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The agents cross paths with a pair of doppelgangers whose close proximity leaves a trail of destruction. 


Kathy Griffin ("Suddenly Susan") guest stars in a dual role as two feuding sisters whose proximity to each other causes calamitous results. Mulder and Scully investigate bizarre disturbances in a previously quiet town with all signs pointing to the sisters as the root of the trouble. For the town's sake, the agents must prevent the two from coming in contact with each other in the "Fight Club". A quirk of nature produces a group of doppelgangers, which are people who look exactly like other people, and they cause havoc through misidentification.

Episode Summary

Two men ride bicycles in Kansas City. They are making religious calls. They call on a woman who says she is just moving in and brushes them off. Outside her house is a red car with the license plate "Betty." At another house, a few blocks away, they call on another woman, who has a car with the license plate "Lulu," and who looks just like Betty. They tell her this, but she closes the door on them and the two men begin to fight, which they continue until police arrive.

One day later, Mulder (Steve Kiziak with Mulder's voice) and Scully (Arlene Pileggi with Scully's voice) call on Betty Tempelton - they are investigating a possible hate crime. But they are not Mulder and Scully - just look-alike FBI agents. As they talk, Lulu drives by and the two agents begin fighting. The Scully look-alike runs over to their car, gets in and pulls away. The Mulder look-alike runs after the car and grabs onto her window.

The real Mulder and Scully talk about the case -- it is as if they temporarily lost control of their minds. Scully bristles at the game of Mulder dropping clues but holding things back. She keeps guessing, throwing out wild ideas that could have come from Mulder, eventually hitting on the "right" solution. She figures out that the agents were investigating something similar to what they themselves were almost killed by, and that it involves doubles.

In downtown Kansas City, Lulu Pfeiffer enters a Koko's Copy store, where she has applied for a sales job. She has had 17 jobs in 17 states in 3 years, which raises a red flag. But Lulu tells him that she's in Kansas City to stay, so the manager gives her the job. Suddenly, Betty drives up and all the copy machines begin malfunctioning. Betty has applied for a similar job at another Koko's Copy and her resume lists a similar number of jobs. The manager asks her how he knows she isn't going to quit, and she tells him that she's in Kansas City to stay.

In a hotel, a man, Burt Zupaneck, is packing money into a small suitcase. Mulder & Scully arrive at his door, looking for Betty Templeton. They have a newspaper clipping of him with Betty in last year's Fourth of July parade. He denies knowing Betty, but mentions that he thinks she used to live in a pink house on Morton Bay. Scully says it was in Alderwood in a blue house. In the hallway, Scully guesses that Mulder thinks that Zupaneck knows where Betty is and what she’s hiding, and that she should go check out the house on Morton Bay that he mentioned, while he finds out what Zupaneck is hiding. Mulder tells her that he really doesn’t think Zupaneck knows Betty. Scully steps into the elevator and Mulder stays behind to see Burt leaving.

At Fogy's bar, Burt meets Betty and is surprised that she doesn't seem to know him. Lulu also arrives - she is the one who is Burt's girlfriend. The bar begins to shake when they see each other, with glasses and bottles exploding.

At Pat Devine's Kansas City Auditorium, Scully arrives to find Mulder sitting with an older man, Saperstein, who we learn is a fight promoter and Burt is a wrestler. Scully tells about Lulu and the path of destruction that has followed her. The two women have trailed each other across 18 states for the past twelve years with things like fights, house fires, explosions, and riots everywhere they go.

When the agents leave, the Saperstein calls Burt asking for his money and Burt tells him not to worry and that he'll bring it to him. Betty is in bed with him. She goes into the bathroom to dress and Lulu comes to the door, asking where Burt was last night and if he is two-timing her. He calms her down and eases her out the door as Betty comes out of the bathroom. Suddenly shots pierce the ceiling from above.

Burt goes to a bar to deliver money to the promoter but both Betty and Lulu walk in and another series of explosions racks the bar. Flying glass knocks out Burt and the promoter walks off with his suitcase of money. When he wakes up, Mulder and Scully are there. He realizes he’s missing the money. Mulder asks if he’s lost something, and he tells him he’s lost his good luck. Scully asks him if that would be Betty or Lulu. Scully says Betty and Lulu caused this and they'll do it again if they don't find them.

