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Returning to the scene of their first investigation seven years ago, Mulder and Scully encounter an UFO that may spell the end of their partnership.


The seventh-season finale takes the agents back to the site of their first case together (alien abductions in Oregon). Meanwhile, the ailing CSM summons Alex Krycek and Marita Covarrubias. As they revisit the case that brought them together seven years ago, Agents Mulder and Scully investigate a series of potential alien abductions that threatens their partnership

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Episode Summary

In Bellefleur, OR - a police car races down highway. Driving is Detective Miles, who fans first met in the pilot episode of The X-Files. He radios to deputy Ray Hoese to wait for backup, but Miles' car loses power and coasts to a stop, then is struck by another police car that come careening out of the dark. The forest is glowing. The dials on Miles' watch are spinning. Hoese in the other car is dead and green acid is on the ground. As Miles gets out of the car, another Hoese walks up to him, unspeaking.

An auditor (Special Agent Chesty Short) is in the X-Files office. Mulder and Scully have spent a huge amount on travel - by FBI standards these numbers are out of control. The auditor points out that nothing the agents have been investigating has been resolved. Acknowledging that Mulder's sister was a major motivation for Mulder, the auditor asks that given the case report saying that Samantha is dead, what is left to investigate? 

In a "hellhole" middle eastern prison, Marita Covarrubias gets Alex Krycek released. She tells him that the smoking man sent her to find him. The Cigarette Smoking Man is dying.

Meanwhile, Scully also has to defend the investigation of the conspiracy to the auditor. The auditor tells Mulder that he is evaluating what The X-Files does, so if they go forward they can do it more responsibly. He tells Mulder that if he is going to spend so much time looking for aliens, he should narrow his search to where they are - reducing his vision. 

Two teenagers approach Detective Miles in the woods. They heard that there was an airplane collision with a UFO. He tells them that the Navy found their plane about three miles away and there is no of another craft. Miles sends them away.

As Mulder and Scully are talking in the X-Files office, Billy Miles telephones Mulder. Mulder and Scully immediately remember the name. Billy was abducted seven years earlier and Mulder and Scully investigated. He tells them that it is happening again, but not to him this time. Even though the auditor would say they couldn't justify the expense, the agents head out to Oregon to investigate. 

Alex and Marita visit the Cigarette Smoking Man's apartment. He is in a wheelchair, attended by a nurse and has to smoke through a tracheotomy hole in his throat. Krycek accuses that the smoking man had him thrown in that prison for trying to sell something that was the smoking man's. The smoking man counters that they have a singular opportunity now. A crash in Oregon -- an alien ship has collided with a military aircraft. It is Roswell and Corona again, the chance to rebuild the project.

Meanwhile, the teenagers are back in the Oregon forest at night, looking for the UFO. One has an incident in which he shakes violently, then disappears. The other sees lights glowing in the forest and his flashlight bursts into flame. He runs off.

Mulder and Scully arrive in Oregon. Billy has been a sheriff's deputy for three years. He got over the abductions, but other people in the area didn't and don't believe it. He tells about the crash. The other unidentified craft hasn't been found. His father has been no help, even though a deputy is missing. Detective Miles drives up. He claims that he has been working with the FAA and it looks like there was no second craft.

As they drive to the scene, Mulder finds the X on the pavement he painted seven years earlier. It is the same place where Miles car was struck. Scully finds shells, likely from the missing deputy's gun, but there is no indication of what he might have been shooting at. AS Mulder and Scully drive off to see the missing man's wife, Detective Miles places the evidence bag with the shells in his car trunk, and viewers see that the body of the missing deputy is in the trunk. 

Mulder and Scully are surprised that the missing man's wife is Teresa, an abduction victim who seven years ago approached the agents for help. Her husband is also an abductee, but they keep it a secret because people in the community don't understand. His experiences were more terrifying than hers. He was taken many times and tested. Teresa has medical files and as she gets them, Mulder watches Scully play with Teresa's baby.

