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The fatal shooting of a realtor while alone in a cinder-block jail cell has Doggett hoping motive will yield more than method, which appears nearly impossible.


Episode Summary
By Michael Marek and Jamie Ruby

At night a man, Carleton Chase, runs up to a payphone on a city street in Worchester, Massachusetts. He leaves a message on an answering machine, saying to call "him" off and give Chase a chance to explain. He says that the girl lied to him and to check her right-hand desk drawer - the whole story is there. He runs off and enters a police station. Another man is seen following him. Chase is frantic and officers put him in a holding cell after he tries to grab an officer's gun. He screams that he is not safe in the cell, then through the door window the officers see blood splatter.

Scully looks at an x-ray - the man was shot by an armor piercing bullet. The cop tells them that they figured that the bullet came through the air vent, and somehow the killer must have gotten inside the vent. The Doggett tells him that even with a silencer, they would have heard an echo through the ductwork. Scully and Doggett eventually determine that the gun was fired through the roof of the police station, but it was an impossibly lucky shot because there was no way for the shooter to see to target his victim.

Doggett: So, lucky shot?
Scully: Very. But this victim here stated that he was gonna be killed just moments before he was shot. Which doesnít sound lucky at all.
Doggett: I guess I canít argue with that.

Doggett notices a piece of cloth on the floor and puts it in the evidence bag. He tells Scully that it was an old God Father trick - wrap a towel around a pistol to muffle the sound. The only question was that how he made the shot through the roof. Scully mentions thermal imaging technology, which can pick up body heat through walls, to which Doggett replies that they had field tested that in the marines. The machine would be about 90 pounds heavy and has to be cooled with liquid nitrogen.

A woman, Tammy Peyton, enters the office of AAA Surekill Exterminators. She plays the answering machine message and hears the message, in which Chase says to check the right desk drawer. After deleting the message, Tammy takes out a metal box with a black bound book from the drawer. She closes the box and puts it away, as boss, Dwight Cooper walks in the room. He makes her play the answering machine, but there's a different message from a client complaining that they didnt kill all the rats and that he wants them to come back and get the rest of them.

Dwight's brother, Randall, also works there and is the man who we saw following Chase. Outside, near a dumpster, Dwight asks Randall what happened last night. Dwight says that he's not mad at him, but he needs to know exactly what happened and if Randall decides to do something without telling him first he could get them both in trouble. Randall tells him that he found the Chase stealing. Dwight says Randall has to get the money before doing "his thing." They are going out again that night.

Doggett and Scully visit Chase's real estate office. According to some reciepts, he did a lot of business with the exterminating company - six jobs in one month. In a back room, Doggett finds a .45 shell - not the same caliber as the bullet that killed Chase. The room has several bullet holes in the walls.

Doggett: You know, Elvis used to do this to his hotel rooms.

Scully thinks that Carlton Chase did it. Doggett replies that if it were someone in the room, he would have surely hit him. She says, "Unless it was someone outside"

That night, Dwight enters a warehouse where three men are about to make a drug deal. They ask him whether he's a cop. He tells them that he's not, but he's going to take all their money and drugs from them. Amused, they each pull a gun on him. Dwight simply points a finger like a gun at them and says "Bang" killing each one of them. Randall walks in from another room, holding a gun - with a towel wrapped around it.

The next day, Scully and Doggett visit the scene with police. Outside the room where the men died are bullet holes that perfectly match up with the victims. Scully speculates that someone with exceptional vision might have the ability to see at wavelengths that allow targeting through the walls - other wavelengths from infrared to gamma have penetration properties, although our eyes can only register a small portion of the electromagnet spectrum. Doggett isn't impressed with the thought of "X-ray vision."

Doggett: Wait, youíre not saying this guy has x-ray vision?
Scully: Iím remarking that these wavelengths exist, and that the only thing that is stopping us from seeing them, if you will, is the biochemical structure of our eyes. Iím conjecturing that if this structure were somehow different, weíd have the ability to see things that we donít.
Dogett: (leans close and whispers to her) Calling Clark Kent.
Scully: ďOkayÖSo you explain it.Ē

Doggett tells her that he can't, so he's going to stick to what he knows - that it was a drug rip-off - the 5th in the area in the past two months. Scully asks him how a dea real estate agent figures into that. He replies that he hasn't figured that out, but he did find something else - sulfurofluoride.

At the Surekill office, Dwight calls Tammy into a room for a tryst. As she undresses she says she doesn't like having Randall right outside. Randall watches intently through the wall but is distracted when Scully and Doggett walk in. Dwight comes out to talk with them. Dwight says has been legally blind since birth. The agents ask Dwight about the bills found Chase's office. On a piece of fabric found at the police station, apparently from a cloth wrapped around the gun to silence it, they had found pesticide chemicals - sulfuroflouride. Dwigh tells them that they did use it, along with 200 other chemicals.

