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A teenage killer eludes Mulder and Scully moving too fast for the human eye.


When an innocent teen recently transplanted from the big city is accused of the gruesome and unexplained murder of a Sheriff's deputy in a small Midwestern town, MULDER and SCULLY arrive on the scene to investigate the bizarre crime. The crime has supernatural underpinnings, it appears the murder is linked to people who move faster than the eye can see. A series of frightening incidents point Mulder and Scully in the direction of the Sheriff's charismatic, but troubled, teenage son. As MULDER and SCULLY race against time to prevent the Sheriff's son from unleashing his "speed rage" on an unsuspecting town, we see not only how quickly absolute power can corrupt an individual but also how easy it is to prey on the emotional vulnerabilities of impressionable kids.

Complete Summary

In rural Pittsfield, VA at 11:49 pm, a teenager, Tony, passes no trespassing sign and meets two other teenagers - Max and Chastity out in the woods. Max seems to just appear out of the dark, and Chastity follows. She is not sure that Tony is cut out for what they are about to do. Max makes Tony swear to never reveal what they find ("No matter what, even if someone dies"). A police car drives up and Max and Chastity disappear. As the deputy goes to his car to check Tony's license, there is a blur past Tony and the Deputy is attacked and killed, but Tony doesn't see any attacker.

At the St. Jude's Memorial Hospital, Scully doesn't believe an invisible assailant beat the deputy to death, as Mulder does. A police flashlight was the murder weapon but it looks like the deputy was hit with a sledgehammer. There are glasses sticking out of the back of the Deputy's head, and Scully tries to give her scientific explanation of how Tony could have done that.

Tony, who is 16 years old, is charged with the murder and Mulder and Scully question Tony. He tells them the story about an invisible force killing the deputy. Mulder asks if he was just crusing. Mulder says that when he grew up, he lived in "dullsville" too, and that he knows where Tony lives isn't exactly "living la vida loca." Tony asks him how long ago that was. Tony tells them that everything he knows is in his statement. He seems torn over whether to mention Max and Chastity being present, but ends up saying nothing. Mulder thinks that if Tony was guilty he would have made up a better story. Scully agrees, but disagrees with Mulder's idea that it was some kind of invisible spirit.

Chastity is taking a midterm in a high school class. Max walks in having missed all but one minute of the midterm. Chastity looks at the clock as it is about to turn 12'o clock. The minute hand moves backwards before it moves forward. He takes the test, turns around and turns back with the answer sheet filled in, all correct. As Chastity leaves class, M&S question her. She had visited Tony and thinks he doesn't have it in him to kill a cop. Max, it turns out, is the sheriff's son. He pulls the girl away from talking with Mulder and Scully saying that she doesn't have to say anything because they dont have a warrant. (Mulder: "Wow, you must be her laywer!") Leaving, Max looks Scully up & down they says as he walks away, "You must have been a Betty back in the day"

The sheriff phones Scully - the flashlight has disappeared from the evidence room. He takes Mulder & Scully to the locker where Mulder finds a lump of something strange on the floor. The tape shows nothing. Mulder, however, finds a very brief blur, only on a single frame of the video image.

Reed Residence 8:52, Tony is released because the murder weapon has disappeared. His mother tries to question him, and feels that Tony has fallen into a bad crowd of kids. After she leaves his room a noise at the window shows that Max is outside. They drive off. Max says the cop had to go - he was snooping around. He drives crazy and the car hits a tree cutting the front half completely in half, but Tony finds himself outside the car, unhurt. "I'm going to make you one of us," Max says as he walks over to a stunned Tony, but he will call the shots.

Mulder's friend, Chuck Burks, evaluates the video blur. He tells M&S that what they saw was not a glitch in the tape. (Mulder: "Buckle up, Scully. I believe Chuck is about to take us on a ride to the paranormal") The blur in the frame is actually a shadow of something, but there is no solid object to give a shadow. It is indistinct but turns out to include the school colors, like a school jacket. At school Tony tells Chastity that he wasn't cut out for this, but she says it's a little late for second thoughts. In class, the teacher, Mr. Babbit, gives Max an F, although every answer on the test was right. The teacher won't tolerate cheating. Tony asks Chastity how he can tell Max he wants out. She can't help - she says she can't even help herself.

In the lunchroom the Mr. Babbit trips - Max is standing across the room and seems to have caused it somehow. Cuts appear on the teacher's hands and face, then a table moves and slams him violently against a wall. A chair flies across the room and also strikes the teacher, killing him.

