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X-Files Books: Official Guides & Books

End and the Beginning
Official Guide to the Sixth Season

Price: $13.56 (Order Book)

The official, fact-packed episode guide to "The X-Files" phenomenal sixth season, with detailed plot summaries, full dialogue from pivotal scenes, intriguing trivia, and never-before-told, behind-the-scenes coverage. 8-page color insert. 300 b&w photos. By Andy Meisler

The Truth is Out There
Official Guide v.1

Price: $12.80 (Order Book)

Fans of TV's hottest cult show will find this compendium of facts and figures about The X-Files essential. Contains complete episode guide, photos, the story of the show's origin, interviews with X-Files creator Chris Carter and actors David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson, plus a detailed look at the extraordinary special effects and a wealth of intriguing trivia.

Trust No One
Official Guide v.2

Price: $12.00 (Order Book)

An official companion for the third season of the media sensation, The X-Files, this edition features inside stories on the cast and crew, candid on-set photos, intriguing trivia, a detailed full-episode guide, and much more.

I want to believe
Official Guide v.3

Price: $16.00 (Order Book)

The only completely authorized fourth-season guide to the Fox hit TV series, The X-Files, that features inside stories, off-camera interviews, exclusive photographs, answers to viewers' questions about their favorite show, and more. Includes over 200 photos and an eight-page color photo insert.

Resist or Serve
Official Guide v.4

Price: $12.80 (Order Book)

For five seasons, The X-Filers has captivated viewers with its fascinating storylines, visual creativity, and superb characterizations. Now fans of the acclaimed dramatic series created by Chris Carter and staring David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson can find out all the behind-the-scenes details of the show's fifth season with this comprehensive and authoritative episode guide.

Official Map of The X-Files
By Chris Carter

Price: $8.95 (Order Book)

Follow Mulder and Scully to Reagan, Tennessee as they uncover the secret behind a UFO hidden by the government in E.B.E. Track a bizzare religious cult in rural Delta Glen, Wisconsin in Red Museum. Discover Arecibe, Puerto Rico, where Mulder covertly journeys without Scully in Little Green Men. Episode by episode: the locations, case files, character dossiers and photos.

Art of The X-Files
By William Gibson, Chris Carter

Price: $24.50 (Order Book)

Featuring 75 paintings, photos, and sculptures by today's leading artists, this innovative and beautifully designed art book plays tribute to the uniquely dark, edgy vision of "The X-Files". Ranging from dark, disturbing works to sly, witty pieces, the collection is as diverse, absorbing, and cutting-edge as the series itself. Full color.


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