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Deceive, Inveigle, Obfuscate
This replaced the usual tagline of 'The Truth is Out There' for the fourth season episode Teliko. Scully's field journal entry (number 74, no less) puts it best: "What science may never be able to explain is our ineffable fear of the alien among us; a fear which often drives us not to search for understanding, but to deceive, inveigle, and obfuscate. To obscure the truth not only from others, but from ourselves." (Judy Mas) 
Deep Throat
This shadowy informant, so unceremoniously killed off in the season one finale The Erlenmeyer Flask, had the notable distinction of being one of three men in the world not only to have seen, but to have killed an alien. He was troubled by this, and told Mulder in EBE that through him "the truth will be known." Deep Throat claimed to have connections so high in the government that he could get Mulder seats at "any (baseball) park in the country" and while his actual position and influences are not clear, he did sacrifice his life for Mulder's. 
Deny Everything
Among the marketing-friendly catchphrases featured on the show, Deny Everything describes Mulder's view of government policy. When Cancerman meets Bill Mulder (Mulder's father), his suggested retort to any of Mulder's questions about his father's work for the state department is, you guessed it, Deny Everything. The other character to utter the phrase was the enigmatic (Mr) X. The two words also replaced 'The Truth is Out There' in the opening titles of the episode Ascension.
Agent Pendrell's rather scathing self criticism after making something of a fool of himself in front of Scully, with whom he is rather smitten. The verbal flub in question? In response to Scully's "Well done Agent Pendrell. Keep up the good work", he replied "Keep it up yourself." Oh dear. (Megan Thode) 
Duchovny, David
Stars as FBI Special Agent Fox Mulder, the New York native starred in plenty of low-budget movies before he shot to Hollywood fame in The X-Files. Perhaps his most mainstream hit before the show was 'Kalifornia' in which he co-starred with Brad Pitt and Juliette Lewis. Duchovny managed to get some practise in as an FBI agent in Twin Peaks, though one with somewhat different hobbies to Mulder. Denis/Denise was an FBI agent with a certain penchant for women's clothing. Duchovny made the jump to acting only one dissertation away from a PhD in English at Yale, when he "just realised that (he) didn't want to be a professor." Duchovny's deadpan acting style now seems perfectly suited to the character Mulder, though it's worth pointing out that when auditioning for the role, he wore a tie "with pink pigs all over it" according to Chris Carter.