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This section contains four unsolved cases taken from the actual archives of the mumbai police. Each of them is unique. In each update new cases will be added for your reading pleasure. If you have similar unsolved true life  cases please contribute them, so that they can be added to this collection. You will be given due credit for your contribution. So now Detective ready to crack some cases!


Cops Stonewalled!

This case deals with a mysterious x-file like serial killer, who has a penchant for crushing his victims with large stones. The police have no clue to his identity and the case was deemed unsolved after the killings stopped.( A bit like Jack the Ripper)


Jewellery Heist

This case deals with the exploits of a clever conman who posing as a C.B.I (Central Bureau of Investigation), robbed a prominent Jewellery store in broad daylight and vanished into thin air leaving the police dumfounded. This is the best case in this section.


The Missing Jeweler

A Jeweler leaves with his family on vacation. The next day the police recover his car from a ravine. No one is in it and the doors are locked. Where is the Jeweler? A compelling case. 

Life apes art

An actress is found murdered in her flat, in the same grisly gruesome manner she died in an horror serial on TV. The police fail to track her killers and the case is closed .