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In part two of the two-part season finale, Mulder, Doggett, Skinner and Reyes race against time to protect Scully and her unborn child from unknown pursuers as the possibility of an extraterrestrial conspiracy solidifies and a potential link to the FBI is questioned


Episode Summary
By Michael Marek

Billy Miles' remains are brought into a medical examiner's lab. The body was crushed after falling into a garbage truck. In the pulverized remains, the doctor finds what appears to be a metallic vertebra. He leaves it on the counter when he leaves the room. The piece of metal spins of its own accord. Each time it spins, it multiplies itself, as if creating a new backbone - apparently Billy's body is rebuilding itself out of almost nothing.

Scully is riding in a car drives by Reyes. They are in Georgia, where they hope Billy cannot find them. Reyes is concerned that she has never delivered a baby and there will not be facilities where they are going. At FBI headquarters, Mulder and Doggett are with Skinner and Krycek in Skinner's office. Video from a surveillance camera shows Billy Miles leaving the morgue. Doggett doesn't believe it is possible. Krycek can't explain it, but says Billy is somehow a human replacement - some new kind of alien, created to aid in the repopulation of the planet. The aliens think Scully's baby is a threat to their plans. Agent Crane gives Doggett the message that Knowle Rorer wants to talk to Doggett. They meet and Knowle tells Doggett that both Billy and Scully's baby are products of a cold war effort to create a super soldier. Scully's abduction was by the military, and the chip in the back of her neck was used to make her pregnant with the first organic version of the super soldier. Knowle wants to stop Billy before he can get to Scully.

Scully and Reyes arrive at Democrat Hot Springs, an abandoned community in Georgia where Doggett was born. It used to be a popular spot among the rich. Only Doggett knows where they are. It is night and the rooms are dark and dirty. They begin making plans for Scully's labor. Outside, Reyes sees some kind of bluish light in the distance. Billy shows up in the FBI building causing Krycek and Skinner to run. Skinner barely escapes Billy by jumping into an elevator and Krycek, already in the elevator, does not lift a hand to help Skinner. Skinner is seriously wounded. Mulder is with Skinner in the hospital when Doggett arrives. Doggett tells Mulder about his conversation with Knowle, making clear that Doggett doesn't trust Knowle. Mulder doesn't want Doggett to tell anyone where Scully is - not even Mulder. Doggett is wondering whether the fact that he knows where Scully is will catch up with him. Mulder points out that Knowle didn't say HOW they intend to stop Billy.

Reyes has the house cleaned up and arranged for the labor, impressing Scully. Reyes talks about needing mood music, suggesting whale songs, reminding Scully of her sister, Melissa. Reyes sees someone outside. It turns out to be a female park ranger. The ranger is skeptical of the claims that she is talking to two federal agents hiding from a very dangerous man, but she eventually gives them the benefit of the doubt and volunteers her first aid kit, and to go get further supplies. Scully asks Reyes if she is feeling any "vibrations." She says something feels "off," but she can't identify it. Reyes goes outside to get water from a pump well. The glowing blue light is still there in the distance. Billy appears out of the dark and attacks her but the park ranger, who has just returned, shoots Billy, saving Reyes. Scully comes outside to see what is happening, but feels her first contraction. Her labor is beginning.

In the FBI parking garage, Mulder and Doggett see Knowle in a car with Krycek. Doggett follows Knowle when Knowle leaves the car and Mulder watches Krycek. Doggett sees Knowle talking with Agent Crane outside Deputy Director Kersh's office. Doggett slips downstairs to Skinner's office - Skinner is there, even though it is at night. He just got out of the hospital. Doggett phones Mulder to tell him that Knowle is talking with Crane - Crane must be the one getting people past FBI security and feeding information to Billy. Crane, Knowle and Krycek must all be in league. Doggett calls Reyes from a phone inside the FBI, and Crane must have tapped the call. They know where Scully is, Mulder concludes.

