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Scully and Doggett are called in to investigate reports of alien impregnations of human subjects. As they discover more disturbing clues, Scully is forced to question whether she should reveal the secret of her pregnancy to Doggett. Clues to the identity of who -- or what -- the father of Scully's baby may be revealed.

|Per Manum|

Episode Summary
By Michael Marek

A woman, Kath, is in the hospital, about to give birth and the doctor orders an emergency C-Section because the baby's heart rate is high. When her husband, later identified as Duffy Haskell, leaves the room to scrub, a nurse locks the door behind him. The mother is distraught and is knocked out with drugs. When the baby is born, it appears to be alien.

When Scully arrives at the office, Haskell is there, talking to Doggett. He is with the Ohio Mutual UFO Network and he communicated with Mulder eight years ago, claiming that his wife was a multiple abductee. He says she is dead, killed by doctors after giving birth to an alien baby. He has an ultrasound showing that the baby was not normal, and his wife wasn't supposed to be able to have babies. When Haskell leaves, Doggett points out that his wife's story is very similar to Scully's, which Doggett has read in the X-Files, except for the baby, but Scully tells Doggett that her personal files are private. In the elevator, Scully has a flashback to when she first told Mulder that she could not have children. He, in turn, told her about finding her ova in the research facility run by the Kurt Crawford clone. He immediately took the ova sample to a specialist, who said that they were not viable. Doggett interrupts her reverie and she tells him that there is nothing to do on the Haskell case.

Scully goes to Zeus Genetics in Germantown, MD. Nobody greets her, so she walks down a hall and hears voices a man calming several disturbed women. Scully ducks into a room to hide and finds dozens of deformed fetuses in storage bottles. The doctor discovers her and she lies, claiming to be with a friend, then she rushes home to call her doctor, Dr. James Parenti. He agrees to meet with her, and viewers see that he is in the room with the deformed fetuses, unwrapping the body of an alien baby. Scully has another flashback to her conversation with Parenti when he told her that he and his colleagues believed that there was a chance that under their care she could become pregnant, but, of course, she needed a father. She said she had someone in mind, but had to figure out how to ask him. The flashback over, she meets with Parenti who says her ultrasound looks fine. He encourages her to tell the FBI about her pregnancy.

When Scully returns to the office, Doggett has received a call from Parenti's office about a sonogram Scully left there. He thinks she is investigating the Haskell case, since the Haskells had consulted Parenti in connection to their pregnancy. Haskell is called back in to the FBI to be questioned in Skinner's office. He has a history of making threats, in the letters to Mulder and to the Haskell's current doctor, Dr. Lev. He tells a convincing story about what happened to his wife, but Doggett says there is no record that they were ever married. When Haskell leaves, he telephones Dr. Lev and it is clear that they are conspiring together. When Scully returns home that evening we see a flashback to Mulder visiting her apartment. She had earlier asked him to be the father of her child, and he gives her his answer yes. He is complimented, but doesn't want this to come between them in any way. He will talk to the doctor about the donor procedure. As the flashback ends, Mary Hendershot knocks on Scully's door. She was at Zeus Genetics earlier, and says that both her baby and Scully's are in danger.

Doggett drives his pickup up to an all-night restaurant, where he meets Skinner and Scully. Skinner tells Doggett that Scully has requested a leave of absence, but they don't reveal why. He is unhappy that they are not being candid with him, but Scully promises that she is not putting Doggett at risk. He sees her get into her car, where Mary Hendershot is waiting. Doggett doesn't know who Mary is, but it adds to the mystery he is trying to figure out. Scully takes Mary to Walden-Freedman Army Hospital, where they have an expert obstetrics team. She explains the suspicion that the baby may not be human and the team prepares to induce labor in Mary. Meanwhile, Dr. Miryum, a woman doctor, takes Scully into another examining room and does another ultrasound that looks completely normal. Joe Farah, an FBI agent friend of Doggett's, reports that Haskell's fingerprints match the records of a Marine named Haskell who died in 1970. David Haskell was buried in a Virginia cemetary in a Marine honor goard ceremony. Doggett talks to another friend, Knowle, who is apparently part of an intelligence agency. Knowle agrees to look into it and see if Haskell is a "spook," i.e. an intelligence agent. If he his, then his visit to the X-Files office had hidden agendas.

Doggett confronts Skinner, telling him that Haskell was a setup to get Scully to go wherever she went. Under pressure, Skinner admits the name of the Army research facility and Doggett rushes off. After Scully's tests, she is left alone to rest. She notices a VHS videotape in playback mode. Removing the tape, she sees that the label has another woman's name on it, Nancy Boxwell, with the date 11/23/00. Scully suspects that she has been duped. She rushes to get Mary and escape the Army facility. As they slip out into a parking garage, Knowle is there with a team of commandoes. He says he is a friend of Doggett's and hustles the two women into a suburban. As they drive away, military police chase them, but the suburban eludes them. Mary goes into labor and Scully demands that the vehicle stop. When they stop, the commando team members prevent Scully from attending Mary, injecting Scully with a drug that causes her to pass out.

Scully wakes up in a hospital room and finds Doggett sitting near her. He reports that both she and the baby are fine. Mary is also fine, with a healthy son. Scully believes that the boy was substituted for Mary's alien child, but there is no proof. Everyone says Scully overreacted. For example, they said that the videotape was of her sonogram, just recorded on an old tape. Scully is convinced that she and Doggett were used to get Mary's baby, and now they are also being used to cover it up. Why didn't she tell Doggett about her baby? She was afraid that "they" would use it to take her off the X- Files, and she would never find Mulder. Doggett repeats his pledge to help her find Mulder.

The episode ends with another flashback. Scully returns home to find Mulder waiting for her. The artificial insemination did not work and Scully will not have a baby. She feels it was her last chance, but Mulder hugs her and advises, "Never give up on a miracle."

Episode Cast and Information

Gillian Anderson Special Agent Dana Scully
Robert Patrick Special Agent John Doggett
David Duchovny Special Agent Fox Mulder
Mitch Pileggi Walter Skinner
Jay Acovone Duffy Haskell
Megan Follows Kath McCready
David Purdham Dr. Lev
Steven Anderson Dr. James Parenti
Diana Castle Delivery Nurse
Elizabeth Cheap Second Nurse
Victoria Gallegos Receptionist
Saxon Trainor Mrs. Hendershot
Christopher Stanley Agent Joe Farah
Jennifer Griffin Dr. Miryum
Karl T. Wright First Associate
Alexandra Margulies Second Associate
Adam Baldwin Knowle Rohrer

Written by Chis Carter and Frank Spotnitz
Directed by Kim Manners

Aired on: 18th February 2001


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