That evening, as Mulder study the files, Scully comes to Mulder's door, uneasy but she doesn't know what is wrong. She felt dizzy and got chills. Mulder covers her up in his bed and puts an arm around her to warm her. Mulder says it's not worth it. He wants her to go home. Seeing her holding the baby shows him what has been taken away from her - including her health and the chance to be a mother. (Recall that Scully cannot have children, because of the procedures done during her abduction.) Maybe what the FBI says is true, Mulder speculates. The personal costs are too high. There is so much she needs to do in her life - so much more than this. There has to be an end.

Meanwhile, Krycek is in Oregon, too. He reports by phone to the Smoking Man that In spite of lots of effort, nobody can find the UFO. He is told that it must be there, hidden in plain site. Find the deputy and you'll find the ship. Teresa is awakened in the night. Her husband, Ray, is home, but when he doesn't speak she realizes that it is not her husband. She runs upstairs and he follows. She stabs him with a knife and noxious gas comes out of his body, overcoming her.

Mulder and Scully arrive at Teresa's home. Billy reports that Teresa is gone, apparently taken because the door was open. Inside they find the mark they immediately recognize as acid burns from what Scully describes as "arguably an alien." Scully feels faint again for a moment.

Marita, who has stayed with the Smoking Man, asks him why bring Krycek into this matter and then play with him by feeding him incomplete information. The Smoking Man says that he has great faith that Krycek will find the ship, but if the Smoking Man tells him exactly how, Krycek will be tempted to sell it. The ship is rebuilding itself, the Smoking Man says. What we call God is an alien intelligence. Marita states her conclusion that the aliens are coming and the Smoking Man corrected her that they are coming back.

Mulder approaches some teenagers watching the crime scene where Teresa disappeared. One of them admits that "they" took his friend, Gary. He takes Mulder, Scully and Billy to where Gary disappeared, and he accuses that Detective Miles knows what's going on, because the teenagers saw him near the scene. As Scully walks around she is lifted up in the air and shakes rapidly. Mulder realizes Scully is out of sight and funds her on the ground, groggy. She doesn't understand why this is happening to her. Mulder also doesn't know, but is sure that these aren't just random abductions.

Billy goes to his father's home and draws his gun, confronting Detective Miles. Billy says, "I don't know who you are but you are not going to take me." His father eventually calms him and Billy gives up his gun, but we see that Detective Miles is the Bounty Hunter. Mulder and Scully walk up to the door and, finding it open, walk in. Billy and the Bounty Hunter are gone.

Two days later at the FBI building in Washington, Skinner visits Mulder's office. Mulder thinks he is in trouble and says that if the higher-ups are coming down on Skinner, he is sorry. Skinner, however, has Krycek and Marita with him. They explain that they have a singular opportunity. The Cancer Man is dieing. His last wish is to rebuild the conspiracy. There is a ship in those woods, cloaked in an energy field. The alien is eliminating proof of all the abductions. This is Mulder's chance to change all that and find the proof. Scully finds them talking and joins the effort. They call the Lone Gunmen in to consult and they determine that the ship is so well cloaked that even military satellites don't detect it, but the implication is that the gunmen have detected it, because they know exactly what to look for. It's not going to be there forever, however.

As they talk it is rebuilding itself. Scully can't handle it and leaves the room. Mulder follows into the hall. Mulder won't let her go back to Oregon. They're taking abductees, he points out, and Scully is an abductee. Mulder won't risk losing her. They hug and she vows that she won't let him go alone.

Skinner accompanies Mulder into the Oregon woods, wondering if it is just a "snipe hunt." Is this just a snipe hunt? Scully looks at the medical records with the Lone Gunmen and realizes that all of the abductees experienced the same kind of elevated brain activity that Mulder had earlier in "Biogenesis, Sixth Extinction and Amor Fati". She realises that the energy field knocked her back because it didn't want her. They realize that it is Mulder who is in danger, but Scully collapses.

