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Faciphagia Emasculata
Star of the first class yuck-fest episode F. Emasculata. This little insect, found in the Costa Rican rainforest, which was the 'vector' for a parasite that attacked the human immune system. Rather unfortunately for the victims, death was certain within 36 hours (is that enough time to get to Disneyland?). The disease's most tv-friendly feature was the method of transmission: through hulking great pustules which erupted, catapaulting little insect larvae all over the place. (Rhondda Lake) 
Both Mulder and Scully rely on their own faith throughout their investigations. Scully has a strong religious belief (Catholic) and also believes nothing cannot be explained by science: "What I find fantastic is any notion that there are answers beyond the realm of science. The answers are there. You just have to know where to look." (from the series pilot). Mulder's faith is in the existance of his sister, Samantha, who be believes was abducted when she was eight. (Kaila Nelson) 
Fallen Angel
The military codename for a crashed UFO and/or its occupant. It also happens to be the title of an episode in which a UFO crashes. Coincidence? You tell me. 
Federal Bureau of Investigation
Otherwise known as the FBI, employers of Agents Mulder and Scully. When The X-Files' set decorators were dressing Mulder and Scully's office in the basement, they weren't able to get permission to use the official FBI seal, so they created their own "Bureau of Investigations" seal. 
Feejee Mermaid
The legendary showman P.T. Barnum pulled the wool over his audiences' eyes in the 1800's with this rather dubious trick. The 'mermaid' was supposedly a monkey (dead, of course) with a fish's tail stitched on. Barnum himself described it as "an ugly, dried-up, black-looking, and diminuitive specimen." The mermaid popped up as a possible suspect in the murder investigation in Humbug. (Laura) 
Fenig, Max
Perhaps one of the most endearing of the UFO-buffs depicted in The X-Files, Max was introduced in the show's first season. Mulder meets this fanatical NICAP member after he is captured on a 'secured' site in Fallen Angel; and Max begins spouting UFO conspiracy theories. He is rather bluntly written out of the series in the same episode, though this didn't stop him making a reappearance in the fourth season two parter Tempus Fugit and Max. (Maren Ord) 
We're not talking about walking on hot coals here. Firewalker was the robotic probe in the episode of the same name that was sent down into volcanic sites such as Mt Avalon in Washington state. The probe sent back video images to the crew in the camp above. The only problem being, well, the crew kept dying. And we're not talking pleasant deaths - the 'spike/tendril' effect was so popular with the crew that it "won the gross-out award at that point in time" says producer Howard Gordan. We're guessing the current winner of the gross-out was the amazing fat-sucking dude in 2Shy (Jessica Engelbrecht) 
Flukeman (Flukeboy) Born "in a primordial soup of radioactive sewage," Flukeman was found in the Newark sewrage system after being dumped from the bilge of a Russian salvage ship carrying (wait for it) material from Chernobyl in The Host. Despite being severed in half by a sever grate, the Flukeman seemed pretty much alive when he again surfaced in the sewers, just before the closing credits. Also very much alive is Darin Morgan, who had the unenviable job of being inside the flukesuit during the filming - it took almost six hours in makeup to apply the latex suit. He describes the suit as one of "the most God-awful creations ever to be deliberately wrapped around a human body." (Ruth Godinez) 
Folie Deux
Technically, it's a rare syndrome in which a delusion is shared by two people with a close emotional connection. One of the two people (called the inductor) usually suffers from some form of paranoia; while the second person (the inductee) accepts the 'delusional attitudes,' though when separated from the inductor, the delusion usually vanishes. Also the name of an episode, in which just that happens... Mulder is to inductor as Scully is to inductee. (Julie Bottles) 
The official automotive sponsor of The X-Files, it would appear. And better yet, it would seem the FBI only accepts rental cars in tasteful shades of blue and marone. (Stephanie Ellis) 
The number of Mulder's apartment; at 2630 Hegal Place, Alexandria, Virginia. (Kayreen Feleo)
Mulder's first name, which he clearly hates the sound of. "I even made my parents call me Mulder", he tells Scully in Tooms. He's kinda touchy like that. (Kayreen Feleo) 
Frohike, Melvin
The Lone Gunmen member blessed with possibly the worst first name, Frohike is the group's expert on photographics and surveillance. Always dressed with combat boots, Frohike is also the member of the group with a crush on Scully. - in Fearful Symmetry he tells Mulder "If you see the lovely agent Scully, tell her I've been working out. I'm buff." Other choice remarks include "she's hot" and "she's tasty". Mulder's response to the latter was the droll "You know, Frohike, it's men like you that give perversion a bad name" in the episode Blood. The show's first assistant director, Tom Braidwood, plays the character.