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Kaddish (Qaddish)
Translated to English, the word means 'sanctification,' and is a Hebrew prayer for the dead. It is usually recited in Aramaic at the end of the main sections of synagogue services. One form of the prayer, roughly translated as the Prayer for Renewal, is recited at the graveside after burial. This formed the basis of an episode of the same name, in which a Golem (a man-made creature of clay and mud) is a suspect in several religiously-motivated killings. (Smitha Ramakrishna) 
Kiss (also near miss kiss)
Chris Carter has gleefully dangled plenty of near-kiss scenes in front of the show's audience, resulting in more tension between Carter and relationship-friendly fans than there is unresolved sexual tension between Mulder and Scully. Shippers, as they're often known, are fans of the show who are just dying to see a joint investigation (of the decidedly romantic kind) for the show's leading pair. Episodes such as Small Potatoes, which used a convenient excuse for the near kiss - that Mulder wasn't really Mulder. Then there's the movie, which had a bee interrupt the romance. What'll they think of next? (Megan Gallant) 
Krycek, Alex
He's the guy everyone loves to hate - in fact, he's affectionately known as Ratboy among the fans of the show. (Sometimes) Agent Alex Krycek first appeared in Sleepless, when he made himself out to be a younger version of Mulder, with the same passions and beliefs. Soon enough his true allegiances show - he meets up with Cancerman and, among other things, describes Scully as "a problem. A much larger problem than you described." Since then, Krycek's motives has blurred somewhat, and he now seems very much an enemy of the Consortium. A brief summary of his CV would have to include bumping off Melissa Scully in The Blessing Way, shooting William Mulder in Anasazi, whacking a tram operator across the face with a gun, stealing the MJ files in Ascension, and being all conspiritorial with the owners of a Siberian Gulag where he and Mulder were captured. Under 'distinguishing features' you'd have to mention, well, the lack of a left arm - it was removed in a rather unsurgical way in Terma. And let's not even consider his unholy alliance with Marita Covarrubias in Patient X. That one's painful to think about.