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With Scully on leave due to her impending delivery and Mulder still barred from his official investigative duties, Doggett, with the aid of a new and very green FBI agent, finds himself hot on the trail of a deadly creature. But when the situation turns and they become the hunted, Mulder and Scully must race against time to rescue them.


Episode Summary
By Michael Marek

On a stormy night in Ellicott, NY, Gary Sacks drives up to a house and enters. An older man, his father named Arlen, is in a wheelchair in the house. They discuss whether Arlen should be in a hospital, and about how the locks have to be checked every night. Gary says his father doesn't owe "Stytes" anything. When Gary leaves the room we see that a window is open. Arlen's heart monitor begins beeping faster and faster. Gary, in the kitchen, hears the heart monitor beep flatline. Arlen's wheelchair is overturned and Arlen is missing. Some sort of reptilian creature the size of a man jumps Gary.

Scully is in the X-Files office, cleaning out Mulder's desk, looking at memorabilia from past cases. Doggett enters. She's not staying her doctor told her to begin her maternity leave. She gives Doggett her medallion commemorating the Apollo 11 space flight. Mulder once gave it to her, symbolizing teamwork and partnership. She thanks Doggett, saying she wouldn't be here without him. They hug. Doggett wants to be sure that this pregnancy leave is just a leave, and that Scully will be coming back. She just smiles at him. Another agent enters, a young woman named Harrison. She has a murder in up-state New York to be investigated. She has been assigned to work with Doggett on The X-Files. In Ellicott, they see Arlen's body being removed. It was found in the woods near the house. Arlen was the groundskeeper of an estate. His son, Gary, is missing and is a suspect. On the frame of the open window, and on the floor, Doggett finds traces of slime. Harrison is young and enthusiastic, but clearly inexperienced. It's her first time in the field. Kersh gave her the job. Doggett says she is being used, but Harrison counters that she begged for the assignment. She was in accounting and processed Mulder and Scully's expense vouchers. She is excited to be part of this case. She knows about liver eating mutants and aliens shedding skins. More slime is found where Sack's body was found.

Mulder picks up Scully to go to the hospital. She is feeling strange about everything, especially leaving work. She feels like a deserter. Mulder senses that she is concerned about Doggett. He "watched her back," but Mulder says Doggett can take care of himself. Doggett is looking through the woods and approaches a large mansion. It appears deserted, with cloths over light fixtures and furniture. By a computer Doggett finds a book by Robert Leakey, The Sixth Extinction. Something moves down the hall and Doggett draws his gun, but it is Harrison. He hushes her and tells her to draw her gun. He sends her outside to the front door whatever it is in the house, he will try to flush it out. She goes outside and discovers the reptilian creature on the wall above her. Doggett hears gunshots and rushes outside. Harrison is gone. Walking through the grounds, he steps in a trap door in the ground and falls in.

Other agents are searching the woods, lead by Skinner. Scully phones and asks if it the report of Doggett being missing is true. She wants to come and help, but Skinner tells her to stay put. Doggett wakes up in an underground passage. He picks up his gun and draws a flashlight. His cell phone reports no service. Mulder and Scully are at the morgue. Arlen Sacks died of heart failure after being blinded by some kind of substance. Mulder says it is venom, based on the sample Doggett and Harrison sent back. Doggett breaks through a metal gate across the passage. He finds a wine cellar, then hears a noise. The reptile jumps him,. But he fires his gun and drives it off. Harrison comes into the room. Both of then had their eyes sprayed and their vision is blurry. She has also found Gary, who is comatose nearby. Doggett thinks somebody provided the trapdoor to provide meals for the reptile. Bootleggers probably built the tunnels during the depression. Mulder drives up to the search location and talks to Skinner. Police found Doggett's car parked at a convenience store some distance away and the search is being moved.. Mulder decided to do his own search in the woods. Doggett is trying to climb out of a manhole , even though his vision is blurry Mulder approaches the mansion Herman Stytes, who says he owns the property, approaches Mulder. Mulder asks if Herman has seen any dangerous animals. Mulder gives his name as Alvin Kersh. Herman says he is a biologist. Mulder thinks that the reptile is a man, using some kind of reptile venom. Mulder walks away. Doggett gets to the top of the manhole shaft, but Stytes steps on his hand, causing him to fall back.

Doggett thinks that the man is some kind of scientist. Doggett tells Harrison to stay with Gary while he looks for a way out. Harrison, however, discovers that Gary is gone. Did the thing take him? Mulder is watching the mansion when Scully calls. She says Stytes called and complained about Mulder impersonating Kersh. Scully thinks this is some sort of reptile attack. Mulder found his Apollo medallion on the grass on Stytes' estate, so he knows Doggett is nearby. The bacteria in the slime is breaking down the dissolving the body of the victims, according to lab tests. Doggett and Harrison are making their way through the tunnels. She is completely blind. Doggett catches a glimpse of the reptile and shoots as it crawls along the walls. Gary is in the same room with them, his body largely dissolved. Scully reports to Mulder that Stytes is a cryptobiologist who published a monograph last year claiming to be on the verge of creating a new species of reptile. Mulder sees something slithering around the grounds and chases it. It climbs the mansion wall and disappears. Mulder pounds on the mansion door, which is locked. The reptile is just inside, and transforms in to Stytes. Stytes opens the door. Mulder wants to know where it is. Mulder and Stytes find Doggett and Harrison in the tunnels. Doggett reports that Stytes is protecting the reptile but Harrison claims that Stytes IS the reptile. Stytes locks them in, then transforms in to the reptile and stalks them. Doggett can't see but Mulder directs him how to fire his gun to kill the reptile. When it is dead, the reptile transforms back into Stytes.

At Washington DC Memorial Hospital, Doggett is recovered, having received anti- venom treatments. Harrison is recovering, but she has decided that she will not return to the X-Files. Mulder wants to return the Apollo 11 medallion to Doggett, but Doggett wants to give it to Harrison. Mulder and Scully visit Harrison, who asks a typical fan question when Mulder went to Antarctica to save Scully from the alien spaceship, and his snowcat ran out of gas, how did they get home. Mulder and Scully don't answer, but begin quibbling over whether it was really a spaceship, enjoying themselves.. Doggett listens at the door briefly, and walks off, alone.

Episode Cast and Information

David Duchovny Special Agent Fox Mulder
Gillian Anderson Special Agent Dana Scully
Robert Patrick Special Agent John Doggett
Jolie Jenkins Agent Leyla Harrison
Tony Ketcham Gary Sacks
James Otis Arlen Sacks
Lisa Kaseman Pathology Assistant
Zach Grenier Herman Stites
Jay Caputo Salamander Man

Written by Frank Spotnitz
Directed by Frank Spotnitz


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