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She is dedicated to objectivity and common sense, but open to extreme possibilities. Special Agent Dana Scully is not only a medical doctor with a specialty in forensics, but a firm believer in reason who thinks there is a scientific explanation behind every X-File. Against her parents’ wishes, Scully went from medical school to Quantico, where she taught for two years at the FBI Academy. From there she was assigned to work with Fox Mulder and the X-Files, with the strong implication that she was to debunk them. Over the years that they have worked together, her trust in his instincts and her respect for his integrity have challenged her skepticism. She finds her belief in a scientific and orderly universe constantly challenged by the cases she pursues with Mulder. Far from being a spy for the bureaucrats who hinder their work, Scully has become a full partner in the X-Files, focusing on assembling the hard evidence that will prove the truth is out there. For Mulder she is the one and only person he trusts, as he states in ‘Wetwired’. In ‘Fight the Future’ he dares to reveal to Scully what she means to him for the first time when faced with the fact that she is about to quit the FBI and disappear from his life forever. He says: ‘You’ve made me a whole person’ and ‘I owe you everything’. During her abduction (‘Duane Barry’, ‘Ascension’, ‘One Breath’), Scully received an implant in her neck. After she had it removed, she developed a lethal brain tumor, its full effect on her health becoming evident in ‘Redux’ when it caused her to collapse and brought her to brink of death. However, she was miraculously cured in 'Redux II'. Agent Mulder, with the help of the Cigarette- Smoking Man, had recovered a similar implant which was placed in her neck, but it didn’t seem to have an effect until she finally turned back to ask for the help of God. Her cancer went into remission. Scully was abducted and infected with the alien virus by the consortium in ‘Fight the Future’, however, Mulder managed to save her through the help and the vaccine offered to him by the Well Manicured Man. Scully is currently assigned to Domestic Terrorism together with Fox Mulder and both are forbidden to investigate X-Files cases on orders of her new superior A.D. Kersh, while the X-Files have been handed over to Agents Fowley and Spender. However, this does not stop Scully from being at Mulder’s side or to provide any help needed while he continues to explore the paranormal (as in ‘Drive’, ‘Triangle’ or ‘Dreamland I+II’). In 'Two Fathers / One Son' she tries in vain to convince Mulder of Fowley's treacherous play, however continues to give all she can to help Mulder in finding Cassandra to prevent the handover and the imminent start of colonization. After the massarce at the handover place, she and Mulder are re-assigned to the X-Files under A.D. Skinner.