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Eugene Victor Tooms, who seems quite partial to the odd liver or five, seems to have rather taken to the concept of hibernation. Tooms, seen in Squeeze and Tooms, after consuming his quota of five livers constructs a nest from newspaper which would be worthy of a segment on any of today's lifestyle shows. They had better catch him quick though - he'll be sound asleep for thirty years after he's finished his meal. (Ria Hoekstra) 
By definition, its any sort of deception of hoax, but Humbug is another episode from the pen of Darin Morgan (otherwise known as flukeman). Hepcat Helm, one of the characters in that episode, said "You never know where the truth ends and the humbug begins." (Melissa) 
Adjective often used in conjunction with the pro-noun "David Duchovny." A fact evidenced by the existance of the DDEB - the David Duchovny Estrogen Brigade. (Natalie Waring) 
One of Mulder's theories is that the government are conducting tests to create human-alien hybrids, where human and alien DNA are mixed. In Scully's case, the result was a totally decimated immune system and the cancer she discovered in Memento Mori. (Tawny Cockrum) 
When the plot starts to look implausible, there's nothing better that a dry monotone saying "you are getting very sleepy." The exception to the thin plotline rule is, of course, a Darin Morgan episode: Jose Chung's "From Outer Space", in which the phrase "You're feeling very sleepy, very relaxed." is repeated four times in the one episode. Mulder's own belief that his sister was adbucted is based on a hynotherapy session. Scully has also slipped into the hynotist's chair in The Blessing Way, but quickly leaves after deciding "we're getting anywhere."