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"Our own planet has been the fascination of people worldwide. The mysteries and wonders that surround us have many possible explanations. There are many who need to understand these mysteries and others who just wish to stand in awe of our wonderful world. Welcome to The Triangle."

James Knickelbein, "The Triangle" Editor

This site is an attempt to state some of those explanations. Take a trip with us to the Triangle this Summer. Learn about the myths and Legends Associated with the Bermuda Triangle in the Myths section. Once we have your attention I'm sure you would want to know the Truth behind the Myths. Well then the "The Truth" section is just for you. For the Geographically inclined we have a section on the geography of the Triangle. Lastly browse through our exhaustive collection of Links and books and other articles in the 'References" and "Links" sections. If you want souvenirs and other Research related material then "The Store" is the place for you. "The Store" is an affilate of

While an attempt has been made to accredit the original writers of the material on this site, any omissions are regretted.