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Title means "They come" in Spanish. Mulder and Doggett are begrudgingly thrown together to investigate several mysterious deaths aboard an oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico. While Mulder believes the deaths on board to be part of the alien conspiracy, he races to convince the skeptical Doggett that the ship may not be pumping traditional oil.


Episode Summary
By Michael Marek

On an oil-drilling platform at sea, the workers are in a bar/lounge/restaurant area. The TV goes out and the drill rig boss, Bo Taylor, hits the TV, causing it to work again. One of the workers, Simon do le Cruz, goes off by himself to a shop where another man is repairing a radio. Simon carries a knife from the kitchen. In the lounge, the TV goes out again and pounding on it doesn't fix it. Taylor goes to find the rig's communications officer. He finds Simon battering the radio. The Communications man is dead. Simon is there, and is clearly frightened. Taylor's body begins to glow and Simon screams.

At FBI Headquarters, Doggett finds the door to the X-Files office locked. He unlocks it and enters to find Mulder looking through the file drawers, researching the recent death of an oil worker. Doggett understands that Mulder is interested, but points out that he is not assigned to The X-Files. Simon's body washed ashore with serious burns. The oilrig's communications officer is also reported as missing. The medical examiner said the burns are consistent with radiation burns. Doggett is well aware of the files on the Black Oil that is radioactive and can allegedly take over human bodies, but he is not convinced about it. The phone rings - it is Scully in Kersh's office. There is an oil executive there who says somebody in the X-Files office contacted him. It was Mulder, working unofficially.

Mr. Ortega is waiting in Kersh's office, and Kersh is unhappy that Mulder has been investigating the case. They have a sensitive situation - the company has located what appears to be a huge new oil reserve, which may spread into Mexican territory. In order to diffuse the possible international situation, Kersh reluctantly agrees to have the case investigated. He sends Doggett, who arrives at the platform by helicopter, 150 miles out to sea. A new communications specialist also arrives. Doggett discovers that Mulder is already there. Taylor tells the two agents that Simon went crazy and tried to blow up the rig, causing a gas valve to explode, also killing the communications chief. When Mulder and Doggett aren't looking, viewers see that Taylor has black oil in his eyes. Later, in private, Mulder and Doggett argue. Mulder isn't supposed to be there. Both agree that Taylor is lying.

Scully does an autopsy on Simon's body. In his brain, she found evidence of the alien virus, but it is dead. What killed it? Scully demands an evacuation of the oilrig, in case the virus is loose. The new communications specialist is working on the radio, which is still nonfunctional, when Taylor enters. There is some sort of high frequency interference being received over a large range of channels. Taylor knocks the man out and black oil drips out of Taylor's eyes and mouth, infecting the communications man. Later, Scully uses the now working radio to send a message to the oilrig and is surprised to learn that Mulder is there. He suggests that Kersh doesn't need to know that he is there. She confirms that the virus was in the body but is dead. Could the radiation have killed it? It seems unlikely, since the black oil is radioactive itself. Everybody in the rig is in danger. Scully wants to evacuate the rig and quarantine the people. Mulder counters that Scully needs to find what killed the virus. Doggett overhears part of the conversation and demands from Mulder to know what is happening. Later, the news is announced to the workers that Doggett has ordered the rig has been quarantined - nobody can leave or arrive at the rig. The workers all grumble.

Mulder has reviewed the crew manifest. There is one other crewmember missing, Diego Garza. He is a deck hand and was a friend of Simon. Nobody has any idea where he might be. Scully shows Simon's body to Ortega. He says there is no evidence of any disease and if they can't give him any, he'll call in the crew and rotate a fresh crew to the platform. Mulder is looking for Diego but Doggett thinks Mulder isn't giving straight answers. Mulder claims he doesn't know what the oilrig workers are hiding. Mulder has seen how this substance can take over a man's body. It body jumps from man to man and it's not in all oil. Mulder thinks the new oil complex is already being pumped and that the oil is filled with the virus, ready to infect the planet. Maybe Diego is hiding because he knows what is going on. As they talk, an alarm goes off. It's the radio room, on fire. Mulder grabs a fire extinguisher and as Doggett runs down the hall to get another, Diego knocks him unconscious.

