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Operation Paperclip
In Mulder's words, Operation Paperclip was the government's "deal with the devil. The U.S. government provided safe haven for certain Nazi war criminals in exchange for their scientific knowledge." Among the members of the group were Victor Klemper (who experimented on the Jews) and Wernher von Braun (designer of the V2 rockets). It would appear from the discoveries of Mulder and Scully in the Anasazi trilogy that they also conducted experiments to create alien-human hybrids such as those found in the boxcar in the desert. (Toby Cook)
Osbourne, Dr.
Among the doctors involved in the Pinck Pharmaceuticals trials of new drugs. According to Mulder's theory, the company used secret trials in jails to test new drugs, to "circumvent years of F.D.A. trials in order to get their drug on the market." Osbourne became infected with F. Emasculata himself while working on one of the disease's victims in the episode F. Emasculata. (Alex Dawson) 
Derived from the Frech word 'oublier' (meaning 'to forget'), oubliette refers to a dungeon of total darkness. In the episode of the same name, Carl Wade kept Amy Jacobs locked up in his basement where he took photos of a rather stunned Amy. Across town, Lucy Householder (who was kidnapped in a similar fashion in her childhood) seemed to be sharing a connection with Amy - and the only thing she wanted to do was forget. Kooky, huh? 
Oil Aliens (oiliens)
We first met them in Piper Maru as the Black Oil. The Oiliens (as dubbed by online fans) take control of a human host, their presense evident by the black oil floating over the surface of the host's eyes. The Russians, in cahoots with Krycek, developed a vaccine at their Tunguska prison, which was used as a negotiating tool with the Consortium in Patient X. (Christina Charles)