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While tackling his first X-File case about a series of gruesome murders surrounding a bat-like creature, Doggett quickly learns that his investigative techniques are somewhat dissimiliar to Scully's


Episode Summary
By Michael Marek & Jamie Ruby

An old car drives up to a house at night and a tall, slender man gets out and enters the darkened house. A woman in bed awakes and calls to her husband, George. He is a mortician and smells of embalming fluid. She tells him to go outside and undress to get rid of the smell. Going onto a porch to change clothes, George sees what appears to be a man-creature, hanging from the porch roof. When the women comes to check on her husband, the creature is on top of him, snarling. The bat-like-creature attacks her as well.

The opening credits have changed yet again. We no longer see Mulder's badge in the sequence, instead Gillian gets the first credit and Robert gets the second credit. We see pictures of Scully & Doggett running. 

In the X-Files office, Scully is looking at Mulders desk name plate away as Doggett arrives.

Men's Voices: Chatter, joking. "So this is where the bad kids are banished to... Put me down here I'd probably cook up a lot of crazy ideas too..." The tone is sarcastic. Teasing banter.
Scully: Good morning.
Doggett: Morning. [Accomponied by two other agents] Catch up with you guys later. Friends of mine. Just curious.
Scully: I'm not here to be a curiosity. I'm here to work, Agent Doggett.

Doggett: I am, too, Agent Scully.

He has been there all weekend, reviewing all the X-files in the filing cabinet. She is surprised and asks him if he has any questions. He just laughs and says, "Just a few". He wants to know how they will arrange their desks but Scully tells him that this is Mulder's office and they will just be using it for awhile. She then takes the nameplate back out of the drawer and puts it back on the desk.

Scully lists the details of a case of two deaths in Idaho. The cause of death is blood loss from numerous bites that appear to be human. Two of the fingers of the man had been eaten off, and there were bite marks on his head, torso and hands. There is no motive or pattern. Doggett is at a loss to understand it. He tells her that he has seen some violent crimes, but that this is serious screwed up stuff and extreme.

They arrive at the home in Burley, Idaho. The Sheriff tells them that they think they can handle the problem themselves, but some hotshots in the county seats think that it is beyond them. Doggett tells the Sheriff that he is baffled by what he has seen, which surprises the Sheriff. Scully however tells him that they see cases like this regularly in their area of unit, and that Doggett is just new to the X-Files. She says that she can assure him that there is nothing baffling about human bite marks.

They aren't sure now that these bites are human, he tells them. They look at one footprint that has four toes and doesn't appear to be quite human according to the Sheriff. Scully however thinks that they're from an animal either and thatís not an uncommon birth defect, no more rare than polydactyly.

Sheriff: What did she just say?
Doggett: I assume she means it could be human.

Scully points out that there is only one print, and if it was an animal, there sould be many prints around the yard. Scully asks Doggett if he believes her, and he just says that heís going to go look around.

Inside the house, Doggett finds a second print. Maybe there are no more prints in the yard because it didn't go through the yard. Doggett thinks there is a human criminal with a deformed foot.

Doggett: You familiar with the principle of Okamís razor?
Scully: Yeah. You take every possible explanation and you choose the simplest one. Agent Mulder used to refer to it as Okamís principle of limited imagination.

She asks him if he has a simple answer as to how it happened when there are only prints every twenty-five feet. In a closet, Scully finds an open trap door to the attic. Using a chair, the agents enter the attic, used for storage. Scully thinks whatever it was probably escaped this way.

Doggett: You ever carry one of these?
Scully: Never.

They find two fingers, missing from George's body. Scully tells Doggett that from the smell of it, they were regurgitated. There is also a ceiling beam with marks as if something had hung by huge claws.

Doggett: It looks like to me,I donít know, like it was, it wasÖ
Scully: Hanginí there?
[Doggett shakes his head in agreement]

Meanwhile, another women is attacked.

Scully does autopsies but cant find anything that alleviate anyone's fears about what killed the people, to which Doggett questions that whether she means "who" killed them. She tells him what she found leans more towards an animal explanation. The scratches on the body match the four-toed print they found, and the bites have fang-like tears. What she thought were marks left by human molars are now inconclusive because of enzymes that were found in the bites that are clearly inhuman. The enzymes are anti-coagulants which are found solely in the saliva of bats. She tells him that she canít explain it, but she owes the sheriff an apology. He tells her that maybe she doesnít. Doggett has found newspaper articles from Montana in 1956 reporting similar events in which five people died or disappeared, in some cases with body parts being found later at other locations. A hunter killed the creature which seemed to be half man, half bat.

At the home of the new victim the agents examine the claw marks. Scully determines that the woman's dead daughter had been found in the river, terribly burned, the week earlier -- a daughter the woman had not seen since 1956. These killings only started when the body was found, Scully points out. She says that the body was burned for a reason and they need to find out why. She wants the womanís body exhumed. The sheriff says that he wonít do it, so Doggett whispers something to him and he agrees to have it exhumed.

Scully angrily asks Doggett on what he whispered to the Sheriff. He tells her that he told the man to listen to her as she is incharge of The X-Files that dealt with paranormal phenomenon and is the expert. She tells him that she is not an expert, but a scientist who has seen a lot. He tells her that she is taking a leap, and that it is not the way he works, even if most of the X-Files were solved with leaps of logic. She tells him that she thinks believing the newspaper article was a pretty big leap.