Kersh and Skinner visit Scully in the morgue. The body should have been well on its way back to Mexico by now. Kersh got a call from Martin Ortega about the rig being shut down. Kersh intends to order the quarantine lifted. Scully counters that communications is out so the order lifting the quarantine can't be delivered. Kersh threatens Scully and Skinner that they are running out of mistakes. As the sun sets on the platform, Mulder concludes that the fire that damaged the radio equipment was arson. Doggett wakes up to find Diego holding a knife on him. Diego pokes him to see if his blood is red. Doggett doesn't speak very good Spanish and their conversation is halting, in English and Spanish. Diego set the fire to keep the others from using the radio. "They" have to be stopped before it is too late. "They" are coming. Who? The flying ships are coming. Scully finds a large number of T-Cells in Simon's blood, cells used to fight virus. Simon may have had a genetic immunity to the virus because he is from a rare group of indigenous Mexican Indian people. Scully thinks the rest of the rig workers killed him because he was a threat. It could actually put Mulder and Doggett in danger if they did get word to them.

Doggett and Diego continue to talk. Doggett says if Diego stays there, the other workers will find him. Doggett promises to help Diego get home. Later, Doggett crawls out of the space where Diego was holding him, apparently having reached agreement with Diego. Taylor intercepts Doggett, knocking him down and beginning to drip oil, but Mulder arrives and knocks Taylor unconscious, saving Doggett. They head for the radio room and lock the door. Doggett will try to get the radio working while Mulder barricades the door. Outside, the oil workers gather can begin to break down the door.

Mulder piles furniture against the door as Doggett gets the radio working. Scully is on the other end. Scully thinks she knows why they killed Simon. The choppers are on the way to evacuate the platform, but Mulder orders that the helicopters not land. Doggett tells Scully that only three of them on the platform are uninfected. Mulder abruptly breaks the radio, and when he does, the hammering on the door stops. He had to prevent the oilrig workers from using the radio, because apparently they would use it to signal their flying ships. The oilrig workers are no longer outside the radio room. Mulder and Doggett cautiously leave the room to find out why, Doggett calling to Diego as they go. They find Diego's body, burned. They hear the chopper arrive and continue making their way up to the deck of the platform. Mulder thinks that the workers are about to blow the rig. Flames break out as the two agents run over catwalks and through equipment rooms. In one area, Taylor and his men block their way. Explosions rock the platform. Ultimately, they come to a catwalk and jump into the water as the platform explodes, to soon be rescued by a hovering helicopter.

Back at the FBI office, Doggett again finds Mulder in the office. Doggett has been called to Kersh's office. The oil company has lost the right to drill on that undersea oil complex. Mulder wants the oil to stay where it is. Mulder tells Doggett that the blame will be properly fixed - on Mulder. He is out of the FBI. Mulder is taking a fall for Doggett, for the X-Files. Doggett has seen the oil for himself. Doggett is in charge now of The X-Files now. Mulder walks out the door as the episode ends.

From The Script

Scene: Oil rig - Mulder & Doggett - arguing over which one of them controls the FBI investigation
Doggett: (to Mulder) "I hate to break it to you, but Agent Scully and I were doing just fine without you.
Mulder: Agent Scully's not here, is she? Kersh isn't expecting you to come back empty handed on this. And since you've alrady told me in so many words what you think of this case, I can't see how you're going to come back with anything to protect Galpex Oil's business interests, let alone your own ass, Agent Doggett.

From Autumn T: That line is in at least the white version of the script and takes place during a confrontation between Doggett and Mulder over the fact Mulder is not assigned to the case. Mulder is ignoring and verbally pushing Doggett over Doggett's investigation when Doggett says the line. Frankly, they are both IMHO acting juvenile.

The Final Scene:

Doggett opens the office door to find Mulder there. He asks what Mulderis doing. Mulder says, "Taking a last look around."
Doggett says he's turned his report in and taken full responsibility for the oil rig incident and typed his letter of resignation.
Mulder says, "Agent Doggett. I'm out. Out of the FBI. For good." He tells Doggett that Kersh will not be accepting his report of resignation. The phone on Mulder's desk starts ringing. Mulder reaches for the phone, slowly slides it across the desk and tells Doggett, "Go ahead. It's yours now."
Mulder takes a last glance around the office, keeping his emotions in check. He turns and walks out, not looking back.The end.

Episode Cast and Information

David Duchovny Special Agent Fox Mulder
Gillian Anderson Special Agent Dana Scully
Robert Patrick Special Agent John Doggett
James Pickens, Jr Dep. Director Alvin Kersh
M.C. Gainey Bo Taylor
Gregory Norman Cruz Diego Garza
Kevin C. Loomis Chef
Luis Villalta Simon de la Cruz;
Steve Wilcox Ed Dell
Miguel Sandoval Martin Ortega
Lee Reherman Yuri
Casey Biggs Saksa

Written by Steve Maeda
Directed by Rod Hardy

Aired on: 29th April 2001


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