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The flagship police force of the country, Mumbai Police (formerly Bombay) celebrates 50 years of Indian independence by going up on the Internet, to become accessible to the world. This is our way of saluting the indomitable spirit of Mumbai city and reasserting our dedication towards serving this great cosmopolis. 

This web-site is the brain-child of former Jt. Commissioner of Police, Law and Order, Dr. P.S. Pasricha, a known authority on traffic & transportation management, under the supervision of the then Commissioner of Police Subhash Malhotra & the former Commissioner of Police R H Mendonca. The entire information on this website has been specifically compiled by the top brass of the force, seeing this as an excellent medium to set-up a spot on the Internet giving detailed, reliable information for citizens, tourists and
even the average surfers. 

Maintaining its reputation as a forerunner, the Mumbai force continues to be ahead in technology by setting up a comprehensive police webpage offering a wide range of information ranging from policing activities and helplines to recruitment information and interesting trivia. 

Rated as among the best in the world, the Greater Mumbai Police has a proud record of it's own. India, post partition saw linguistic re-organisation of states; turmoils of rapid industrialisation; the media boom; the boom in real estate in an era of rapid urbanisation, it's traffic and population explosion; communal strife; white collar crimes and even terrorism. Yet Mumbai remained the centre of commercial activity in India, thanks to the successful contribution of the police in maintaining law and order. The Mumbai Police force is proud to be a part of this great city and resolves to serve the city with greater effort and with a vision for a better tomorrow. 

And a short word from the chief... 

R.H. Mendonca, Former Commissioner of Police, Greater Mumbai 

Our main objective has been to provide an authentic datasource for people which not only gives them an insight into the working of the police, but also sensitises them to evoke positive responses to assist in the policing. 

This is our effort at giving a non-stop infobank whereby citizens have a round-the-clock hotline to the police - which not only acts as an information disburser but also as a medium for citizens to voice their grievances and offer suggestions for the better functioning of the police. 

This interactive feature of the Internet that offers a two-way relationship between the information-givers and receivers is what we intend to capitalize on in keeping up with our police motto -"With you, for you, always".