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Scully, Dana Katherine
Mulder's "I don't think so" partner on The X-Files, originally assigned to disprove his theories using her scientific knowledge. And that is something she has plenty of: a degree in physics (University of Maryland, 1986) and this was followed by a medical degree with her residency in forensics. Scully went directly from medical school to the FBI's training academy, Quantico, a move she felt her father didn't approve of. From here she was recruited by Blevins in 1992 to, as she saw it, "debunk the X-Files project." In her work with the FBI, Scully's done almost everything: more autopsies than you can shake an intestine at; kidnapped (twice, if you ask Mulder); sung the chorus of 'Jeremiah was a Bullfrog' (Detour); abducted; and been "about to do a wild thing with a stranger" (Genderbender). Notes for your diary: Scully was born Feb 23 1964, and lives at 3170 W. 53 Rd. #35, Annapolis, MD. Her badge number is JTT0331613. 
Scully, Margaret
Called Maggie by her late husband, Margaret Scully is the mother of Dana, Melissa, William Jnr, and Charles. Her marriage to William Scully has always seemed peaceful and secure, unlike that of Mulder's parents. She has always shown concern for Dana, and was almost totally destroyed emotionally when Dana didn't tell her mother about her cancer, fearing the loss of her only remaining daughter after Melissa's death. Margaret Scully is played by Sheila Larken, who is married to The X-Files' co-executive producer and sometimes-director R.W. Goodwin. (Leandro Rodriguez Sosa) 
Scully, Melissa
Nicknamed Missy by her family, Melissa Scully is Dana's older sister. She is a firm believer in the mystic realm, and when Dana was near death in One Breath she sat by her sister's hospital bed with crystals and charms, telling Mulder that "her soul is here." There is a clear antagonism between Melissa and Mulder, with Mulder refusing to acknowledge her beliefs - "I need to do more than just wave my hands in the air." She is equally annoyed at his refusal to visit Dana when she was weakening and expected to die: "Even if it doesn't bring her back, at least she'll know. And so will you." Melissa died after a bungled shooting in which she was mistaken for Dana by Krycek and the Hispanic Man, who were hired by the consortium to kill Dana. Melissa is played by Melinda McGraw, and rather entertainingly, her character was shot by her boyfriend's character - Nick Lea's Krycek. (Leandro Rodriguez Sosa) 
Scully, William
A retired Navy captain, Dana's father was always shown to be disappointed that his daughter chose to work in the FBI rather than in the medical profession, though Dana's mother tells her that he was always proud of her. Captain Scully died suddently at Christmas in 1993 of a massive coronary, an event which was a turning point for Dana emotionally. Since then he's popped back into the series to give Dana a spiritual pep-talk in the episode One Breath. Captain Scully was played by Don Davis, whose most famous role was in Twin Peaks as Major Briggs. 
Scully, William (Bill Jr.)
Dana's older brother, who has filled the father role in the family after William Scully's death. He shares his mother's feelings about Dana's cancer, and appeared to be offended at her not sharing the news with the family: "You think you can cure yourself... What are you doing at work, getting knocked down, beaten up? What are you trying to prove? That you're gonna go out fighting? We have a responsibility! Not just to ourselves, but to the people in our lives!" Not only that, but he was taking potshots at Mulder for not being there when she needed him, which brought the conversation to a close as far as Dana was concerned. For those who've seen The Truman Show, you're 'do I know him from somewhere' hunch was right.. Truman's best friend was played by Pat Skipper, who also plays Bill Jr. 
Search for ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence (SETI)
A government-run project, SETI utilised microwave radio signals to map the sky and search for any intelligent life there. While there had been similar projects previously, SETI was the first organised effort. The Arecibo station in Puerto Rico, see in the episode Little Green Men, was part of the project for one year, until Congress cut funding. (Jennifer Forgey) 
Skinner, Assistant Director Walter
As Mulder and Scully's direct superior, Assistant Director Skinner has often had to bear the brunt from his own superior officers after his two agents stepped on high-ranking toes. An ex-marine, he is always to the point but rarely seems to take sides with regards to the actions of Mulder and Scully. He has often chastised them for pursuing leads which were outside their own X-File assignments, but at the same time he has often been the only friend Mulder and Scully have inside the FBI. In Triangle, Skinner put his own career and benefits on the line to track down Mulder after his disappearance. He also took part in a "deal with the Devil" by working for the Cigarette-Smoking Man hoping it would find a cure for Scully's cancer in the episode Zero Sum. Mitch Pileggi, who plays Skinner, says he based his characer loosely on his late father, who was the operations manager for a Defense Dept contractor. 
