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The X-Files and all its characters are (c) Fox Entertainment and 1013Productions/Chris Carter. This site uses content copyright by Fox, Without Permission. This material is used for the purpose of informed discussion, and is not intended to interfere with Fox's right to use said material for their own commercial goals.  All images  belong to FOX, they've been put here to help the needy . 

To Webmasters

A lot of stuff on this site has been taken from other unofficial X-File sites on the net without permission. If I have taken any stuff from your site and you want me to add a link to your site, send me an email and I will give you proper credit for your files. If you want me to remove something, email me and I'll remove it .)

For the other sections

The articles in the Mumbai's X-files section are from The Times Of India and are written by Somit Sen. The picture used as an Image map is from the magazine Target dated January 1994. The copyright of the said material resides with the publishers of the same and the site has only used them with the intention of using it for informed discussion and with no commercial goal.


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