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The rather harsh nickname given to Alex Krycek by some online fans. Of course, he did earn the name after his two-timing, double-crossing, son-of-a-cigarette-smoking man performance in the Duane Barry trilogy. (Donna Bakke) 
Red Speedos
If you saw Duane Barry, I need say no more. The DDEB'ers had a field day. And no, I don't think a poster is available... (Deborah Summers) 
Rather surprisingly, this doesn't pop up all that often in The X-Files, though when it does it seems to be the hallmark of a not-so-great episode. We saw it in Born Again, which brought us this helpful definition from Mulder, whose middle name just may be Roget: "Metempsychosis, transmigration, reimbodiment, call it what you will." Another iffy reincarnation episode? How about The List, which also helped define reincarnation for any viewers not up to speed on the topic, perhaps most bluntly when one character says "He was gonna be reincarnated. He was gonna come back from the dead." (Ashley Birch, Heather and Cory Page) 
Relationshipper ('shipper)
No prizes for guessing what a relationshipper wants to see in a future Mulder/Scully plotline.. This is the name adopted by online fans who want to see the duo "get it on" in an episode. Now Chris Carter has toyed with the 'shippers by having the two kiss, but not actually kiss, in episodes such as Triangle, and don't get them started about that near-kiss in the movie... (Rebecca Williams) 
Resist or Serve
Replacing 'The Truth Is Out There' in the episode The Red and the Black, Resist or Serve is a capsule summary of where humans stand when it comes to the alien colonists. Krycek tells Mulder in the same episode that it's "a struggle for heaven and earth. Where there is one law: fight or die. And one rule: resist or serve." (Miriam) 
According to Mulder's descriptions in Squeeze, Reticulans are an alien race with a grey skin tone, who have a 'thing' for "terrestrial human livers" (we're waiting to see the 'Got Liver?' ad campaign ourselves). Why liver? Mulder says there's a shortage of iron in the Reticulan galaxy. (Melissa)