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A bad day keeps getting worse for Mulder and Scully ending in tragedy that the agents seem powerles to stop.



It's Monday morning, and already Mulder's having a bad day. His waterbed sprouts a leak, causing his alarm clock to short out. This makes him late for a meeting. His cell phone is busted as well, his neighbors downstairs are complaining about water damage, and to make matters worse, the check he writes to cover the damage is going to bounce unless he deposits his paycheck immediately.

Mulder rushes to his office to pick up his check, telling Scully that he'll be at the meeting as soon as he makes his deposit. Yet, as luck would have it, the very moment Mulder arrives at the bank, a disillusioned janitor named BERNARD has decided that he's going to change his own luck by robbing the bank. Bernard whips out a gun and forces everyone -- including Mulder -- to drop to the floor. He's edgy, and Mulder thinks better of trying to stop him.

Meanwhile, Scully waits for Mulder at the meeting with increasing impatience at their meeting. She finally gets up to go to the bank herself. Mulder sees her approaching from across the street and tries to get Bernard to lock the doors, but he is too late. Scully walks in, sees the situation and pulls out her weapon. In the ensuing chaos, and to Scully's horror, Mulder is shot squarely in the chest. As Mulder slowly bleeds to death in her arms, Scully attempts to talk Bernard down. The burglar alarm has been tripped, Skinner has been alerted, and a SWAT team is just outside. Bernard sees all of this and realizes there is no going back. He opens his jacket, revealing dozens of sticks of dynamite. He flips the trigger and the bank explodes.

The scene repeats from the beginning -- Monday morning, leaky waterbed, the same bad day, but it still ends with the exploding bank. The day repeats itself over and over with small variations. On some days, Scully deposits Mulder's check but on other days Mulder uses the ATM. But each time, no one quite remembers that they've done this repeatedly, although Mulder is becoming gradually aware of a strong sense of deja vu. Something starts to happen that seems to confirm this: each time, Bernard's girlfriend Pam desperately tries to warn Mulder not to go in the bank. She seems to be the only one who remembers what is happening. She tells Mulder that she's attempted to stop Bernard, tried calling the police, but nothing ever works and that Mulder is the only variable. She begs him not to go in the bank, telling him that "something went wrong on this day the first time around." It's going to keep repeating until it goes right.

Pam's words finally sink in. The next time he sees Bernard, Mulder forces himself to remember the bomb. He calls Scully for help, asking her to bring Pam into the bank. The three attempt to talk Bernard out of it, but Bernard shoots at Mulder. However, this time Pam jumps in front of the bullet. It hits her in the chest and she drops to the ground, saying "This never happened before." She dies and the day is over.

Mulder awakes the next day on his couch -- it's Tuesday

----------------- CREDITS----------------

THE X-FILES "Monday" #6X15

Original Air Date: 02/28/99


Special Agent Fox Mulder
Special Agent Dana Scully
Carrie Hamilton
Mik Scriba
Lieutenant Kraskow
Arlene Pileggi
Skinner's assistant
Mitch Pileggi
Assitant Director Walter Skinner
Suanne Spoke
Woman Customer
Monique Edwards
Head Teller
Wayne Alexander Older Agent
David Michael Millins Tour Guide


WRITTEN BY: Vince Gilligan & John Shiban

DIRECTED BY: Kim Manners



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