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The strange disappearance of a little girl leads Mulder to make connections with previous unexplained kidnappings. Yet Scully believes he is associating the case with the abduction of his sister.


The strange disappearance of a little girl leads Mulder to make connections with previous unexplained kidnappings. As he begins to personalize the investigation, Scully believes he is associating the case with the abduction of his sister. Mulder appears to have his own agenda as he disputes preliminary evidence---and other agents' opinions---in the kidnapping of a 5-year-old girl.

Title Information

"Sein und Zeit" means "Being and Time", and it's a great philosophy book by Heidegger. It's less complicated than Nietzche, but that doesn't help too much. "Sein und Zeit, in effect, offers a sequence of increasingly fundamental analyses of our existence: (1) our everyday being-in-the-world; (2) the fundamental structures of our being-in-the-world (understanding and mood); (3) the fundamental structure of our Being as care (and Angst ); (4) the themes of death, guilt and possible authenticity; (5) finally, the disclosure of the sense of our Being as temporality (and the related theme of the historicality of our existence)." Skinner will be in this episode.

Episode Summary

From The Time Line

Amber Lynn LaPierre, a young girl, says her prayers before going to bed. Mom and Dad watch from the door then tuck her in. Later, as Dad watches TV, Billie LaPierre is seen in a daze, writing an abduction note concluding with the cryptic statement "no one shoots at Santa Claus." Amber's door slams shut. Mr. LaPierre breaks in the door and the child is gone.

At FBI HQ in Washington at around 3am, the investigation is under way on the LaPierre kidnapping in Sacramento. Mulder enters and wants the case. Skinner doesn't think it's an X-File but ends up allowing Mulder to fly out and investigate. Mulder arrives at the LaPierre home and questions the LaPierres about the note. They lie about the circumstances. At 10pm, Scully arrives at Mulder's motel, sent by Skinner to find out why he hasn't reported. As they talk, Mulder's mother calls. She has been watching the news about Amber Lynn and wants him to call when he gets back to the east coast.

In Washington, Skinner is doing a briefing when Mulder and Scully enter. The note may have been written in Mrs. LaPierre's handwriting and the evidence is pointing at the parents but Mulder says none of the theories explain what happened to the little girl. Scully thinks Mulder is personalizing the case, thinking about his abducted sister but Mulder recognizes something in the note. In a Pocatella, Idaho kidnapping in 1987 a note with the same "no one shoots at Santa Claus" signature was found. The agents go to the Idaho state women's prison and talk to Kathy Lee Tencate. She was convicted of the murder of her six year old son Dean, taken from his room with the note found her handwriting. Dean was never found. Mulder thinks she is innocent. She refuses to help, but when they leave she has a vision of her son and calls them back.

Mrs. Mulder calls Fox again, leaving a message on his answering machine. There is so much she has left unsaid that she hopes he will someday understand. She burns pictures of her family. Mulder, meanwhile, is in California and shows the LaPierre's a video of Tencate telling part of her story. It was like the words of the note wrote themselves, she says. She knows her son is safe and protected. The LaPierre's make a private statement to authorities and are released for lack of evidence. A chubby man is seen watching news video.

In Washington, Mulder is discussing the case with Skinner when Scully enters. Mulder's mother has committed suicide. Mulder and Scully arrive at her home in Greenwich, CT, where police are still reviewing scene. The room was sealed and the gas oven opened. She also took sleeping pills. Mulder says it doesn't make sense that she would do this. Why are the family pictures gone? Mulder suspects that whoever took his sister did this to her. He is grasping at straws. He demands that Scully do an autopsy. Mulder returns to Kathy Lee Tencate, who opens up this time. His mother has seen them, she says - the "walk-ins" -- old souls looking for new homes. She can see them sometimes but it is hard beause they live in the starlight. "They" took Samantha to protect her soul from the harm it would suffer in life but Tencate doesn't know where the children are taken. At Santa's North Pole Village children's park, kids look at a pen with reindeer. The proprietor says Santa is just flying in. He goes inside and enters a locked room filled with video tape boxes and equipment where he prepares to put on a Santa suit.

Mulder finally hears the answering machine tape. Scully arrives and he plays the tape for her. He thinks his mother knew what he would find in the Amber Lynn case. The parents have had psychic visions of their children. His mother must have written a similar note when Samantha was taken. He's been looking in the wrong place. She was trying to warn him, that's why they killed her, he claims, but Scully's autopsy shows Tina Mulder was suffering from a terminal disease. She knew and didn't want to live. Mulder still believes she was trying to tell him something. Scully thinks his mom wanted him to stop looking for Samantha - to take away his pain.

At the LaPierre residence, Mrs. LaPierre sees a vision of Amber Lynn standing next to her bed at night. In the morning, Skinner arrives at Mulder's apartment where he is greeted by Scully. Mulder has had a rough night. Mrs. LaPierre is asking to talk to Mulder. All three go to California and Mulder talks to Billie LaPierre who describes seeing her daughter in pajamas, trying to say something to her -- possibly the words "seventy four." Mulder does an unexpected turn around and tells Skinner and Scully that Amber Lynn is dead and that he wants off the case so he can take some leave time. As they drive off, Scully sees a highway sign for route 74. She realizes the Santa Village connection. They drive to the establishment and enter. Mulder and Scully find the inner room with the video equipment. Some of the tapes go back to the 60s. Scully puts one in a machine and finds images of Amber Lynn at a playground, dated two days before her disappearance. The owner of Santa's Village enters and locks Mulder and Scully inside. He runs and Skinner chases. Mulder and Scully break down the door and also give chase. Skinner fires into the air and Santa stops. The man, who says his name is Scruloff, is arrested and nearby the agents find what appear to be several shallow graves. To be continued.

General Information

Autumn Tysko points out that Mr. Lapierre tells Mulder that before he realized his daughter was gone, he was watching TV. He says he`d never seen the show before, but `It was good.` He will be seen watching the show in the teaser. The show is, of course, Harsh Realm.

Episode Information

David Duchovny Special Agent Fox Mulder
Gillian Anderson Special Agent Dana Scully
Rebecca Toolan Mrs. Mulder
Kim Darby Kathy Lee Tencate
Mark Rolston Mr. Lapierre
Shareen Mitchell Mrs. Lapierre
Spencer Garrett Bring
Mitch Pillegi Walter Skinner
Martin Grey Agent Flager

Written by Chris Carter and Frank Spotnitz
Directed by Mike Watkins

Starts Shooting: November 18th, 1999
Air Date: 6th Februrary 2000


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