Mulder and Scully visit lunchroom crime scene. Mulder now suspects Max, who has had increasing discipline problems over the last several months, but whose grades have gotten better. Mulder is wondering if he has gained psychokinetic powers or some paranormal ability which allows him to exert force over someone without laying a finger on him. As Mulder decides to question Max, news arrives that Max has collapsed and was taken to the hospital.

Chastity flees to the woods and Tony follows her, entering a cave. As he steps into a circle of light, Tony begins shaking violently and spasming. He was having his first "rush". In the hospital, Mulder and Scully arrive. The sheriff resists their questioning his son. Max's medical condition leaves him with symptoms of extreme exertion and withdrawal, as if he needs another "fix" of whatever was happening to him. Mulder says that it's the withdrawal from the "rush," and that he is addicted to it. They check test results on Max which evidence of repeated concussions, stress fractures, etc., like someone who has crashed racecars for years. Mulder & Scully are looking at Max's clothes. The bottom of his shoes is covered with the wierd stuff that Mulder had found earlier. Mulder concludes that Max can move to extreme speed.

Meanwhile on a computer monitor, a nurse sees Chastity in Max's room, but when she goes there, there is no one there. When the nurse leaves, Chastity comes back and sneaks Max out of the hospital. She tries to stop him, but Max returns to the cave. He tells her that it's the best thing that has ever happened to him, and that he can't ever go back to standing still, and neither can she. Tony is there too. "Moving fast is such a rush," he says.

Sheriff looks through Max's room, finding dozens of burned out tennis shoes and missing flashlight. Max comes home and begins to attack his father but Tony appears, and holds the sheriff's gun to Max's head.

Sheriff is brought into the hospital ER. Unconscious and bleeding. The flashlight is found at the scene and the sheriff's gun is missing. Mulder says that something intervened or else the Sheriff would have died. Scully wants to know how someone could have stopped him with the strength that he has. Mulder says that it was someone that knew exactly what Max was doing to get the rush - Tony. They decide that they need to go to the source where Max gets his powers: in the woods near where the deputy was killed.

Chastity and Tony are hurrying back the cave - they have to get there before Max does because they are all slowing down. Tony trips and slows down, but tells Chastity to go on ahead and he will catch up. When he goes into the cave, he finds her unconscious, Max having knocked her out. Max is about to attack Tony when Chastity, who has awakened, finds the gun on the cave floor and shoots Max. In very slow motion (indicating that they were moving very fast) the bullet explodes from Max's chest and continues across the cave. Chastity tells Tony she's sorry but she cannot go back and steps in front of what to her is a very slowly moving bullet, allowing it to kill her.

In the hospital later, Tony is recovering. Geologists and scientists have found nothing special, except for bat guana, in the cave. Scully asks Mulder why they didn't get a "rush" from being in the cave ("Well you and I were both in there, and nothing happened to us. We're still slow poking around") Mulder thinks maybe they are all just too old and that only teenagers with their hormonal complexities

are affected. The cave has been pumped full of concrete, sealing it. Tony has bruises and muscle strains and Scully says he can now go back to being a normal kid, but in the last scene he is staring at the clock, as it is ready to hit the hour - the minute hand goes back a minute before it goes forward and hits the hour.

Mostly by Michael Marek/Jamie Ruby

Research and Trivia

Rodney Scott (Tony) recently played David Cassidy in the Partridge Family television movie "Come On, Get Happy." Nicki Aycox (Chastity) had a recurring role on the series "Providence." The SCAG, or Spectrographic Color Attribute Generator, that Chuck Burks uses to filter the image on the video is a fictional machine.

Vortexes are areas known for having high concentrations of energy, originating in the spiritual, magnetic or unknown. They are thought to be some kind of gateway and are often referred to as "worm holes." Vortexes are places where gravitational anomalies occur. These places are known to defy gravity, bend light, scare away animals, twist plant life into contortions and cause humans to feel very strange. Some vortexes are in America; the most notable is the one Mulder refers to as the Oregon Vortex. Myths surrounding this vortex claim that it is eerily quiet because animals are afraid to tread there and balls move up steep inclines by themselves.

For more information on the Oregon Vortex, go to For a list of other vortexes, go to

Cast and Crew

David Duchovny Special Agent Fox Mulder
Gillian Anderson Special Agent Dana Scully
Scott Cooper Max Harden
Rodney Scott Tony Reed
Nicki Aycox Chastity Raines
Ann Dowd Mrs. Reed
Tom Bower Sheriff Harden
David Wells Mr. Babbitt
Les Lannom Deputy Foster
Christopher Wynne Deputy
Rachel Winfree Nurse
Bill Dow Chuck Burks

Air Date: December 5th, 1999
Shooting: 5-14 October 1999

Written by David Amann
Directed by Rob Lieberman



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