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Mulder's work in the X-Files deals mostly with cases dabbling in the paranormal. As he told Scully in Deep Throat, "Let's just say, this case has a, distinct smell to it, a certain, paranormal bouquet." It's not like we're counting or anything, but the word 'paranormal' has been uttered 15 times in the show's first five seasons. 
Peacock family
Quite possibly the most disgusting family ever seen on The X-Files, if not television overall. The Peacocks in question were a charmingly indbred family, with Mrs Peacock as the mother, sister and/or daughter of Edmund, Sherman and George. She was crippled in a car accident in 1987, and lost both legs and an arm in the accident, though due to a genetic defect she felt no pain. Excuse me while I go and dry retch.. (Olivia Loupee) 
Pendrell, Agent
Known affectionately to fans as the lab rat, Pendrell was Mulder and Scully's contact in the FBI's Sci-Crime labs in D.C. Pendrell's long hours in the lab weren't entirely due to the goodness of his heart - he also had something of a crush on Scully, so he readily offered to spend a little extra time in the lab if he was able to dig up some information for Scully. The lab rat was, sadly, caught in the crossfire at the bar-side shootout in Max - but we're sure he died a happy man.. he was there to celebrate Scully's birthday. (Miriam) 
Piper Maru
This is one ship to stay away from: this French salvage ship located the wreckage of a sunken WWII fighter plane on the bottom of the ocean. Inside the aircraft was, unsurprisingly, an alien. The entire crew of the ship suffered radiation burns after exposure to the alien lifeform. Piper Maru is also the middle name of Gillian Anderson's daughter, and the phrase means 'calm and gentle' in Polynesian, and roughly translates as 'ship' in Japanese. (Katie Hemauer) 
Praise, Gibson
A little tip: never play chess against this wunderkid.. he knows the moves you're playing just as well as you do. His mind-reading abilities, proven in tests conducted by Mulder in The End, mean that he can easily beat Grand Masters but not an electronic chess game. This ability put him on the Consortium's hit list, though they only succeeded in killing his Russian chess oponent - one of these days they'll learn that if you want something done properly, you have to do it yourself.. 
This rare psychic ability is a renovator's dream - imagine being able to move furniture around without so much as lifting a finger! That's one lifestyle show I'd love to see. (David Stacey) 
Purity Control
The codename for a secret government project (aren't they all secret?) whose purpose was to splice extraterestrial DNA with human to make an alien-human hybrid. Which brings about the question: why do all secret government projects have the same aim? Operation Paperclip, Purity Control.. governments can be so unoriginal sometimes. We first met Purity Control in The Erlenmeyer Flask, though what appear to be test subjects reappeared in Red Museum with the spliced DNA in the form of injected antibodies. (Amy E. Fisher) 
You could say that Cecil Lively had a firey personality, but that would earn a groan from anyone who had seen the episode Fire. Cecil had that especially rare knack of being able to control fire. And I'm not going to make a perfect match gag, because that would be, well, obvious... (David Stacey)