A man with a cloth around his face walks into some kind of shack or barn. He walks over to a wooden beam and pulls two small bats off of it, then puts them in a cage. There are more bats around squeaking. He then walks out and carries them into his cabin. He shuts the door and on the back is a stuffed bat.

Scully succeeds in getting the daughter's body exhumed, but when the workers arrive, the grave is open and the lid of the coffin scratched. As the truck drives the coffin off, the detective, now alone in the nighttime graveyard, is attacked by a man-like creature that flys at him.

The detective's body is brought to the morgue where the other officers confront Doggett. If they had not listened to the FBI agents, they could have been out tracking this thing down. Scully, with her far-out theories, is not welcome here. Scully, meanwhile, finds that the daughter died of congestive heart failure and was only burned afterward, apparently to hide something. Scully is convinced that "it" is killing like an animal, but with a purpose. Each of the victims had contact with the burned body. The undertaker prepared it, her mother IDíd it, and the detective got the call when she was found. He asks her who else would have had contact with it, and she tells him that the man who pulled it from the river would have.

They talk with Myron Stefaniuk near the river, but he wants to be left alone. Doggett determines that Myron's brother, Ernie, was one of three hunters who killed a half man-half bat in 1956. The newspaper says the brother disappeared, but Myron just wants to be left alone and says that he didn't need their help.

The agents spend several hours watching as Myron putters around the equipment in the yard. Scully doubts herself. Maybe she's trying to force the facts into a theory.

Scully: Weíve been sitting for 12 hours. The only thing this man appears to be in danger of is loneliness. Maybe Iím wrong. Maybe this is all just a grand coincidence, and weíre wasting time out here.
Doggett: You were so sure before.
Scully: I was sure of the facts as I had deduced them scientifically. But maybe Iím only forcing them into shape. Manufacturing a theory.
Doggett: What happened to taking a leap?
Scully: Maybe Iím trying too hard.
Doggett: To what? To be Mulder?

Doggett tells her that he may not be Oxford educated. All he knows about the paranormal is that men are from Mars and women are from Venus. However, he doesnít think sheís wrong. She asks him what makes him think that. He tells her that heís no Fox Mulder, but he can tell that the man is hiding something. He says that Myron fished a woman out of the river whoís been gone for forty years. He has a brother he hasnít seen in over forty years -- a brother who just happened to hunt down some creature over forty years ago. She asks him what the man has to hide. He tells her that thatís what heís hoping their good cop work is going to find them.

In Myron's barn/workshop we see the man-bat hanging from the ceiling. Late at night the agents see Myron sending gasoline cans on a little ferry raft across the river to an island. The agents investigate in a rowboat. On the island they find the Ernie, who has been living alone in a cabin because his fear became an obsession. He has stayed hidden in the cabin for forty-four years in case it came back for him. His face is scored with deep scratch marks, long healed. He knows that bats are near the apes in the evolutionary ladder. He suggests that a man may have sprung from bats. It hunts like a bat but with the cold-blooded vengeance of a man. Scully says that even if that were true, how could it find him out there on an island. He says that he needed to cut off all contact. Communication could be only one way. However, his brother gave him help.

The burned body was his wife, who had lived with him in isolation for 44 years. She thinks the man-bat is following Ernie's scent, detected through the burned body, because everyone killed had contact with the body. Ernie warns the agents that it only attacks at night.

Doggett goes off to find Myron and at the shore he is attacked by the man-bat. They struggle in the water but Doggett drives it off.

Scully and Ernie talk. The moment the agents stepped foot in the cabin they became marked, he says. It will wait as long as it has to. A security system beeps -- something is coming in through the trees. They hear noise on the roof. Scully fires her gun through the ceiling and the noise stops. She ventures outside but Ernie realizes that the thing is inside. Scully hears Ernie's gun fire and enters -- it's up in the cabin rafters. Doggett appears and the man-bat attacks. The agents drive it off with their guns, but Doggett is injured. Ernie is dead.

Back in Washington, Doggett receives a FAX from Myron -- he is going into hiding. Does Doggett believe that the thing is out there and will come after them? Doggett is pretty sure that both he and Scully hit it with their guns. FBI agents who are friends of Doggett are making some noise about the field report on this case. "Get used to it," Scully tells him. She thanks him for watching her back but he says he never saw it as an option. Scully says she will make sure Doggett has a desk in the X-Files office. Scully puts Mulder's nametag into a desk drawer.


Episode Cast & Information

Gillian Anderson Special Agent Dana Scully
Robert Patrick Special Agent John Doggett
Mitch Pilleggi Assistant Director Walter Skinner
Gary Bullock Tall George
Annie O'Donnell Elderly Woman
Bradford English Detective Abbott
Eve Brenner Little Old Lady
Jim Swanson Swanny Swanson
Brent Sexton Gravedigger
Bryan Rasmussen Sheriff's Deputy
Dan Leegant Myron Stefuniak
Gene Dynarski Ernie Stefuniak
Jay Caputo The Bat Thing

Written by Chris Carter
Directed by Chris Carter

Aired on: 19th November 2000


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