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There are hundreds of sites dedicated to UFO's on the net, but the daddy of them all is Ufoseek- the paranormal and UFO search engine. Short of an interview with an UFO, this engine hosts links to anything UFO related, including alien abductions, ancient mysteries, astral projections, cattle mutilations and crop circles; ghosts, government cover-ups, mysticism, NDE's SETI, time travel, general UFO folklore, chat, photographs, merchandise, etc. It even carries a vast database of hoaxes and current UFO news, updated every time a sighting is reported.

Weird Mysteries

Weird Mysteries is divided into four main sections, each sections links to different websites on supernatural or unexplained phenomenon. Mysteries on Earth talks about the different mysteries on Earth- right from the Shroud of Turin to the legendary Area 51, while mysteries Below interests you with theories of underground tunnels or giant squids. The mysteries Above and the mysteries in Space sections discuss various unexplained sightings in the terrestrial sky like UFO's and comets. To spice it all up there's also a sci-fi search engine for sci-fi lovers.

The Ultimate Loch Ness Monster site 

Nessie, the Loch Ness monster, is one of the most popular characters of modern legend- and she's even got her own official website. The site offers information on everything to do with Nessie- list of sightings, documentary evidence, stories, and results of scientific surveys. Film and sonar evidence is used to support the existence of the monster, artists renditions  provide visitors with illustrations of what Nessie looks like, and a couple of very interesting sections, titled "The Nessie Hunters" and "Geology Of the Loch" bring the story you  life with the information on the personalities involved in the chase, and the geography of Nessie's stomping ground. Very entertaining, and easily the most comprehensive sites on the subject! 



A product of the National Science Foundation in the U.S. this fascinating website explores the science behind the news. Regularly some pertinent news story is picked up and dissected with a view to revealing the science behind some aspect of the story.


Would you like to know how long you have to left to live? that's the premise of the Death Clock which claims to be able to tell you to the second, just how long you'll be around. Those praying for my early demise have no reason to cheer...



If you are a fan of Sherlock Holmes or Sir Arthur Conan Doyle then this is the site for you. On this Site you can read all the 56 short stories and the 4 novels of Sherlock Holmes, written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. But that's not all! You can also test your knowledge in short quizzes, send greetings and sign up for free email Also check out the links section and add some of your own links.


Are you a fan of Sherlock Holmes? Have you read all of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's books? If you haven't because you had trouble finding them, then log on to Arun Nair's site. It has all the cases and stories of the legendary detective, without any cuts, claims Nair. The site offers a collection of stories that appeared in The Canon, The Casebook of Sherlock Holmes, Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes, and stories that appeared after Doyle reintroduced Holmes (remember how Holmes fell to his death in The Last Bow?) At this site you will also find Quotes extracted from different stories. Don't miss "The Sherlock Holmes library Collection"- a comprehensive list of books.


Ever fancied yourself as a detective tracking down the vermin of society? Well, look no further than The Case which allows you to indulge all your fantasies online. Every week the administrators of the site put up an online mystery, which readers are encouraged to solve. There's also a vote'n'solve mystery game, in which your opinion decides the way the story ends, a special section for kids, and an online forum for visitors to discuss clues and possible solutions to the mystery. The site is updated every week with a new mystery. 



If you are a serious,  philatelist, you will probably like It claims to be the Web's best resource for philatelists, and from what I've seen, that's no idle boast. The site offers news and resources for stamp-collectors, and even allows you to search for, view and purchase stamps from different countries with it's Stampfinder service. There's also a free email newsletter and an online stamp club, and the site is updated every day with intresting info nuggets about historically-important stamps. also offers a free copy of Stamptrac, claimed to be the "world's most used stamp inventory software".

The Coin Site

Are you fascinated with coins? Then drop by the Coin Site which just happens to be one of the best sites around for this particular hobby. Divided into five main sections, the site provides answers to commonly asked questions about coins and money, allows you to place buy and sell requests for rare coins, and even asks for your opinion on specific coin-related topics. There's an extensive image gallery, which contains photographs of rare coins (many of them from world famous collections), and the Coin Doctor, who will answer all your questions on numismatics.


SCI-FI list

Scifilist, or The science fiction list has a database of over 15,000 books and magazines and over 500 images you can search through. And if what you are looking for is not available, you just need to check out their external search engine page, wherein one can search not only the popular search engines, but also other science fiction search engines. There's also the Internet Speculative Fiction Database where you can perform a database search by author, title or series. A user can also send an e-card from this site, and there is also a section on trivia.


The official site of the popular TV series has a detailed  episode guide which provides you with information on the particular episode. Also include is information on  the actors and on the characters they portray. There is also information on sites where you can buy merchandise, music CD's based on the series.


This site based on the popular BBC TV series has a detailed episode guide. Each season is taken care of  in a separate section. In each section besides the episode details there are also details on the number, serial numbers of the copies in existence and the BBC serial numbers of the video releases.


Map Quest

So how far is the Golden Gate Bridge from the airport? And how does one get there? The answer my friend lies at MapQuest, a site whose USP is detailed maps with driving instructions, of all U.S. cities and most world capitals. Simply enter your staring point and intended destination, and MapQuest will generate a map, driving directions and door-to-door routes for you. And since this is a digital map, you can do a few things with it too, zoom in to street level, pan to view surrounding areas, zoom out for an overview of the general region, overlay places of interest on it, and save, print or e-mail it. But that ain't all- city information, hotels, restaurants, weather are all available in the well-written and colourful city guides on the site.

Lonely Planet

A good place to begin is the excellent Lonely Planet website which claims to be "your guide to the good, bad and the unfamiliar places on the planet". Broadly divided into sections like Destinations (detailed city and country information), Optic nerve( photographs), On the road (the true and not-so-true tales), The Thorn tree( an online message board for travelers to share their experiences), Health (everything you ever wanted to know about staying healthy while traveling) and Upgrades (news and updated country information), the site offers the globetrotter an extensive resource of reference material.


The Ancient Egypt site

For info on Ancient Egypt check out this site, which offers detailed information on the history of Egypt. The site contains sections on the language, with special attention to the hieroglyphs, a bibliography of texts, and an alphabetically stored index to help you find what you're looking for quickly and easily.


The Archives of Fun Facts and Trivia

The Archive is exactly what it claims to be- factoids on all manners of interesting things you're never going to need! It's a great site for all those times when you're bored and looking for something interesting to do on the web. And it's updated on a regular basis with new facts submitted by internet users.

Useless Facts

If you are a trivia buff here's a site that should warm the cockles of your heart. It's called The Land O' Useless Facts and its filled to the brim with interesting morsels of information about the world around us. For example, did you know that the wingspan of a Boeing 747 is longer than the Wright brother's first flight? Or that Pluto, the astrological sign of death, was directly above Dallas, Texas when J F Kennedy was born? I did'nt...