Mulder says he has to get to Scully and protect her. Doggett relents and directs Mulder to Democrat Hot Springs in Northern Georgia. Mulder tells Doggett that Knowle and Crane may also be human replacements and that he and Skinner are in danger. Krycek interrupts the call by smashing the window of Mulder's car. He is holding a gun on Mulder and indicates that he plans to kill Mulder. Krycek says they have been on the same side all along and could have killed Mulder many times, but he hoped Mulder would win somehow. As Krycek begins the pull the trigger, Skinner, who has entered the parking garage unobserved, shoots Krycek. When Krycek continues to reach for the gun that has fallen out of his hand, Skinner shoots him twice more, the last time in the forehead. Krycek's last words are that it would take more bullets than Skinner can ever fire to win this game. Mulder still needs the exact location of Democrat Hot Springs from Doggett. Skinner sends Mulder off to find Scully, saying that he will "get it."

Upstairs, Doggett encounters Knowle and Crane, running to escape them. He runs downstairs, Crane chasing him. Doggett bursts out into the parking garage, encountering Skinner who turns and runs with him. They jump into Skinner's Blazer. Crane and Knowle run into the garage. Crane runs for the truck while Knowle runs for his own vehicle. Crane jumps on top of Skinner's car and beats in a window, grabbing at Doggett's throat. Skinner ends up driving past a roof support pillar, knocking Crane off the truck. Crane begins to get up, but Knowle drives through, his car bouncing right over Crane. The car bounces into another support pillar and explodes in flame.

Scully is in labor. The park ranger is helping more than Reyes, but Reyes notices a lump on the back of the ranger's neck. Reyes chooses her moment and smashes the ranger over the head with a pot in which they have been boiling water. Several other cars drive up and the ranger, now with facial burns, says, "This baby will be born." Reyes sees Billy getting up from the ground. Scully is in great distress. Billy and the others have all entered the room and are watching the labor. As she screams with pain, Scully is also screaming to not let them take her baby. The baby is born. Billy and the others leave. Outside, Mulder is approaching in a helicopter. He lands as the cars are driving off and Reyes summons him to the building where Scully is. Scully is OK, but she needs to get to a hospital, Reyes says.

Doggett and Reyes are in Kersh's office. He is expressing skepticism about their report. Who even assigned Reyes to the X-Files, anyway? Doggett answers that he assigned her because he is investigating Kersh's office for a late night meeting between Kersh, Knowle and Crane, both of whom are missing and presumed dead. Kersh is left without anything to say. Doggett and Reyes leave.

Mulder arrives at Scully's apartment. The Lone Gunmen are there, delivering presents. They don't understand how Mulder arrived in time to save Scully. Doggett told them that Doggett never reached Mulder with specific directions. Mulder says, "there was a light, I followed it." The Gunmen leave. Scully shows Mulder her son - he is perfectly normal. She has named him "William, after Mulder's father. Mulder holds him. Mulder jokes that the boy has Scully's coloring and her eyes, but that he looks suspiciously like Skinner - a reference to the bald head. Scully doesn't understand why they didn't take her son from her. Mulder isn't sure, but maybe little William isn't what they thought he was. That doesn't make him any less a miracle, though. From the moment Scully became pregnant, she was afraid about how and why it happened. Mulder says that there were many possibilities, but they both know the truth. "Which is what?" she asks. Wordlessly, Mulder kisses Scully on the mouth.




Episode Cast and Information

David Duchovny Special Agent Fox Mulder
Gillian Anderson Special Agent Dana Scully
Robert Patrick Special Agent John Doggett
Mitch Pillegi AD Walter Skinner
Annabeth Gish Agent Monica Reyes
Nicholas Lea Alex Krycek
Kirk B. Woller Agent Gene Crane
James Pickens, Jr. Dep. Director Alvin Kersh;
Tom Braidwood Melvin Frohike
Dean Haglund Richard Langly
Bruce Harwood John Byers
Adam Baldwin Knowle Rohrer
Austin Tichenor Dr. James Langenhahn
Tom Martin Pathologist's Assistant
Zachary Ansley Billy Miles
Dale Dickey Game Warden

Written by Chris Carter
Directed by Kim Manners


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