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Scientific evaluations of the Bermuda Triangle have concluded that the number of disappearances in the region is not abnormal and that most of the disappearances have logical explanations. Here are some of the reasons or theories that can be considered as explanations:

  1. Tropical Weather. Many short and intense storms build up quickly and dissipate quickly, undetected by satellite surveillance. These even hold such dangerous elements as waterspouts that could easily destroy any passing plane or ship. Of course with mordern remote senseing GPS technology this has become redundant.
  2. Amateur Sailors. This area is a boon for the inexperienced or unknoweledged boater. The Coast guard gets over 8000 distress calls a year (more than 20 a day!). However, most are sailors who have run out of gas or encountered some other foolish problem. The beautiful area is highly deceptive in its calmness, so sailors are often not prepared for what the sea can throw at them.
  3. Underwater Earthquakes. Though none have been officially recorded, scientists have found a great deal of seismic activity in this area. In shallow areas, underwater earthquakes have the power to cause such disturbances such as the tsunamis of the far east.
  4. The Gulf Stream. This ocean current is extremely strong. It has been reported to move faster than 5 mph in some areas. This is enough to throw many boaters hundreds of miles off coarse because they did not know how to compensate for the current. This, combined with the unusual effects of magnetism on the area, is the cause of many confused sailors.
  5. The Gas Bubble Theory. A theory also exists among serious scientists that a high concentration of gas hydrates that exists in the area causing the water to become less dense within small patches. This would cause ships to sink quickly and without a trace. Besides this gas hydrates have immense potential as an enegry source.(Read the article for more details)
  6. Pirates. A common way to get into the drug smuggling business in the '70s and '80s was to pirate a boat for your business. Suspicion also arises at the coincidence of the World Wars and the greatest count of mysterious acts in the Triangle.
  7. Traffic. There is undeniably a great deal of boat and airplane traffic over this area. It is not as great as some critics claim, but still a much visited area. Logic would have it that accidents will happen. In fact, it is reported that there are many other areas on earth where more "mysterious disappearances" have occured, such as the Devil's Sea near Japan. This sea has been labelled as a parallel to the triangle and incidentially lies on the other side of the world map fuelling theories and speculations of a grid of bermuda triangle like places on the globe.


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Inspite of so many possible explanations no one will know the truth behind the triangle, not until you get lost in the triangle ;)