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A murder inside the hi-tech world of a virtual reality game leads Scully to battle a deadly digital character in order to save Mulder's life. 


Mulder and Scully investigate a murder inside the high-tech world of a virtual reality game. As the stakes of the virtual game are raised, Scully must battle with a deadly digital character to save Mulder's life. Chris Carter directs the episode set in the world of virtual reality games as the agents try to find "Maitreya."

TV Guide: I basically have to kick David Duchovny's butt all over the screen." So says Krista Allen (picture), the ex-star of NBC's Days of Our Lives, whose next gig is in "First Person Shooter," the February 27 episode of Fox's The X-Files. In it, she plays a sword-swinging, gun-slinging fantasy goddess in a virtual-reality game. "I give him triple spin kicks to the chest and face," she says. Allen just missed out on landing the lead in the TNT movie Witchblade. "TNT didn't want me," she says. But Oliver Stone - once tied to the project - made up for it by casting her in a Heineken commercial. Now, she says, "my phone won't stop ringing."

Episode Summary

From The X-Files Time Line

Three men, dressed in armor and carrying futuristic looking weapons enter a street between buildings and are attacked by a gang on motorcycles. They fire and each of the motorcycles explodes as it is hit. In a control room, Ivan and Phoebe are watching on computer monitors and monitoring their vital signs. The team, calling themselves "Geeks" is fired on by men from the building windows. One makes his way into a basement and meets a woman wearing black mesh lingerie and spike heals. She says her name is Betraya and this is her game, her hand morphs into a flintlock pistol and she fires.

At FPS corporate headquarters, Mulder and Scully arrive, passing through heavy security, including retinal scans and signing nondisclosure agreements. FPS stands for the First Person Shooter -- an innovative video game that uses projectors to fill a large game space with the virtual scenery and characters. The Lone Gunmen greet the agents -- they are consultants for the company and there has been an accident. The game is scheduled to ship on Friday but there is a dead body - he has been shot, but there was no gun, other than the guns of the game that do not actually work. They work with the computer and eventually find the image of Betraya, which Mulder has printed out. Scully calls the police over objections from Ivan, the game developer who doesn't want to hurt their business deal. A game player enters who is identified as a guru who also sometimes contracts with the CIA. He enters the game space as the others watch from the control room. The bikers attack and he blows them up. He easily reaches the basement and Betraya, dressed differently this time, attacks, cutting off his hands, then killing him with a broadsword.

Scully performs an autopsy on "Retro," the first dead man. There is no trace of the projectile. They suit they were wearing is high tech, including electric charges to simulate shots. Scully thinks it's great technology wasted on a stupid game. In spite of her attitude, Mulder and the Gunmen love the idea of the game. "Men feel the need to blast the crap out of stuff," Scully says. The LA Sheriff's Department notifies Mulder that they have picked up a suspect who perfectly fits the description of the virtual suspect. She is a sultry brunette calling herself Jay Blue Afterglow, picked up outside a strip club. She meets a lot of men but evades any questions about FPS. When Mulder shows her the computer image, she says she got paid to let a medical imaging facility do a body scan.

The agents return to FPS. Ivan is with the money guys, trying to save his deal. Scully thinks he scanned Jay Blue. The Gunmen are on a monitor screen, doing a test, but all of a sudden they are in the game - the program is somehow running itself and they are in trouble. Mulder suits up and enters the game. Byers was shot, but says he's OK. Mulder sees Betraya and is not willing to leave with the Gunmen. He follows her into the basement and she approaches with the sword, now dressed in a skintight black quasi-Ninja outfit. The gunmen hear Mulder fire but as they run to help him, the game ends and they don't know where he is.

Although they can't find Mulder, in the control room Phoebe is still getting his telemetry. He's alive and still in the game, even though they can't figure out where the game is running. Mulder wakes up and finds the sword but no Betraya. Returning to the avenue between the buildings, Betraya approaches in a series of back flips, then disappears again. Ivan returns from meeting with his financial backers -- FBI investigating an unsolved death will be great marketing material. Phoebe, it turns out, knew about Jay Blue. She had Betraya on her computer, developing her own video game. Phoebe has been choking in a haze of testosterone. Betraya was everything mousy Phoebe couldn't be. Somehow Betraya jumped programs. Phoebe says Scully, being a woman, is the only one who can understand. Meanwhile, in the game, Mulder's gun says out of ammo. Betraya returns and kickboxes Mulder. When he escapes and returns to the basement to get the sword, the program transforms and he finds himself on a western town street.

Diagnostics finally locate Mulder - the western street is level two of the game, which nobody has ever beaten. They can't power down the game. Betraya, dressed in white as a halter-topped and fringed western gunfighter, appears multiplied into many copies. Scully enters the game to rescue Mulder, wearing the standard black kevlar and body armor suit of the game players. She fires, eliminating the multiple copies of Betraya. As they continue to fight, Phoebe and Ivan argue - she knows about a kill switch that can end the game, but it will completely erase the game. Betraya returns on a tank. Phoebe provides the kill command and Frohike ends the game. Mulder and Scully are shaken but OK. "That's entertainment," Mulder quips. Later, Betraya appears to Ivan on his computer screen, but with Scully's face and hair. He laughs, very pleased.

Scenes and Dialogues

Scully: You think taking up weapons and creating gratuitous virtual mayhem has any redeeming value? That the testosterone frenzy it creates stops when the game does?
Isn't that rather… sexist? I'm saying that the game is an outlet for certain impulses. Filling a void in our genetic makeup that the more civilizing effects of society fail to provide for.
Well, if women ran the world I can tell you we wouldn't have these kind of games.
Women do run the world, Scully.

Episode Information

David Duchovny Special Agent Fox Mulder
Gillian Anderson Special Agent Dana Scully
Bruce Harwood Melvin Frohike
Tom Braidwood John Byers
Dean Haglund Ringo Langly
Krista Allen Jade Blue Cockburn/Maitreya
Constance Zimmer Phoebe
Jamie Marsh Ivan Martinez
Billy Ray Gallion Retro
Michael Ray Bower Lo-Fat
Ryan Todd Moxie
Christopher Ng Darryl Mushashi
James Geralden Detective Lacoeur
John Marlott Security Guard

Written by William Gibson, Tom Maddox
Directed by Chris Carter

Air Date: 27th February 2000
Shooting Started: 7th January, 2000


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