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Yappi, The Stupendous
A TV-pyschic who is called in by police to help with a case. With all the dramatic flair that he can muster, he traipses around the crime scene, his eyebrows flicking like there's no tomorrow. Writer Darin Morgan brough Yappi back again in another of his episodes, in which he fronted a video, 'Dead Alien! Truth or Humbug?' And now, for your reading pleasure, the transcript of his own late-night tv ad as seen in Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose: "Do you want to know the future? Do you want to know what lies ahead? Then call me, the Stupendous Yappi. For years, I have entertained audiences with my psychic abilities. I have been consulted by Hollywood stars, police departments... even presidents. Now, I can be your personal psychic consultant. Do you want to know if you will get that promotion? Do you want to know if your marriage will be successful? Do you want to know where you will meet your one true love? Then call me at 1-900-555-Yapp. Remember, the future is close at hand and so is your phone. So to hear tomorrow's secrets today, just pick it up. I know you will. I can see your future." The actor that plays Yappi, Jaap Broeker (pronounced 'yapp') is actually David Duchovny's stand-in. Darin Morgan wrote the role of Yappi specifically for him. (Gale Good)
Yaloff Psychiatric Center
When Mulder and Scully needed a place to keep Dr. Chester Ray Banton safe (from direct light and the government) in Soft Light,they chose the Yaloff Center, voted best home away from home for half-crazed scientists and their electron-unzipping shadows. Only the best... (Alex Dawson)