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The Beginning
Dreamland II
Terms of Endearment
The Rain King
How the Ghosts Stole Christmas
S.R. 819
Two Fathers
One Son
Agua Mala

Three of a Kind
The Unnatural
Field Trip


In a smalltown plagued by drought Mulder and Scully come upon a man who claims to be able to control the weather- at a hefty profit. Yert the agents discover a force of nature at work which is even more powerful than the weather.



Kroner, Kansas has been experiencing a three-month drought. It's Valentine's Day and Sheila Fontaine waits for her boyfriend, Darryl Mootz. When he arrives home, he's angry that Sheila has prematurely spread word of their engagement and storms out of the house, leaving Sheila alone with her tears and a box of chocolates. Shortly thereafter, Darryl is caught in a freak hailstorm which causes him to wreck his car.

It's six months later and nine months into the drought. Mulder and Scully are called to Kroner by the town's mayor who believes that Darryl is causing the drought so he can charge people for the rain. When the agents check with Holman Hardt, the local meteorologist, Holman substantiates part of the mayor's claim - Holman believes that Darryl can make it rain. While Mulder and Scully check out Darryl's side-show, Sheila tells Holman she's nervous that the FBI are poking around. Shortly thereafter, Mulder's life is threatened when a cow is picked up by a mini-twister and hurled through the roof of the motel where he's staying.

Out of guilt, Sheila confesses that she is the one who has been causing all of the terrible weather-related catastrophes that have been occurring in Kroner for the past twenty years. Mulder, however, has another theory. He believes that Holman is the culprit and that it is the feelings he can't express that have been affecting the weather. To wit, Holman has been pining away for Sheila since they were in high school together. Sheila has divulged to Holman that she's got a crush on Mulder. Holman, in turn, causes it to rain in flash-flood proportions.

To stop the deluge, Mulder gives Holman "dating" advice, telling him that he must tell Sheila how he feels about her. After much prodding, Holman opens his heart to her. One year later finds Holman and Sheila married with a child. The weather is perfect.

----------------- CREDITS----------------

THE X-FILES "The Rain King" #6X07

Original Air Date: 01/10/99


Special Agent Fox Mulder
Special Agent Dana Scully
Victoria Jackson
Sheila Fontaine
Clayton Rohner
Daryl Mootz
David Manis
Holman Hartz
Dirk Blocker
Mayor Gilmore
Francesca Ingrassia
Cindy Culpepper
Thom McFadden
The Doctor
Dan Gifford The Local News Anchor
Sharron Madden The Motel Manager
Brian D. Johnson Man
Sally Stevens The Radio Singer


WRITTEN BY: Jeffrey Bell

DIRECTED BY: Kim Manners



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