and tells about seeing the reflection in the car window, but when she turned, there was nothing there. If this is a spiritual creature summoned to kill Martha, who called it? Did Martha have enemies? Mulder and Phil goes to see Jenny, who is a waitress. Jenny thinks that Martha was "so above the rest of us." They don't think she killed Martha, but Mulder thinks Jenny lied about having been home all evening the night Martha died.

Scully calls and complains again, but notices that the same van with "Jesus Saves" painted on it return to the intersection that she saw earlier. Mulder wants her help on an autopsy, but she puts him off to check out the van. Ellen is sweeping the floor and finds a key like the one found in Martha's things. A raven flies into her home. She picks up her daughter and runs. Two mirrors shatter. She hides in a closet until her husband arrives. Ellen tells Mulder that the creature came back and chased her. That night, Phil slips out of the house and goes to a local motel. He enters cabin six and Jenny meets him there - they are having an affair. He wants to stop but she isn't interested. The motel has mirrors in the ceiling.

Mulder gets up in the morning to find that Ellen has fixed eggs benedict for breakfast and has laundered Mulder's shirt. Phil is apparently out on a call, she says. She asks if Mulder has a significant other. "Not in the widely understood meaning of that term," he says. Phil arrives home. Mulder tell Phil he slept well, only waking up once, when Phil went out. The autopsy says Martha was pregnant. Mulder is suspicious about Phil. At the motel, Jenny is getting dressed, talking with her son on the phone. A raven is at the window - several are on the fence. The ceiling mirrors shatter and the creature attacks Jenny. Later, authorities are at the motel crime scene. Phil confesses the he was having affairs with both Martha and Jenny, but he left Jenny sleeping. Jenny and Martha knew about each other but Ellen didn't. He wanted a divorce but Ellen got pregnant with Katie. Mulder still thinks it was an entity summoned. Phil wonders if he is the cause and doesn't even know about it.

At home, Ellen puts Katie down for a nap, draws a bath for herself and finds a scratch on her neck. She remembers struggling with the creature. Mulder arrives at the home but doesn't find Ellen immediately. Scully calls - she is free - she solved the case. They arrested a male cross-dresser. The six missing prostitutes are in a halfway house for recovering prostitutes. He dresses up as a prostitute to make the prostitutes feel at ease while he convinces them to seek help. He was sort of a wolf in sheep's clothing - or a sheep in wolf's clothing. That makes Mulder think. He knocks on the closed bathroom door. Ellen tells him to go away. Mulder tells her that Phil is in custody, suspected of murder. Mulder notes that Ellen went out after breakfast and wants to know where she went. "It can't be me," she says. When she opens the door, it is the monster. It attacks Mulder, dragging him into the bathroom and holding his head in the bathtub, but when it sees its reflection in the water it leaves. Mulder gets out of the tub to find Ellen naked, huddled on the floor.

Ellen is in a sanatorium. She won't see Phil. Doctor says she has some kind of split personality. Mulder notes that some alternate personalities display things like high blood pressure that other personalities don't have. Ellen's alternate personality appears to be more extreme. Mulder thinks she found out about Phil's affairs and did what she did to protect her family. Ellen still sees ravens.

    Scenes and Dialogues

    Skinner: Two weeks ago, a woman named Martha Crittendon disappeared from her home in Bethany, Vermont. Local police haven't turned up any sign of her. I'm hoping you may be able to.
    I'm already on a case.
    Skinner: You're on a stakeout. I'm confident Agent Scully can continue in your absence.
    Mulder: Why me? What did I do

    Episode Information

    David Duchovny Special Agent Fox Mulder
    Gillian Anderson Special Agent Dana Scully
    John Mese Sheriff Phil Adderly
    Wendy Schaal Martha Crittendon
    Charles Hoyes Howard Crittendon
    Ashley Edner Michael Crittendon
    Michelle Joyner Ellen Adderly
    Gina Mastrogiacom Jenny Gurgich
    Mitch Pileggi Walter Skinner
    F. William Parker Dr. Blankenship.

    Written by David Amann
    Directed by Cliff Bole

    Air Date: 2nd April 2000




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