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(I know 'x is for x' sounds a little redundant, but work with me here). X, otherwise known as Mr X, this was Mulder's shadowy informant in seasons two through four. The poor guy was shot in the stomach just outside Mulder's apartment in Herrenvolk. And while taping an 'X' onto windows was normally Mulder's trick, Scully sometimes gets in on the fun - usually when Mulder's gone missing, which is often enough. (Angie Gillies)
X-Files, The
Special FBI Agents Mulder and Scully work in the X-Files division, investigating unexplained cases and the paranormal. The FBI wants the cases handled quickly and quietly, before the public know what's really out there. The division has been shut down and then reopened more times that Scully's said "are you suggesting.." to Mulder. 
The name adopted by online fans of the show, of which there are many. Rumour has it Chris Carter had suggested that fans be called "File-o-Philes" but that was quickly nixed by those on the net. Both have origins in the greek word 'philos,' meaning 'to love.' Online fans have often banded together into groups, such as the GATB (Gillian Anderson Testerone Brigade) and the DDEB (David Duchovny Estrogen Brigade) and spend evenings after new episodes breathlessly discussing the latest offerings from their favourite show. (Angie Gillies)