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Scully's frantic efforts to save Mulder were not successful and he is finally put to rest as the episode opens. Three months later, Doggett has been offered the chance to transfer out of the X- Files, while he and Scully re-open the investigation into Mulder's death when a man abducted with Mulder makes an impossible reappearance.

|Dead Alive|

Episode Summary
By Michael Marek

A graveside service is held for Fox Mulder in North Carolina. Doggett, the Gunmen, Skinner, and Maggie and Dana Scully are among those gathered. The pastor recited the Bible verse, "Whosoever believeth in me shall never die." Scully murmurs to Skinner how everyone else on Mulder's family is now gone, but the truth he worked so hard to find was never truly revealed to him. She can't believe she is really standing there. Scully crumbles a handful of dirt into the grave.

Three months later...Doggett and Skinner meet with Kersh. He is commending them, citing their efforts in the recovery of Mulder. Kersh has asked Skinner to also write a letter transferring Doggett off the X-Files and Doggett is being considered for promotion. Doggett thanks Kersh, but says he'd like to give the transfer some thought. In The X-Files office, Doggett and Scully talk. Her pregnancy is showing. Skinner told Scully about the meeting the Kersh. Scully tries to convince Doggett that it would be crazy to stay. He counters that in six weeks, Scully goes on maternity leave. If Doggett is transferred out, the X-Files office door will be locked, maybe forever. Doggett still has lots of questions about the Mulder disappearance and considers it an open case. Scully tells him to get out when he can or he may never get out.

On a fishing trawler in a storm off the coast of North Carolina, the crew sees something in the water. It is apparently a body. Later, at the morgue, the medical examiner begins the autopsy but he body, which has clearly long been in the water, begins to move. Doggett gets a call at home, from Skinner. The body found in the ocean is Billy Miles and he is alive, in Wilmington, NC. Skinner and Doggett drive to the cemetery where Mulder is buried. Skinner is determined to open Mulder's grave but Doggett thinks it's crazy. Skinner feels that if Billy appeared to be dead but is now alive, Mulder may also really be alive, even after three months. A local coroner attempts to intervene, but Skinner has the casket taken to the same medical examiner who helped revive Billy. They open the casket and find Mulder, his body showing signs of decay. He appears to be dead.

Scully rushes up to Skinner at the US Naval Academy medical center. She demands to know if what she has heard is true. Mulder is alive, clinically, but his body and brain are all in a state of decomposition. Doggett urges her not to see Mulder, but she does, entering the room alone. She feels his chest to feel him breathe, and puts her head to his chest, crying. Back at FBI headquarters, Doggett is called into Kersh's office at night. Kersh has been in that office for six months and hasn't yet seen a sunrise from it. Kersh got a call about Mulder - he wants Doggett to drop the investigation. It's bad for the FBI. At the hospital, Scully looks in on Billy Miles, who has a brief convulsion while she is there. Scully has to explain to a nurse - she was just looking for an indication that Billy might be getting better, but she thinks the equipment may have malfunctioned, because for a moment there appeared to be two heartbeats. At the FBI, Skinner isn't feeling well. He staggers while walking down a hall, holding his chest. It is certainly the nanobots Alex Krycek implanted in Skinner's system months earlier. Making his way to an elevator, he finds Krycek. Skinner tells him to go to hell, but Krycek sends him another attack and Skinner returns to ask what Krycek wants. They go to the X-Files office. Krycek wants to give Skinner a chance to save Mulder's life but Skinner isn't sure it can be saved. Krycek tells Skinner that he has a vaccine developed by Mulder's father to fight the alien virus.

In the hospital, Billy regains consciousness, his body still decayed from weeks in the water. He gets out of bed and showers. The dead skin washes off his body. Doggett comes to Mulder's room. Scully is sitting there, holding Mulder's hand. Doggett has concerns about Scully's well being. Scully says that after her initial reaction to Doggett, he changed her opinion about him. She is thankful to know about him, and thankful for his concern, but that he was wrong to feel that the grave should not be opened. The truth about what caused this is what matters. A nurse enters and asks Scully to come - it is Billy Miles, standing in the hallway, naked and disoriented.

