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The Pusher's nickname for Mulder. Modell had Mulder follow his "little bread crumb trail" to prove his worth in the episode Pusher. 
Rather unsurprisingly, it's a nickname for Scully. Mulder dubbed her this after his telephone call to the Pusher. 
The invisable elephant who smashed windows, crumpled cars and threw a workman aside to his death. She was later found back in her cage at the Fairfield Zoo, Idaho, near death from exhaustion. The name Ganesha has its origins in the female form of Ganesh, the Hindu god with a head shaped like an elephant's. While we're talking origins, the episode's title, Fearful Symmetry, comes from the William Blake poem 'The Tyger.' (Ashley Birch, Heather and Cory Page) 
Geeks We're not just talking about the nerds in Kill Switch here - geek is a also the name given to a circus performer who will eat anything, from the rather mundane (rocks, metal) to the icky (grasshoppers and raw fish - complete with scales). Interestingly enough, when the script called for Scully to chow down a live grasshopper, the props department prepared a selection of chocoloate grasshopper lookalikes. To the astonishment of the cast and crew, Gillian Anderson actualled munched on the real thing.. Ewww! (Katie Hemauer) 
Gilligan, Vince
A member of The X-Files' writing team since season two. His creative stories range from the shared hallucinations of Folio Deux to the sheer hilarity of Unusual Suspects. Other Gilligan episodes from seasons two to six were: Soft Light, Kitsunegari, Memento Mori, Small Potatoes and Unruhe. (Jaded Cat) (Laura) 
Girlie Scream
Yet another memorable moment from Darin Morgan's send-up episode Jose Chung's "From Outer Space". In one retelling of the story, Mulder lets out a shrill, girlie scream at the sight of the alien body. This is followed up by Scully's threat to an onlooker: "You never saw this. It didn't happen. You tell anyone, you're a dead man." (Alexandra Wentworth) 
Government Denies Knowledge
What the opening titles and this phrase will flash up for a second or two. The phrase also neatly describes Mulder's attitude towards the high-level conspiracies he seems to meet everywhere he turns.  Government Conspiracy Ditto. 
Great Mutato
He's not just a comic book character! He's got a "gross face and lumps on his head" according to Mrs Berkowitz, whose son Izzy is supposedly the "product of her union" with Mutato. Himself the product of a bizarre genetic experiment by the quintessential mad scientist, The Great Mutato had something of a liking for peanut butter sandwiches and quite possibly cheesy movies such as 'Mask,' starring Cher. Of course, the episode Post Modern Prometheus will forever be remembered as 'that episode in black and white.' (Erin Pardee)