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X-Files Books: Unofficial Guides & Books

X Marks the Spot: On Location with The X-Files

By Louisa Gradnitzer, Todd Pittson, Tom Braidwood

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X Marks the Spot: A Comprehensively Expanded Rummage Through Five Years of the X-Files

Contains a complete episode guide, a special feature on the movie, a survey of the media impact of the program, and features on the show's nuts and bolts

By Louisa Gradnitzer, Todd Pittson, Tom Braidwood

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The X-Files X-Posed

This book is a great guide for both new X-philes as well as seasoned vets. Great background on all X-Files characters/actors. Excellent episode synopses, which always include comments that help fill in the gaps. Includes comprehensive reviews of all 4 previous seasons in one place

By Michael Joseph, David Richter

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The Unofficial X-Files Internet Guide

Great for someone new to the show or a long-time fan, this guide is a terrific resource to lots of unique websites

By Talis Pelucir

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The Unauthorized Guide to The X-Files

This unauthorized tell-all, written by popular science-fiction authority Hal Schuster, is the most complete and compelling expose` available of the hit TV show. It unravels The X-Files' twisting intrigues and provides episode summaries, profiles of the characters and actors, bloopers, special-effects secrets, and more

By Hal Schuster

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The Unauthorized X-Cyclopedia : The Definitive Reference Guide to the X-Files

From creepy cult favorite to prime-time phenomenon, the award-winning TV series "The X-Files " has taken America by storm. Now, here's the ultimate reference guide for the millions of fans of this x-traordinary show. From Anasazi to Zirinka, readers can find every person, place, and thing in the "X-Files" universe--including complete information on every episode through the fourth season.

By James Hatfield
George Butt

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X-Files Confidential : The Unauthorized X-Philes Compendium

Veteran TV journalist Ted Edwards has talked to all of the players on Fox's top-rated show, The X-Files, and has uncovered the in-jokes, the inside stories, creative tensions, secret obsessions, and more. Totally candid, completely unauthorized, and topped with revealing photos, this revised edition of the popular guide also includes fascinating reports on each episode of the 1996-97 season. 60 photos & illustrations.

By Ted Edwards
Jeff Rice

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The X-Files Book of the Unexplained

The facts behind the fiction are more disturbing than the menace and mystery depicted in the popular Fox TV series "The X-Files." This in-depth, photo-filled guide complete with interviews from the show's cast, crew, and writers, as well as astonishing revelations from leading officials tells the terrifying story behind the "X-Files" encounters. Color throughout.

By Jane Goldman

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