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Welcome to the X-Files site. We have given it a all new look at this update. Included is a section on The X-Files "Fight The Future" movie, besides an online store where you can buy cool X-file goods. Also updated is the Episode guide which now includes season 6 . The next update will include season 8. You can now register for free updates, join our newsletter or register for a e-mail account, search the web at the Services section.

Also check out our brand new sections " The Triangle" and "Batman of the Future". The triangle deals with the Bermuda Triangle which Mulder ran into in the Season 6 Episode "Triangle" while Batman of the Future is based on the hot new series Batman Beyond.

While I wanted to add a Flash based quiz but due to lack of time it will be included in the next update. Please promote this site by recommending it to your friends by using the pass it on gear below.

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