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MJ Files
The oh-so-secret Defense Department files containing their UFO intelligence. The Thinker (the fourth member of the Lone Gunmen, an anarchist hacker) downloaded them from the Defense Dept's computers in Anasazi and was promptly killed, but not before he gave the files to Mulder on DAT (Digital Audiotape). The files were encrypted in Navajo, the only code the Japanese couldn't break during the war. The entries went back to the 1940s and right up to the present. (Thushan Kottahachch) 
Morgan, Darin
One of the most popular writers to have written for The X-Files. His laugh-filled scripts were, as Chris Carter put it, like throwing the audience a knuckleball. Morgan made his first appearance on The X-Files playing the flukeman in The Host. The fluke-suit took around six hours to put on, and Darin was forced to, uh, relieve himself in the suit to save time in makeup. His first script, Humbug, was the first episode to use comedy as a central element - the gags ranged from fun one-liners to great parodies of the show's central characters. The Stupendous Yappi was introduced to us in Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose, a script Darin says he intended to make dark but ended up being another laugh-fest. War of the Coprophages gave us Bambi, the scientist in itsy-bitsy shorts who Scully truly hated, and Jose Chung's 'From Outer Space' is without a doubt among the show's best episodes. Darin's final appearance was in Small Potatoes, in which he appeared as the weird guy with a tail. (Ann Ciarlette) 
Cancerman's preferred brand of carcinogen - it was in a packet of these smokes that Mulder found a note with Cancerman's address in the episode One Breath. The red and white pack was also the notice of death for the gunman in The End. (Brad Cowan) 
Mr. X
Also known as just plain 'X', this shadowy character followed in the footsteps of Deep Throat in providing Mulder with information on covert operations. Mulder initated contact with X by making a masking tape 'X' in his apartment window and shining a desk lamp through the window. Unlike Deep Throat, X's motives are hard to establish - his edginess suggests an entirely different view, and it has become clear that he has his own agendas of which Mulder is only a part. X was shot in Herrenvolk after he was identified as a traitor by the Consortium. His final action was to write 'SRSG' on Mulder's doorstep, pointing him towards his next informant.
Short for the Mutual UFO Network Inc, which is the world's largest civilian UFO research organization. Scully first met the Allentown MUFON chapter in Nisei, when she and Mulder found a list of the group's members. The women of the group recognised Scully from her abduction the year before. (Rachael McPherson) 
Mulder, Fox William
Dubbed 'Spooky' by his peers, Mulder believes that there is extraterrestrial life 'out there' and that they are visiting earth in cahoots with the government. According to Mulder's theories, they are conducting tests on humans to create a human-alien hybrid; these tests being authorised by a covert government group who we know as the Consortium. Mulder originally worked in the Behavioural Sciences divison of the FBI as he showed a rare talent at profiling criminals. His interest in the paranormal took over after three years profiling, when he discovered both his repressed memory of his sister being abducted, and the X-Files. His work in the X-Files division is sustained because he has connections in congress despite the number of toes he treads on. When he was transferred, is was feared by covert groups inside the government that Mulder might expose their activities - so they assigned Scully to rebuff his theories with scientific fact. Mulder, whose droll sense of humour marries perfectly with David Duchovny's own acting style, was born on October 13 1961 and lives in a small apartment in Alexandria, Virginia. For the truly pedantic, his badge number is JTT047101111. 
Mulder, Marty
The pseudonym used by Mulder to track down the vampires in the episode 3. He would call blood banks claiming to be "Marty Mulder from your payroll service" in order to find out the names of the vampires. (Lisa Cox) 
Mulder, Mrs.
Mulder's long-suffering mother, played by Rebecca Toolan, who has seen her family torn apart by government conspiracy. Her husband worked for the State Department, and it seems his work was related to the experiments detailed in the MJ Files. She told Mulder in Paperclip that his father had asked her to choose between Mulder and his sister Samantha: "I couldn't choose. It was your father's choice and I hated him for it. Even in his grave, I hate him still." After the disappearance of Samantha in November 1973, the rift between Mulder's parents grew, and they eventually separated. After a heated exchange with Cigarette Smoking Man in Talitha Cumi, Mrs Mulder suffered a severe stroke and was only saved by Mr X, who was covertly watching and was able to call 911. in Herrenvolk, CSM had the alien bounty hunter heal Mrs Mulder as she is last surviving member of Mulder's family, and CSM knows, "the fiercest enemy is the man who has nothing left to lose." In case you're wondering Mrs. Mulder's first name - no one knows. Chris Carter says it's Tina - and that name was mentioned in Kitsunegari, but in Herrenvolk her hospital tag says 'Elizabeth Mulder'.. go figure. 
Mulder, Samantha Ann
Mulder's sister, who he believes was abducted by aliens on November 27 1973, when she was eight and he was twelve. Through hypnosis sessions Mulder uncovered memories of her abduction, where she was suspended in the air and slowly moved, lying horizontally, out the window amid a bright glow. Mulder was powerless to stop her. Since then, we've had several encounters with clones of Samantha, who first appeared in the two-parter Colony. These clones were establishing a colony of alien clones on earth. Chris Carter has told fans that Mulder may be reunited with Samantha in the show's final episodes. 

Mulder, William
A former employee of the State Department, Mulder's father (played by Peter Donat) has always been portrayed as a cold and distancing man. His work for the State Dept seems to be linked to the MJ Files as he was paid a visit by Cigarette Smoking Man after the files were hacked by The Thinker. After this meeting, William called his son to try to explain the news which he felt his son was soon to learn of - "the merchandise." Before he could properly explain, William excused himself to the bathroom, where he was shot by Krycek. After his father's death, Mulder learned that William had threatened to expose the project he was working on. Samantha was taken away as a guarantee for his cooperation.