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Ficticious home to The X-Files. Ficticious in the sense that it's not where the show's filmed (the state was still there last time I checked). The FBI and CIA also call Washington DC their home, along with Mulder and Scully. She lives in the comfy apartment #35 at 3170 W. 53 Rd. Annapolis; he in Apt 42, 2630 Hegal Place, Alexandria). (Todd Winks)
Whammy, The
Mulder's explanation of how Robert Modell convinced a trained FBI agent to torch himself in the episode Pusher relied on Modell putting "the whammy" on the agent. Scully's deadpan response? "Please explain to me the scientific nature of the 'whammy.'" She later tells Mulder that she believes Modell to be guilt of murder, it's just that she's "looking for an explanation a little more mundane than 'the whammy.'" (Caitlin) 
When teenagers are found wandering, dazed, in the forests of Delta Glen, Wisconsin, Mulder and Scully are invited along to investigate. A worthwhile sight-seeing stop for the x-phile is the fictional Red Museum. (Todd Winks) 
Well Manicured Man
The debonair Englishman who appears to be Cancerman's superior. First introduced in The Blessing Way, when he tells Scully that he's a member of "a kind of consortium. We represent certain global interests." Of all the members of the Consortium, the Well Manicured Man seems to be the one with some shreds of conscience left: he warns Scully of a plot to murder her, saying he feels his colleagues "are acting.. impulsively and your death will draw unnecessary attention to our group." Similarly in Paperclip, he rebukes Cancerman's murder-a-minute soluion to problems - "My God, you presume to make us believe you can simply fix it with enough bullets?" Sadly, our good Englishman met a rather grisly end in The X-Files movie, when he apparently knowingly got back into a car rigged with explosives. But then, this is The X-Files, and death is hardly a barrier to further guest appearances. (Kathy Barker) 
Wong, James
One half of the powerful duo that write such episodes as Die Hand Der Verletzt, 3, Little Green Men, Tooms and Squeeze. Wong's writing partner for these and other episodes is Glen Morgan. Both left the show to create another show for FOX, called Space: Above and Beyond, but returned after being requested by Chris Catrter when S:AAB was cancelled. (Todd Winks)