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Gone are the days of conservative Scully - she's now got a tattoo! If an episode had the un-Scully, Never Again was it. Telling Mulder that she'd lost sight of herself and that she felt her own life was "standing still," she meets Ed Jerse - the guy with the tattoo that sounded like Jodie Foster. With Ed egging her on, Scully gets a tattoo of a snake eating its tail on her lower back. Also known as an ouroborous, the snake is a symbol of death, rebirth and the cycles of the universe (we preferred The Lion King ourselves). The ourobouros is also the logo for Chris Carter's other tv show, Millennium, something which apparently had David Duchovny a little peeved. (Kate Moore) 
Thinker, The
Acknowledged in Anasazi as the fourth member of The Lone Gunmen and obviously preferring not to be known by his real name (Kenneth Soona). Described by Byers as "an anarchist and a snoop," The Thinker is the computer hacker of the group, and based on his expert diagnosis in One Breath, also a dash hand with genetic enginering (he identifies Scully as having branched DNA after her disappearance). His hacking was his downfall: after hacking into the Defense Dept's computer systems and downloading the MJ files, he was captured by a multinational black ops unit and killed, execution style. The character was named after one of the show's early online fans - Yung Jun Kim, who went by the nickname DuhThinker. (Stephanie Graham) 
To Be Continued..
Enough to launch any dedicated x-phile into a coma, or least into catatonic schizophrenia. Two-parters are stressful enough by themselves, but when they come as the season finale, the summer-long wait for the conclusion is enough to drive x-philes to pale imitations of the real thing, or to replaying their extensive collection of taped episodes from the season just gone. (Angelina Rodriguez) 
Tooms, Eugene Victor
Ohmigosh - another genetic mutant. Perhaps more accurately the original genetic mutant of The X-Files, Tooms made his on-screen debut in Squeeze, the third episode episode of the show. The liver eating "twentieth century genetic mutant" is probably also the closest thing we have to a living Stretch Armstrong - he climbed down chimneys and through itsy-bitsy ventilation ducts to find his now liverless victims. He made his fatal mistake in attacking Scully (a major no-no for bad guys) which landed him in jail. But Tooms' most glorious moment would be his exit from the series in the episode Tooms: making rather squelchy noises as he travels up an escalator - from underneath. Doug Hutchinson, who played Tooms, is still lobbying for his character's return in a future episode. Oh, and that's Tooms' apartment Mulder and Scully walk into in the opening titles. (Julie Viola Carneiro) 
If The X-Files has one icon, it has to be the beam of torchlight in a dimly lit room. Mulder and Scully's torches are often bright, but sometimes a little too bright - are there car batteries powering those things? Their torches in the first two seasons, produced by Maxabeam, cost around $4,000 apiece and are most commonly used by police and search and rescue teams. 
Trust No One
The second most important motto in Mulder's life, neatly capturing his distrust of his superiors. And the government. And pretty much everyone. It replaced 'The Truth Is Out There' for the episode The Erlenmeyer Flask, which purely by coincidence, is the episode in which these are Deep Throat's dying words. And according to Little Green Men, trustno1 is Mulder's password. And we're guessing it's also the password to many an x-phile's email. But you didn't hear it from us. (James Cullen) 
The Truth Is Out There
Perhaps the phrase which most shows Mulder's attitude to life - the truth is out there, hidden under the reams of bureaucratic red tape and lies stamped with an official seal, and he wants to find them. Often this means putting his life on the line (the one that Skinner stands on and Mulder keeps crossing), but he makes certain not to risk Scully's life in the process, as we found in End Game. As she herself tells Mulder in EBE, "the truth is out there but so are lies." Scully agains wins the best quote award for her 10 out of 10 and "good work" stamp effort in Piper Maru: "You're in the basement because they're afraid of you, of your relentlessness and because they know that they could drop you in the middle of the desert, and tell you the truth is out there, and you'd ask them for a shovel!" Mulder's response? "Is that what you think of me?" Scully: "Well, maybe not a shovel. Maybe a backhoe." 
The number one most common wardrobe item on The X-Files, it would appear, and also among the most versatile. Trenchcoats: provide a handy place to pin your ID badge; conceal nifty little lock unlockers (Colony); cover generic FBI-issue firearms; hide those car batteries for torches; conceal signs of being nine-months pregnant; help cut a nice figure when running in dimly-lit locales; and keep you warm. (Tracey Dobesh)