Dwight served jail time a long time ago, but he and his brother are chamber of commerce members now. The agents ask why Chase called their office a few minutes before he was murdered. Dwight says they had all gone home and there was no message on their machine. After the agents leave, Dwight asks Tammy about the message and she claims that she accidentally erased it before listening. Dwight peers into Tammy's eyes, holding up a lighter flame to see clearly by, saying that by seeing her eyes he can see the truth.

Doggett finds the record of Dwight's 1986 arrest for grand theft auto. Since he is blind, Dwight must have had a driver. Randall was also arrested at the same time, but didn't serve much time. The two brothers are twins.

Doggett: I hate twins. Twins never rat each other out.

Scully says that maybe there is somebody in the office who will.

At home that night, Randall and Tammy are in adjoining apartments. He watches her through the walls as she undresses and prepares for bed.

The next day, Tammy gets to work early and rushes in to retrieve the metal box, but Dwight and Randall interrupt her. Dwight says that she is there very early, and she left her car running - he dangles her keys at her. They take the box and as they begin to open it, Doggett and several police officers enter with a search warrant. Doggett opens the box but finds it empty. Scully, however, finds several file folders which result in Dwight and Randall being taken in for questioning. Their little company billed over Chase for over $700,000, both Doggett and Scully interviewing Randall and Dwight respectively in seperate rooms cant believe that they made that kind of money killing rats. Both reply (seperately) that he's "just a regular Joe, providing a public service" Randall is looking at Dwight through the questioning room walls. Scully realises what he did and calls him on it. She asks him if thats what his brother just said to Agent Doggett in the other room.

Scully: You know why I said that, donít you? Because somehow you can see through that wall. You can see your brother behind me and you can read his lips. I donít know what gives you the ability, but I know how you use it. You shoot drug dealers from places where they canít see you, and then you and Dwight rob them. Thatís how you make all that money, isnít it?
Randall: No, weíre exterminators.
Scully: Yeah, you certainly are. And talking to you now, I think that the whole thing is Dwightís idea. Itís time to be your own man Randall. Itís time to think for yourself.

The agents then question Tammy together - she claims she just keeps the books and didn't know about the murders. The agents think that Chase was the fence - he sold drugs the brothers stole - and that he was killed because of a relationship between him and Tammy. While the agents question Tammy, the brothers agree that Tammy is a problem that they have to take care of. Tammy is not under arrest and goes home. In Tammy's phone records the agents find several late night calls to Chase. Tammy goes next door - she tells Randall she knows it was him that killed Chase. He has tender feeling toward her and she apparently reciprocates.

The next day, at a bus station, Tammy tells Randall that she needs the book Randall took out of the box to protect her from Dwight. He gives it to her and the book has a key in it. She tells Randall she will be back in a half hour. She thinks that Randall is afraid that she won't be back, but she assures him that she will cause she owed him one for saving her from Carlton. She drives off.

The agents visit Tammy's apartment - her clothes are gone and she is apparently on the run. Doggett checks her phone and determines that her last call was to the bus company. Tammy has picked up her evidence from a bank safe deposit box and gets back into her car. Dwight is in the back seat.

Meanwhile, Police arrive at the bus station and Randall slips away. At the Surekill office, Dwight discovers that Tammy has been keeping two sets of books and has stolen $100,000. He tells her that Randall should have killed off her instead of Chase or maybe they (Chase and Tammy) were working together. Tammy claims that Chase found out about the money and was blackmailing her, and making her "do things," the implication of which is sexual. A little confused, Dwight asks why Randall killed Chase if he wasn't stealing - after a moment he realises that Randall killed him because of the things he was doing to Tammy.

Randall arrives back at the office. Dwight wants Randall to kill Tammy, taunting him that Tammy used him. Dwight tells Randall that blood is thicker than anything, and leaves the room so that Randall can kill her. She pleads for her life as Randall wraps a cloth around the gun to silence it. He aims and shoots - but shoots throught the wall and kills Dwight.

At the police station, Randall has declined representation by the county DA. Tammy has not been found.

Scully: He watched her everyday, wherever she was. The man who could look at anything in the world, and he chooses her. He must have seen something in her she couldnít see in herself.
Doggett: Well, if youíre suggesting he could see into her heart, Agent, I think weíre out of FBI territory on this one

The episode ends with Randall looking throught wall at the computer display of Tammy's picture.

Episode Cast and Information

Gillian Anderson Special Agent Dana Scully
Robert Patrick Special Agent John Doggett
Kellie Waymire Tammi Peyton
Michael Bowen Dwight Cooper
Patrick Kilpatrick Randall Cooper
Tom Jourden Carlton Chase
Joe Sabatino Captain Al Triguero
Ty Upshaw First Officer
James Franco Second Officer
Noel Guglielmi First Gangbanger
Greg Boniface Second Gangbanger

Written by Greg Walker
Directed by Terrance O'Hara

Aired on: 7th January 2001


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