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A case Mulder (David Duchovny) kept secret from Scully (Gillian Anderson) comes to light as Doggett (Robert Patrick) investigates circumstances that may ultimately relate to Mulder's unexplained disappearance.

|The Gift|

From Official Site: The mythology-laced episode numbered 8X11 follows Doggett's intensive pursuit into the truth behind Mulder's disappearance. He gets a helping hand from Skinner and the Lone Gunmen. "The Gift," written by Frank Spotnitz, tracks a mysterious creature with unique capabilities in Squamash, Pennsylvania. The episode, directed by Kim Manners, is scheduled to air on Sunday, Feb. 4th.

From Bearberg on The Haven: The teaser for EP 11 starts out with a MAN shooting at a monster in a house. The camera does not show the face of the MAN. The MAN returns to his car, and it turns out that it is MULDER! According to the script "tears shine in his eyes".

This is a flashback to last year. Apparently the trips to Raliegh [mentioned in Within] were actually trips to PA, where Mulder was investigating an Indian folk legend [the soul eater]. Scully is not in the EP very much. She is apparently bed ridden. There is no more info on that though.

Doggett & Skinner go to investigate "the monster". The Sheriff tells them that Mulder was there last year, and that he [Mulder] was a nutcase. That he [Mulder] believed an ancient Indian Legend [the monster of the week] ate a woman. Doggett & Skinner then proceed to go after the "monster" while the whole town seems to be keeping something from them.

In one scene the "monster" vomits up a "new" person.

From Autumn T: This is the episode that seems to explain the car rental receipts, and they were not for Raleigh. Scully, is for some reason laid up in bed, and Doggett is sent out to investigate a investigation of an Indian folk lore soul eater beast that it appears Mulder was working on in the spring. Mulder does appear in this episode in flashbacks to what he was doing during that trip. Skinner is featured prominently in this episode as well. At this time the whole episode is not yet written.

From Haven: From what is written, and that is an early draft, it does seem this episode brings back Doggett's promise to Scully to find Mulder, whether he's successful or not is unknown at this time. Through the course of what is written it is not crystal clear, but it seems Doggett believes Mulder shot (and killed?) a transient, soul eater, in May 2000. It also seems that if he did so, he did so to protect someone. There are flashbacks of Mulder written, one is of Mulder questioning Marie and Paul Hangemuhl. Marie had gone missing for a few days and Mulder tries to figure it out. Doggett questions both in 'real time' as well. Sheriff Frey is also present in both flashback and 'real time'. At one point the Sheriff says his first name is 'Kurt', I'd imagine this is no reference to the 'Kurts'-however I have not seen enough to know. None of the episode that I have information on contains Scully or any scene with Mulder and Scully in 'real time' or flashback. Skinner is featured in this episode-and it seems he may lie to Doggett, though the reason is unknown at this time. It is also interesting to note that it seems Mulder didn't mention this case in any of his files.

There are a few interesting scenes with a character named "Woman." At her house, Doggett discovers another character he believed had been killed by the soul-eater (the same character that Mulder apparently believed had been killed by the soul-eater in May 2000, but who was alive -- although very ill -- when Doggett first arrived to investigate). Doggett takes that character, Marie Hangemuehl, to the hospital where he meets up with Skinner, who had gone to look for the soul-eater. Doggett asks Skinner about the soul-eater, and Skinner tells him it wasn't there. Doggett can't believe it, and then the script says that "as Skinner leaves, Doggett sees something that makes him realize Skinner knows exactly where the creature is -- Skinner is lying to him too.

From Iona (Question and Answers): In one of the scenes, Doggett is shot in the back by the local sheriff - he may or maynot be dead. All Mulder scenes are in a flashback. The Beastman possesses this 'gift' to heal people. Its possible he may heal Doggett.

Mulder is mentioned. Doggett and Skinner reference him. Doggett is saying if Mulder isn't the kind of guy to do this...out and out blood shed...then he must have had a reason. Doggett is trying to keep Mulder's reputation and character intact will still trying to figure out what was going on...both in the present and with Mulder shooting someone.

The mob wants the Beast!Man....they say they have many sick people. I'm inferring his "Gift" is one of healing. Why else would they want him? Doggett feels they treat him as a creature...not as a human. He wants to take him out

Episode Cast and Information

Gillian Anderson Special Agent Dana Scully
Robert Patrick Special Agent John Doggett
Mitch Pileggi A.D. Walter Skinner
Bruce Harwood Byers
Tom Braidwood Frohike
Dean Haglund Langly
Jordan Marder Creature
Michael McGrady Sheriff Kurt Frey
Justin Williams Paul Hangemuhl
Natalie Radford Marie Hangemuhl
Caroline Lagerfelt Rustic Woman

Written by Frank Spotnitz
Directed by Kim Manners

Aired on: 4th February 2001


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