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Home to The X-Files for its first five seasons, the Canadian city is a popular production base for many other tv shows including Ten Thirteen's other series, Millennium. The city is favoured over US cities due to different taxation schemes and the US-Canada exchange rates. One of the main reasons Vancouver was home to The X-Files was the amazing range of filming locations available - the majority of all filming was done in Vancouver. The city's locales stood in for Puerto Rican rainforests, cities all over the US and a disused quarry played the role of the red, dusty desert in Anasazi (which required a team of workers and 7,300 litres of burgundy paint). (D_Scully)
Existing in many religions, vampires didn't appear in The X-Files until season two in the episode 3. That's season 2, episode 7, 3. Still with me? That episode featured Mulder trying to keep on track after Scully's disappearance by investigating a series of vampire-like murders. If the on-screen smouldering seemed convincing, but a little too convincing, it's because David Duchovny and Perrey Reeves (who played the vampire Kristen) were apparently an item at the time. But the far more entertaining vampire ep has to be Bad Blood, one of season five's classics. The drama-come-comedy centred on a town filled with vampires. (Kayreen Feleo) 
Technically, Voodoo is the national religious folk cult of Haiti. It evolved from Roman Catholic influences, from the French, mixed with African magical and religious elements, which were brought by slaves. The loa (which are defined as local or African deities, gods and ancestors, or Catholic saints) "attach" themselves to families or individuals, acting as helpers, spiritual guides and protectors. The loa can communicate with the individual through dreams or by 'possessing' him. Voodoo itself has only made one or two appearances on the show - most notably Fresh Bones, which focused on a conflict between US soldiers at a resettlement camp for Haitian refugees. (Jennifer Campbell)