Smith, Jeremiah
Jeremiah, while not a bullfrog (sorry), is probably someone you want as a friend. Another of the photogenic shape-shifting clones, Jeremiah also appears to have healing abilities - he healed several gunshot wounds on victims of a fast food resaurant shootout in Talitha Cumi. Scully later discovered that there were in fact many Jeremiah Smith clones throughout the US, all working in Social Security offices, cataloging millions of people according to their Smallpox Eradication Project numbers. Jeremiah was captured by the Cigarette-Smoking Man, though he was released after curing CSM of lung cancer. The Alien Bounty Hunter soon tracked down the errant Jeremiah, and kills him using the alien stiletto. (Paul Lawson) 
Spender, Jeffrey
Known not-so-affectionately by Scully as "that little weasel," Special Agent Spender is among the new additions to The X-Files' cast in season five. Introduced in Patient X as the son of Cassandra Spender, who was doing the conference circuit as a certified alien-abductee, he tries to stop Mulder talking to Cassandra as he fears gaining a reputation not unlike Spooky. Since then he and Agent Fowley have been assigned to the X-Files division, and Cigarette-Smoking Man has come forward as Spender's father (eww!). Chris Owens is the actor otherwise known as Spender. 
Spooky Mulder earned this decidedly apt nickname while studying at Quantico, where he graduated at the top of his class. When Scully is first assigned to the X-Files division, she says that "He had a nickname at the academy.. Spooky Mulder" In Squeeze, one of Scully's classmates from Quantico, Tom Colton, suggests that by working in the X-Files, Scully is going to earn a nickname too - "Mrs Spooky." (Buongiorno) 
The nickname given to Scully by her father, as we saw in Beyond the Sea. The name comes from Captain Ahab's able lieutenant in the classic novel Moby Dick. (Christine Lawrence) 
The only way to kill a shape-shifting alien is to stab them in the back of the neck with a stiletto - though we're not talking footwear here. A small metal tube, the stiletto has a small button which, when pressed shoots out a metallic spike. The pleasing "pffft" sound the weapon makes was laboured over for hours by a sound technician, however that isn't what you actually hear in the episode. The show's coproducer Paul Rabwin made a "phffft" sound for demonstration, and that ended up being used in the episode.. (Allison P) 
In all Mulder's dreams and hynotherapy sessions, he recalls playing this classic board game against his sister at the time she was abducted by aliens. When a clone of Samantha returns in Colony, she asks Mulder "Is it too late for a game of Stratego?" (Brian Groovy) 
Sunflower seeds
Mulder's snack of choice - and one he doesn't seem to share with many other characters on the show. The exception being the late Dr. Lewton, who had munched sunflower seeds according to an examination of the contents of his stomach. "A man of taste," Mulder commented. Mulder's own love of sunflower seeds he puts down to childhood experiences: When I was a, a kid, I would have nightmares. I would wake up in the middle of the night, thinking I was the only person left in the world. Then I would hear this. (he crunches on a sunflower seed) My dad would be in the study eating these." In the same episode, Aubrey, he uses sunflower seeds as an example of traits passed on to children from parents, which brings Scully's no-nonsense response "children aren't born liking sunflower seeds." So there. (Sarah Janes) 
Sure, fine, whatever
X-Files fans were as stunned as Mulder to hear the normally tame Scully nonchalantly blurt this in the episode Syzygy in response to Mulder's request for "a few photographs of that thing which bears absolutely no resemblance to a horned beast." Hardly becoming of a trained FBI doctor! (Angelina Rodriguez) 
Syndicate, The
The small retirement group who meet at East 46th Street, New York City. Among their number is Cigarette-Smoking Man, Well Manicured Man, Hispanic Man and the wonderfully vague cast members known as Elder one through three. Also known as the Consortium, they were working with the aliens who planned to take over Earth, cooperating on the basis that they themselves would be saved from slavery. Unknown to the aliens, the syndicate were also working on a vaccine against the black oil - they didn't trust the aliens, and wanted another way to ensure freedom from slavery. (Hilary Smith)