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Who is this man who awes and frightens even the Cigarette-Smoking Man? Tall, poised, impeccably tailored, with a cultured veneer belied by the hooded eyes of a snake, the Well-Manicured Man appears to hold the whip hand in the band of master puppeteers who meet behind the brick facade of the club on West 46th Street in New York City. He is quite open about his willingness to lie, manipulate or even kill to protect his secrets, with the suave arrogance of a man who fears absolutely no power-- except the truth. In ‘Fight the Future’ however, we learn that he is not the leader of the Consortium and we are introduced to his background (a wealthy English family). He also has a core of decency since when faced with the undeniable truth of the mutation of the virus and the danger of destruction of whole humankind, he decides that ‘for the sake of my own children’ to help Mulder by revealing to him the truth about the alien colonization, the location of the spaceship and providing him with the vaccine to save Agent Scully, thereby hoping that Mulder’s intervention would somehow be able alter the course of the future and prevent the inevitable horror. Shortly after that the WMM is apparently killed when his car explodes.