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I Want to Believe
Mulder's own catch-cry. The poster on his office wall, bearing the words under a fuzzy photo of a UFO, is the most requested pieces of merchandise related to the show. The original poster was a one-off, created by The X-Files' props department, though FOX has bowed to the fan pressure and created a mass-produced version, which is available through the official fan club. 
One of the more memorable first season episodes, Ice used the same writing techniques as Agatha Christie. Chris Carter says the episode is also "inspired by 'The Thing,' as anyone who knows the genre will tell you, but I think it was even better as an X-File. It pitted the characters of Mulder and Scull against one another in a way that was very interesting and a new look at their characters on the series. It's the stuff of great drama." (Jessica Harris) 
Ice worms
While not quite as gory or scary as the other aliens we've met in The X-Files, the ice worms featured in the cryptically-title Ice were still pretty darned spine tingling. Brought to Earth by a meteor some 250,000 years ago, the parasites lay dormant until some pesky researchers from the Arctic Ice Core project brought them up the surface while using ice core samples to analyse the earth's climatic history. The parasite enters the bloodstream as an ammonia-based microorganism, but soon after grows into a worm of about a foot in length, which enters the hypothalamus gland in the victim's brain. While it's tinkering around in there, it stimulates the excess production of acetylchlorine, resulting in rather violent tendencies. 
Iced Tea
It's the beverage that almost brought Mulder and Scully together. During their unofficial in-car stakeout on Eugene Tooms, Scully brings Mulder a sandwich (liverwurst, no less) and a drink. "If there's an ice tea in that bag, could be love," Mulder suggests. To the disappointment of 'Shippers everywhere, it wasn't. Scully: "Must be fate, Mulder. Root beer." (Heather Forbes) 
Ice Queen
Continuing the ice-themed section of the Alphabet Book, Ice Queen is the oh-so endearing nickname Scully's earned among online fans. (Aruna Ari) 
I'm Fine
Yet another often uttered phrase on The X-Files, "I'm Fine" is staple script material for any situation. Scully's retort to Mulder's concerned stares in Memento Mori: "I'm fine, Mulder. Quit staring at me. I'm fine." In fact, Scully uttered the words (or something very similar) six times in that episode - something of a record. Other memorable "I'm Fine" moments from the first five seasons included Tanaka's assurance that he's just peachy before promptly collapsing on the floor in Firewalker. (Kaila Nelson) 
These must-have computer chips are great for tracking abductees. According to Pendrell's musings in Nisei, the implants are man-made, and are often deftly hidden in gums, teeth, navels, necks. And even better news - now you can accessorise with impants: Mulder jokingly offered Scully a pair of implant earrings in the episode Tempus Fugit. (Christy Mueller)