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Agent Fox Mulder was one of the FBI’s most promising young agents. Recruited into the Bureau after studying psychology at Oxford, Mulder also showed an inclination toward the offbeat from the beginning of his career. His early monograph on serial killers and the occult led to the capture of a notorious murderer. Convinced through hypnotic regression that his sister was abducted by some unknown power (which he became convinced was extraterrestrial) when they were children, he is now obsessed with discovering the truths lying in the X-Files. In the pilot he states to Dana Scully ‘Nothing else matters to me’. In ‘Paper Hearts’ we again witness how powerful his need to know what has become of his sister is, when for a short time he is faced with the possibility that Samantha was not abducted by aliens, but murdered by a serial killer. He is a man of sharp wit, great intelligence and the unique ability to discern minds and motives of suspects. Yet he is also a driven man, living the  urge to find and expose the truth, despite all the setbacks he experiences. The trust in his partner, Dana Scully, which has developed over the years, is the steadfast rock in his life, it is what he clings to when all else fails. Her rationalism has ‘saved him a thousand times over’, as he for the first time dares to admit in ‘Fight the Future’. She makes him ‘a whole person’. After his experiences in ‘Gethsemane’/’Redux’ Fox Mulder went through a time of doubt, uncertainty and disbelief concerning alien life. In 'Post Modern Prometheus' he also claimed that he was not sure if he believed in aliens any more. After seeing the aliens and the spaceship while rescuing Scully in ‘Fight the Future’ and the continuing events in ‘The Beginning’ his belief in aliens is restored and stronger than ever. Yet now the only tools of investigating have been taken from him and Scully: Although the X-Files are officially re-opened in ‘The End’, they are handed over to Agents Fowley and Spender, while Mulder and Scully are assigned to Domestic Terrorism and officially forbidden to investigate X-Files cases by their new superior A.D. Kersh. Of course this is not stopping Mulder from pursuing any cases involving the paranormal that come his way as we see in ‘Triangle’, ‘How the Ghosts Stole Christmas’ and ‘Dreamland I + II’. In 'Two Fathers / One Son' some of the mystery surrounding the abduction of Samantha is finally solved as he learns from the CSM that his father resisted until the last minute against the syndicate members' plan to each hand over one of their children to the colonists in exchange for an alien fetus that would give them the opportunity to create an alien-human hybrid and so postpone the inevitable holocaust of colonization. Finally his father had to give in and Samantha was abducted by the alien colonists from the Mulders' home in 1973. Mulder tries to prevent the seemingly inevitable start of colonization until the last minute in this episode by trying to find and hide Cassandra from the alien colonists. After the massacre at the handover place, he and Scully are re-assigned to the X-Files under A.D. Skinner.