Mulder tracks down Betty at her copy shop job and she says it's Lulu's fault. She follows her around but "it's her or me this time. I don't want to leave Kansas." Scully has just talked with Lulu, who also works in a copy shop and says the same thing about Betty. There is some kind of a psychic connection between them. Outside Betty's work place, Lulu drives up and in the mayhem, a manhole cover blows off and Mulder is sucked into the open manhole. Betty and Lulu pull away in their red and blue cars respectively as the manhole cover flies back on.

Scully drives up and enters Koko's Copy, looking for Mulder. Scully uses the copy shop Internet access, then goes to the Kansas State Penitentiary to talk to Mr. Damphus.

Scully: Mr. Damphus, I’m Special Agent Dana Scully with the FBI.
Damphus: What’s so special about you?!
Scully: It’s an FBI title, Sir.
Damphus: I know this! I’m not stupid!

Scully tells him that he appears to be the father of Betty and Lulu, via a sperm bank. (Damphus: "I yankee Doodled into a plastic club!") She wants to collect information about his family tree. He is angry and insulting.

Betty goes to Burt's - he tells her about the money he owes Saperstein, but his money disappeared when he was unconscious. She says maybe she can help, and leaves. A moment later, Lulu comes to his door and they hold the same conversation. Betty breaks into the copy shop and makes color copies of money. Lulu does the same thing at her shop. Mulder finally manages to get the manhole cover off and escape the storm drain.

Scully is still at the penitentiary when Mulder calls her. Scully says the father is the angriest man in the world. Mulder explains that both Betty and Lulu love Burt and don't want to leave. The agents agree that they have to get to the fight and keep the two women apart. Suddenly Scully notices that there's a man who looks just like Burt in a cell at the penitentiary.

Burt is at the auditorium in a WWF-type wrestling costume, complete with cape. He is known as "The Titanic." Betty delivers the fake money, which Burt uses to pay for the fight, and the fight begins. Mulder approaches Betty in the audience when Lulu walks up. She asks Betty what she's doing there. She asks her the same, and they both realise that they are both after Burt and they start fighting. Mulder tries to drag Betty off, but she grabs hold of the ring and tries to talk to Burt. Lulu appears on the other side and tells him that she brought the money. Suddenly, the entire audience begins fighting.

Scully arrives with the other Burt. The two women are astounded, and everyone stops fighting. Scully grins but when the two Burts see each other, the fighting resumes.

The fighting fades out and we find Mulder, Scully, and Saperstein in the office looking at slides. Bert Zupaneck and his double were non paternal biological siblings. Scully is telling Mulder and Saperstein that the doubles had many idiosyncratic behaviors. There was a 27 million to 1 chance that the doubles would ever meet, but they did. The women chanced to meet twelve years ago, and couldn’t seem to avoid each other’s identical mannerisms, that were attributed to their angry father.

Saperstein asks what it all means. Scully says that she would like to say that it has something to do with balance in the universe – the attraction of opposites and the repulsion of equivalents, or that over time, nature can only produce so many originals, and that when two original copies meet, that the result is often unpredictable.

We see that both Mulder and Scully have extensive wounds and stitches from the fight at the arena.

By Michael Marek and Jamie Ruby

Scenes and Dialogues

Mulder: Each agent sustained critical injuries. Their individual stories eerily similar. As if they'd temporarily lost their minds. Unable to alter behavior. You might imagine I'm guessing past lives unresolved; fate stalking them like an animal --
Scully: -- but you're not.
Mulder: The strange thing is, these particular agents had worked together for over seven years without previous incident.
Scully: Seven years…?
Mulder: They are not romantically involved, if you're wondering.
Scully: Not even I'd be so farfetched.

Episode Information

David Duchovny Special Agent Fox Mulder
Gillian Anderson Special Agent Dana Scully
Kathy Griffin Betty Templeton/
Lulu Pfeiffer
Randall Tex Cobb Bert Zupanic
Art Evans Argyle Saperstein
Jack McGee Angry Bob
Cory Blevins 1st Missionary
John O'Brien 2nd Missionary
Arlene Pilleggi Woman Who Looks Like Scully
Steve Kiziak Man Who Looks Like Mulder
Brian Chenoweth Koko's Manager
Jim Hanna 2nd Koko's Manager
Paul Hansen Kim 2nd Customer
Nicole Bush Customer
John Mack 3rd Customer
Gene Lebell Bartender
Van Dam Death Angel: Opponent
Christopher Michael Trusty

Written by Chris Carter
Directed by Paul Shapiro

Air Date: 7th May 2000
Shooting Started: 29th March 2000


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