Billy's body looks healthy. He doesn't remember much when Scully gently questions him. He remembers the water and being on the spacecraft. They took so many people this time, but now he understands, he says. "They're here to save us." Doggett walks off and Scully follows. She accuses that he doesn't believe the evidence of his eyes. He says he isn't ready to accept a load of crap but Scully says he's just bull-headed. He asks if Scully believes the story about aliens coming to save the world, a question she doesn't answer. Later, Scully and Skinner talk. He came down after hearing about Billy. Scully reports that there isn't a piece of medical data on Billy that isn't 100% normal. It doesn't make sense, but it's like Billy literally became a new person. Skinner asks if it could be due to an alien influence, such as a virus. Scully demands to know what Skinner knows. He says there may be a vaccine, but it doesn't come without a price. At a corrections facility in West Virginia, Doggett talks with Absalam. Doggett wants to know about the people he finds left for dead. Absalam quotes scripture but Doggett wants to know how he healed the people.

Skinner goes to Mulder's room and finds Krycek there. Krycek says to get the vaccine, Skinner will have to make sure Scully's pregnancy doesn't come to term. Skinner is shocked and refuses. Krycek says we all have lives in our hands - the question is who is willing to sacrifice. Doggett returns and sees Krycek, making him suspicious. Doggett talks with Scully, who tells him that she believes that Mulder is infected by a virus that keeps him just alive enough to transform him into an alien. Absalam also told Doggett that the abductees, if not cured, would be resurrected as aliens as part of the plot to take over the world. The double heartbeat Scully heard in Billy maybe be evidence for this. Scully is on her way to a surgical bay - Mulder's body has to be stabilized in order to administer the vaccine she has asked Skinner to get her. Doggett searches out Skinner, who is in Mulder's room disconnecting Mulder from the equipment, apparently an attempt to kill Mulder. Krycek wanted him to kill Scully's baby in order to get the vaccine. Skinner couldn't do that. Doggett wants to know where Krycek is and finds him in a car in the parking garage. Krycek tries to run Doggett down and Doggett grabs him through the car window as the car careens through the garage, but Doggett is finally thrown free. Krycek, however, stops, backs up and gets out of the car, holding up the vial containing the vaccine. As Doggett approaches him, Krycek drops the vial, allowing it to break on the floor, then drives off before Doggett can get to him

Doggett storms back into the hospital. He doesn't have the vaccine. Doggett tells Skinner he was right - Krycek wasn't to be trusted. Scully is in the operating room with Mulder when Doggett enters. Scully has realized that by keeping Mulder on life support they were helping the virus incubate. When Skinner took him off the equipment, Mulder's temperature dropped and the virus got weaker. Maybe they can give him courses of antiviral drugs to help him. Doggett is called to Kersh's office again. It's going to be awful crowded down in that X-Files office, Kersh says, meaning that the promotion is no longer available to Doggett.

At the hospital, Mulder wakes up. Scully is holding his hand and cries tears of joy. Anybody miss me? He asks. Doggett looks in, but when he sees what is happening he withdraws.

Episode Cast and Information

Gillian Anderson Special Agent Dana Scully
Robert Patrick Special Agent John Doggett
David Duchovny Special Agent Fox Mulder
Mitch Pileggi Walter Skinner
Judson Scott Absalom
Zachary Ansley Billy Miles
Nelson Mashita Dr. Lim
Nicholas Lea Alex Krycek
Richard McGonagle Dr. Francis Orovetz
Gibby Brand Arthur Gaffin
Larry Rippenkroeger 1st Deck Hand
David Doty Minister
Mary Wickliffe Nurse
Larry Dorf Pathology Assistant
Sheila Larken Mrs. Scully
Bruce Harwood Byers
Tom Braidwood Frohike
Dean Haglund Langly
Arlene Pileggi Skinner's Assistant

Written by Chis Carter and Frank Spotnitz
Directed by Tony Wharmby

Aired on: 1st April 2001


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