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The communications specialist of The Lone Gunmen group, Langly is the one with long blonde hair, hard rock t-shirts and black-rimmed spectacles. And unlike the other members of the Gunmen group, he's doesn't entirely trust Mulder. In E.B.E., he refuses to turn off a recording device after Mulder asked him to. Langly first became involved in the Gunmen when he was asked by Frohike to join he and Byers for the "greatest hack in the world" - breaking into the FBI. Langly is played by Dean Haglund, a standup comedian and member of the Vancouver TheatreSports group, and yes, he does bear a resemblence to (shudder) that guy from Wayne's World. 
Little Feet
In what is definately among the best Mulder-Scully exchanges in season three, the two snap over who should drive the car in Syzygy.. Scully: "Why do you always have to drive? Because youíre the guy? Because youíre the big macho-man?" Mulder: "No. I was just never sure your little feet could reach the pedals." 
Little Green Men
Not only an episode of the show's second season, but what Mulder is convinced are responsible for his sister Samantha's disappearance. This episode is referred to as a kind of "second pilot" for the series, as the X-Files division has been closed, and new ground rules for the show had to be laid. As we all know, of course, aliens on The X-Files are rarely green - usually a nice dappled grey. The phrase itself is believed to have come from the sci-fi stories in the 1940s magazine 'Amazing Stories.' And while we're talking origins, this episode was originally a non X-Files related movie script, which was adapted by writers Morgan and Wong to fit the series. 
Lone Gunmen, The
The editors of the conspiracy rags 'The Lone Gunman' and 'Magic Bullet' who we all know better as Langly, Frohike and Byers. They were joined by a fourth member, known as The Thinker (real name Kenneth Soona), an "anarchist and a snoop". He was tracked and killed by a Multinational black opps unit in Anasazi for hacking to the Defense Department computer system and downloading a copy of the MJ Files, which recounted all the UFO intelligence efforts of the government and military. (Steve Alexander) 
Lord Kinbote
The large red monster/alien from the Earth's core which abducted two Klass County teenagers and two military officers in alien disguises in Jose Chung's 'From Outer Space'. His name, if we are to believe Roky Crikenson's rather shaky recounting of the events (in screenplay format, no less) is Lord Kinbote. Apparently, the look of Kinbote is an amalgamation of several creatures seen in films by Ray Harryhausen, among other inspirations, and name is a tip of the hat to the unreliable narrator in Vladimir Nabokov's novel 'Pale Fire.' 
Luder, M. F.
A pseudonym used by Mulder to write an article for OMNI magazine. In Fallen Angel, NICAP member Max Fenig told Mulder that he had been following Mulder's work in the UFO area, and had no problems decyphering the anagram. The article was on the Gulf Breeze UFO sightings from 1987-88.