Mulder and Skinner lay out a network of laser beams to detect the energy field of the ship. Mulder walks up to the field and puts his hand into the field, causing the hand to vibrate rapidly. Skinner realizes he can't see Mulder. Mulder is inside the energy field with many of the other abductees. He enters a glowing circle with them and sees a ship overhead. The Bounty Hunter walks up and joins them in the circle, ready to be transported up to the UFO, which is hovering overhead. Skinner sees the ship. It departs and all of the other people are gone.

Krycek reports to the Smoking Man and Marita that he failed. The Smoking Man speculates that perhaps Krycek never wanted to succeed? "The hour is at hand?" the Smoking Man asks, and Krycek agrees that it is time "to send the devil back to hell." The Smoking Man's final words are, "As you do to Mulder and to me you do to all mankind." Krycek pushes the wheelchair down the stairs and the Smoking Man lies at the bottom, apparently dead.

Skinner visits Scully in her hospital room. She feels ok - they're just running some tests. She already heard about Mulder's disappearance. Skinner will be asked what he saw and can't deny it. He vows that he won't. They are both crying. Scully says, "we will find him," and Skinner nods. "I have to," she adds. Scully tells Skinner that there is something else she has to tell him, that he must keep to himself. She can't explain or believe it, but she is pregnant. The screen fades to black...

By Michael Marek and Jamie Ruby

The X-Files and its future after Season Seven

It has been official announced, this will not be the Series Finale. The X-Files will be back for an eighth season! During the filming of this episode two endings were shot, because they still didn't know whether it was going to be the last season or not. In one of the endings, Mulder was abducted, and it is possible that they'll continue with this ending and Mulder (Duchovny) will not appear in the first half of the season.

From Yahoo: "Duchovny`s Mulder character is not expected to return to the series until the middle of next season -- sometime during the February sweep is a safe bet -- after being abducted in this season`s final episode, set to air Sunday. Co-star Gillian Anderson is in for a new partner next season to assist in her search for Mulder."

From Cinescape: "With Duchovny`s return to the series still uncertain, the script for this season`s final episode was written to allow for any event. According to co-star Gillian Anderson, two endings were filmed: one that left the series open to continue next season, and another that attempted to explain the last seven seasons of the show with just a few lines. With word of the show`s renewal X-Files fans can breathe a sigh of relief that the show they`ve faithfully followed for seven years won`t be wrapped up in such a shoddy manner. "

"The climax of the show was also written to allow for the possible departure of Duchovny. Abducted by aliens, Mulder could either be rescued next season or disappear forever, depending on whether or not the show could come to terms with its recalcitrant star."

"With the show now officially renewed for its eighth, and most likely, final season, Duchovny is scheduled to appear in eleven shows next year. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Duchovny will not appear until about halfway through the season, around the time of the February sweeps."

According to William Davis (CSM), It will be satisfying I think, if it should be the last episode of the series. It will also be satisfying if it leads us into next season. It will also be satisfying if it leads us into next season without Mulder. It will also be satisfying if it leads us into a movie. So believe it or not, I think Chris has covered all of the bases.He's really got a very clever spin on it. 

Episode Information

David Duchovny Special Agent Fox Mulder
Gillian Anderson Special Agent Dana Scully
Mitch Pilleggi AD Walter Skinner
Leon Russom Detective Miles
Andy Umberger Agent Short
Peter MacDissi Prison Guard
Laurie Holden Marita Couvarrubias
Nicholas Lea Alex Krycek
Zachary Ansley Billy Miles
Eddie Kaye Thomas 1st Young Man
Judd Trichter 2nd Young Man/Richie Szalay
Darin Cooper Deputy Ray Hoese
William B. Davis Cigarette Smoking Man
Sarah Koskoff Teresa Hoese
Gretchen Becker Greta
Bruce Harwood Melvin Frohike
Tom Braidwood John Byers
Dean Haglund Ringo Langly
Brian Thompson Alien Bounty Hunter
Grace & Kelly Demontesquiou Baby

Written by Chris Carter
Directed by Kim Manners

Air Date: 21st May 2000
Shooting Started: 20th April 2000


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